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    hello, i need an script for mass checking iax2 user/pass and calling a phone # that i will insert in the txt. there needs to be 3 .txt from where to import: [login to view URL] the iax2 user,pass; [login to view URL] country code; [login to view URL] phone numbers.

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    ...looking for some one who can make an android mobile app that could make a mobile call trunking application for both directions GSM to (IAX2/SIP) and vise versa. Requirements: 1- Work on any android mobile platform especially low price mobiles. 2- Register by SIP or IAX2 to any required server. 3- if the mobile have two SIM cards it should work fo...

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    HI, I have a FreePBX up and running. Also, I get fax2email running ...activated. (We really don't want to activate it) (4) using different SIP trunk to send out fax according to the corresponding email addresses (5) We want one thing fix too. IAX2 extension doesn't have ringback when calling third parties on SIP trunk. SIP extensions are working fine.

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    ...uma opção de login e um botão que faça um pré cadastro do usuário, manualmente ou via facebook/google +, envie o cadastro pra um servidor que retornará com as credenciais do IAX2 do servidor e serão salvos no app. O App deverá ter apenas um botão CHAMAR, e uma opção de acesso ao perfil, para modificar ou ...

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    Simple Android, iOS, VOIP app using IAX2 protocol. I'll provide server info, you'll do client part only. Happy biding.

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    Need one Android / Java and iPhone / Swift function that receives 5 parameters: · host or IP · port · username · password · extension to call/dial and performs an IAX2 (Inter-Asterisk eXchange (Version 2)) call to that extension number. For Android, a base project will be provided along with a very simple user interface. For iPhone,

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    i need to setup vpn for cisco router + i need to configure asterisk with iax2 trunk, my budget is 25$ ,please bid if you are expert of mikrotik.

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    ...have a "friend" account on a server "A" for which I need to configure inbound and outbound calls from my own Asterisk server ("B") (trunk). I need Server B's both SIP and IAX2 configurations so that B registers on A and start sending and receiving calls from a SIP softphone registered on it. I actually only need the proper [login to view URL] and...

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    1. IAX2(rfc5456) Client Library in C# with Jitterbuffer implementation. 2. Search Results scalable IAX2 Server in C#. Just the Protocol handling is enough, user management , Dial Plans etc. are not required. trunking between multiple instances of server can be optionally developed. [login to view URL] Demo to prove working of the library and Server Test

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    Hello! I need DID telephone number of Macedonia (code +389) for a short period of time (about 10 days). Incoming calls are planned only. No originating. Suitable prorocols: IAX2, SIP, H323. At my side - Asterisk PBX v.13 Thanks.

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    ...points I have PC with centos before each termination point I need asterisk to be installed on centralised server after my switch and before each termination point and setup iax2 to save bandwidth and create some scripts for clients setup to make it easy to install new client The main point of the project is to make asterisk server check each incoming

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    ... and it's been working great for about 2 years. Now I need to add a remote extension, and I'm looking for someone who knows the pros and cons of the different methods (SIP, IAX2, VPN, etc.) who can let me know the most secure method, and to set it up my FreePBX server with the appropriate settings, then to provide instructions for me to setup the remote

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    Hi right now i am running asterisk my server in USA and My local PC in Bangladesh I m connected asterisk to asterisk useing IAX2 NOW per call 8KB on g729 codec BUT the prob is my country ISP blocking my server IP so i need a solution i try to use sip . its working fine but sip use per call 20KB i need under 10KB per call i try to use openvpn

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    Need to configurate a IAX2 Trunk between 2 asterisk servers in the same LAN

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    I need to configure a trunk to support at least 40 concurrent channels between 2 asterisk servers in the same LAN. Just need to make configuration in [login to view URL] asterisk PBX 1.8

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    Required a Voip based calling application to work with VoIP SIP/IAX2 platform for international calling. I would prefer if developer can use an existing opensource App and customize as per our requirement, such as Mobisnow or Zoiper an app which can facilitate to check/add balance on the account etc, with standard dialer features

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    hello i have asterisk and before i receive calls from SIP and send to IAX2 peers but now i want to receive calls from SIP and Send to SIP Like originator send me 30calls i want to filter it then i want to send it different different SIP IP need solutions here is my [login to view URL] [general] static=yes writeprotect=no autofallthrough=yes

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    Building Asterisk Main Server Connecting Main server with existing Two Asterisk Boxes via iax2 trunk mode ** (One of the advantages to using the IAX protocol to do this is a feature called trunking, which utilizes a method of sending the voice data for multiple calls at once with a single header. This has little effect on only one or two

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    ... Tx: ACK 13 active SIP dialogs IAX2 Channel(s) Channel Peer Username ID (Lo/Rem) Seq (Tx/Rx) Lag Jitter JitBuf Format FirstMsg LastMsg IAX2/[login to view URL] [login to view URL] 5266833362 00227/00227 00081/00080 00000ms -0001ms

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    ...probably have a dynamic IP address. The VPN will transport voice traffic - IAX trunks in trunking mode. 6. Asterisk sip trunks to connect to the gateways. Deliverables Include: IAX2 Transport Multiple interfaces on WAN and LAN side Ability to switch between WAN interfaces (without dropping the call.) Port forwarding non voice IP traffic through the device

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