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    i want to make a list maker from three TXT files to make a single line for each loaded lines and output them in a new file

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    i need emails extracted from a website mailing list and extract atleast 20 mails as a test from this particular site before payment

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    I want all the list of universities and their details from USA.

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    We have travel app for android that we are planning a new release for, but need some assistance with one of the major components of the app. Our app, Visited ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), has an interactive map control where users can tap on any country and select if they've been there or not. This map is implemented in OpenGL (in Java) and while it is...

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    I would like to collect leadership people e-mail ids from all the universities in USA. to accomplish this following tasks has to be done. 1) find out all the Universities in USA(their name, website, City, state) 2) Find out top 4 leadership people for these universities(my focus is on admissions and international relations). (this information will be available in their websites)

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    i want a fresh mailing list about 100k Mixed Countrys

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I need someone to create a spreadsheet (csv file) in excel, compiling information from multiple word documents or pdf’s. The spreadsheet will consist of 1000 rows, and 3-5 columns 2 days

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    Hi there, I am looking for web directories for backlinks to put my website from countries such as Croatia Serbia Montenegro Bosnia i Hercegovina Please, when you bid tell me how many you have.

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    Web Developer to Make on Page SEO Changes ( I have a list of changes)

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    Have a look at the attached mock up video (mp4) that shows the content of the single page landing site. This is a landing page for our business that focuses on investing in next generation products in human learning . The challenge: The audience for this page are potential investors, like-minded parents and partners who come to this page to learn more about our philosophy and mission. The m...

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    Dental List Bitti left

    I would like to be able to get a list of all the dental practices with their addresses and dentists registered working in them in a given geographical area, defined by postcode. I would like to be able to find when there are changes, someone leaves and someone new starts work. Ideally I would like to be notified of any change. I would like the data to come from a single source, the Care Quality Co...

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    i need help for C language regarding link list and node.

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    This application use excel and php for login page

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    Looking for a lead list for people who are interested in travel or who own timeshares.

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    Retrieve data from website and create mailing list and print at envelops or post card. Out put in excel format . Print using mail merge. I need a highly qualified professional , who can get it done quickly at reasonable price. Thanks. Pushpa Verma

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    Hello. I need a plugin for my woocommerce so all products are shown as a list with a small text from the product discription. There is a plugin that almost working. Now I also need support for multilingualpress ( multi language )

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    I'm looking to find a freelancer who is able to provide a list of companies that use a certain web platform (Airtable).

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    Looking for a list of Proposal Writers in the U.S. including name, title, company, phone, email and address. Could be developed from LinkedIn or elsewhere. Must be accurate with verified emails. Proposals should include rough number of contacts and cost.

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    I have four lists - with varied amounts of info. Some have a contact name and just need an e-mail address, some need more. The workbook will be attached so you can look through it in detail to see how much time it will take you/ give your project quote.

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    Hello Freelancers, I just created my own site with wix to start selling online. I need to get some product listing done on the website. I have few brand websites from which you will extract product information and start listing on the website. Please make note that it should look quite professional and should be uploaded with high resolution images from the website I tell. Interested people who ar...

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    I need to build a v-checkbox list that is bound to this object: [{"InterProgramatic":false,"IntraProgramatic":false,"MultiInstitution":false,"Accepted":true,"Rejected":false,"Cancer_Related":true}] My AXIOS call fills an statusItems[] and I currently have : v-for="(item, index) in statusItems" :key="index" ...

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    I have completed my work, but need a second set of eyes to make sure I did not miss anything. The list is about 30 references. Thank you!

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    I need a powershelgl script that can be pointed at a folder on a server and it will list all the files in the sub folders (inducing full path) in a MS SQL database. You will list all possible attributes for the file from the file and OS. Create a GUID for each file. Create a checksum for each file for deduce purposes. You will store the extension of the file separately. When the script is run aga...

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    Create a prospect list by copy pasting and searching the web. The website where you will find all the companies is in the link bellow. It contains ca 1200 companies. Some of these companies show some Contact info but far from all the info. You have to visit each individual companies own website (either by clicking the link or when there is no link, google the Company name and visit their website)....

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    I need a best seller for my novel "The Neverland Rascals" (tm). Looking for someone that can work on a reasonable % of sales. We are starting animation and then into a movie. % is for book sales. Ted [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hello, List of Neurological innervation of Ligaments/joint capsules of Human body We are needing a list of the nerves innervating the major joint capsules and specific ligaments of the human body. We require a excel data sheet containing the following: Nerve Root, Nerve, Ligament/Joint Capsule/Reference -APA style If an image or drawing of the anatomy is available, we would also like that al...

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    Hi there! We are looking for someone to do the following: 1) Sourcing for purchaser email from hotels, resorts, spas, bars, beach clubs and restaurants 2) Consolidate the lists of potential customers with valid email addresses. (No general Email) Excel list of bars/pubs/restaurants/clubs/spas/beach club/resorts/hotels in Singapore where they sell alcoholic beverages. Data needs to include: - ...

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    I am a graphic designer. The Brief: Stage 1. I have built a scrolling mobile/tablet website in Easy word press via Elementor (the tool) that requires minor and basic tweaks namely adding a blog and editing, adding hyperlinks. There are about 5 items that need to be addressed and it should take roughly only a couple of hours. Stage 2. I have created the layout for the desktop version but require p...

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    This project is a little different to what you would have done in the past, but read on! We have a bulk marketing project. We need to generate thousands of good quality, great sounding business names. We are looking for someone who can create a large number of business names specific to each industry we operate in. Each name/brand need to be industry specific with relevant terms and not just ra...

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    This project is a little different to what you would have done in the past, but read on! We have a bulk marketing project. We need to generate thousands of good quality, great sounding business names. We are looking for someone who can create a large number of business names specific to each industry we operate in. Each name/brand need to be industry specific with relevant terms and not just ra...

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    I have a list of people sitting in a google doc that includes a name, LinkedIn profile and the company they're from. I am looking for someone to create a visual "contact-sheet" that includes a thumbnail and related name, company and a link off to their LinkedIn profile so I can quickly view the name and face of the people in the list. Thank you!

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    I would like an email list of all Australian Nut Processors and Growers, at least 1000 email addresses of CEO's, Operations Managers, Engineers, Production Managers, i require specific peoples emails not just the generic company email address, only 1-3 emails per company. Require email address, name, company, position(if known) - Almond - Pistachio - Chestnut - Hazelnut - Walnut - Peanut - ...

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    Hi, This should be a very quick job for someone creative who has the right tools. I need to create an animated header image that can be used on my website as the background for the main scrolling header. I have a clear idea of what I would like. It involves a moving background with letters or icons floating around. Once the design is confirmed, I need it adpating to fit social media headings. I...

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    Need email list with 400 emails: -Holiday events happening in Toronto (200 emails) -List of companies in NYC (200 emails)

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    I own a site hosted on Wix. I want to create a wishlist where people can select services they are interested in without the price showing, once they register, the price is shown. It can be done in Corvid which is Xix coding platform.

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    Hi, I need the following elements added to an existing Wordpress site using the Divi theme: 1. Custom post type called Companies. To use custom fields (could use ACF Pro or similar) 2. A custom page layout to list the companies within the new post type. Up to 5 companies can be selected on this page. Responsive/jquery/bootstrap. 3. A Contact form with validation. Send to email. Responsive/jquery/...

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    Current Status: I have a Google map with markers for each of our stores (placed by lat and lng). The map has a corresponding list to the right. Clicks on the list items open marker info-windows and change the marker icon. Hovering on list items change the corresponding marker icon. NEEDS: I need the map to center on a user provided zip code (example from query string: [URL'yi görü...

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    Website with Bucket list ideas and lets you create your own list

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    simple clean Tick the Bucket list logo

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    Email list Bitti left

    We sell products to commercial roofing contractors in Texas. We need a comprehensive list including contact, address, phone, and email address

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    I need a more detailed Contact list from a prospect list with ca 400 companies. Every Company on the list has a website link and this is where the work starts. You have to go into every website for every Company and look for "kontakt" or "kontakta oss" or "om oss". Every website will be different and under one of these categories there will be names and Contact info f...

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    I'm in need of a developer to help me finalise the search functionality of a react component. There are 4 multi selects, "Country", "currency", "cyrptocurrency", "payment method" Each option selected should filter the Results. I've been using the react context API to manage the data, would be ideal if you have experience in using this

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    I have a psd design, and I need to convert it to HTML. Only 1 page Html . [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I need exactly same with the above reference site animation and style. When you are scrolling screen, you can see the mobile app screenshot is center and static not scrolled while screen scrolling. This effect is required. Budget is $50, only bid if you can d...

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    I need help with creating prospect lists by "copy pasting" information from a website with almost 3500 different companies and organizing the information in an excel for different regions with the following info: Company name Phone number Email Address

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    To convert a daily report of shop orders that comes from shopify into a simple to read daily pick list so that orders of type and quantity can be easily picked. The cell contains information like this: Ruby Cup & Ruby Clean (incl. donation) - Medium / Blue / Black and would need to be output onto a separate sheet/excel file breaking down the Size and colour variants from within the single c...

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    I have a list of 1500 companies for which I need the emails of the CEO

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    I need to select one items among 5 items by scrolling. I will discuss in private chat.

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    Hello, I need to a programmer to finish an incomplete job for a Mac OS system. As of right now the program is about 80% done but needs a few fixes. I do have a .py file and notes available. The program is a simple GUI program that compares 2 lists. It basically tells me what is missing, what is new, what has changed, and what has been modified. As mentioned above the program is about 80% done ...

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