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    Looking for someone who can organize data leads per zipcode. We're talking about thousands to millions of namelist..

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    ...to replace their windows by our impact rated windows, that are designed for hurricane locations. The geographical region that I am working is ONLY a 10 miles radius of the zipcode 33760. The customer must be interested in replacing at least 6 windows or more. You can see more about the current lead generation activity done by my employer at this weblink

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    We need someone who will pull utility rebates by metro from a specified site. The information to ...information on the rebate, (phone, address, zip, website, the rebate details and URL). We'll give you the exact search terms and you'll just need to copy the utility name, website and city and state into a Google Sheet. Pay is $.07 per zipcode searched.

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    Directory site Hi, I am looking to create a directory site for Doctors. Goal is to be able to add 100's or even 1000's of doctors into site and be able to search by zip code/city It would have Doctors info based on what they want to provide. For instance -Name of Dr(s), Gender, Years of experience, Address, Distance (with view on map) Contact us (which

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    ...type some inputvar to get a value. I want to automate that request in MS Access 2010, for future requests. The 2 sites are: [login to view URL] (fill in a zipcode+housenumber to get a energy label of the house) [login to view URL]!/zoeken (fill in lastname of a couple + date of mariage to get info about a prenuptional contract)

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    I have wordpress site. it is using woocommerce plugin for shipping item. then i am going to build mobile app. but i have one of problem for shipping. i need to make api for shipping calculation. On website , if i put city , sate , zipcode using woocommerce plugin , it caculates shipping price with different methods. [login to view URL] like

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    Based on a 1200 lines list, with company name, address, city, state and zipcode provide a list with companies members emails

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    Create wordpress plugin. Sections are the following: 1. Companies - Fields are Company Name, Contact name, email, address, city, state, zipcode, phone, active yes/no. 2. Sims Cards Companies - Fields are Company Name, Email, Phone, API Key. 3. Sim Card Plans - Fields are Plan Name, Sim Card Company (dropdown), monthly Price (USD). 4. Tracking Plans

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    ...ShipStation coming to my side the CustomerPO, ItemSKU, ItemQty, ItemDescription, CustomerBuyer, ShippingName, ShippingAddress1 and 2, Shipping City, Shipping State, Shipping ZipCode, Shipping Country, Shipping Method, Delivery Notes. Once I get the order information into my system I will ship the order and include a Shipping Tracking number in my system

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    ...I would like it designed and built. iphone and Android app does the following : takes a csv upload of stores fronts and deliveres fields are name, address, city, state, zipcode phone number, email, license type and license numbe. App would geolocates the person and shows them a list of stores closest to them (quick rectangle listing addwith name,

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    ...will supply the text) and with a form on the right hand side that can collect the following information. - First name - Last name - Address (city, state, zipcode) - Date of birth - Phone - Email I want the landing page to appear like a simple letter with 90-95% text which should be colored blue with a white background

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    My Wordpress setup is very complicated, but what I need: Figure out for me how I can look up longitude latitude and write it to postmeta I have: Street, housenumber, zipcode & city all in postmeta I want: Street, housenumber, zipcode, city, longitude, latitude, "longitude, latitude" all in postmeta.

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    looking to scrape info about the insurance agents from this website from every zipcode in the 50 states. Not sure what the total will be. Would like to start with colorado. [login to view URL] Name email address phone number

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    ...for an experienced web developer for a 1-2 week project. Currently bought the 'Claue' wordpress woocommerce theme on Theme Forest, if you have any cleaner and better suggestion please offer your ideas. Please read carefully... Must be experienced with PHP, WordPress & WooCommerce Functionalities we need: #1 '1' complex food menu that applies to '...

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    ...add a search by which the results would be displayed by area closest to the person searching it. Currently this is the Wordpress theme I am working with: [login to view URL] A person would list their company on my directory site. Their company would then come up in the search results

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    I have an database with all zipcodes from Romania's cities. I have an online store and want the zipcodes to be autocompleted. From City, County and ...with all zipcodes from Romania's cities. I have an online store and want the zipcodes to be autocompleted. From City, County and street the system to autocomplete the field zipcode. I need it faster.

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    I have an database with all zipcodes from Romania's cities. I have an online store and want the zipcodes to be autocompleted. From City, County and street the system to ...with all zipcodes from Romania's cities. I have an online store and want the zipcodes to be autocompleted. From City, County and street the system to autocomplete the field zipcode.

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    ...that allows to enter following - FirstName, LastName, DOB, EmailId, Country, ZipCode, Occupation, 2. Activity Feed that Displays feeds real time. 3. Create Post that allows user to post comments, stories, blogs, photos, videos. 4. Search Feature that allows user to search user, stories, comments, feeds, blogs. 5. Notifications settings - Default

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    ...Countries Visited - Interests - FB URL - InstaURL - Street, City, Zipcode, Country Profile Page: - All details collected in registration should be visibile on the profile Edit Profile Page: - About Me, Change Password, Picture, Interests, Fb URL, Insta URL, Street, City, Zipcode, Country Map Page: - Map having pins/markers for all the users

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    Hi, Everyone i've few link tot...10000.. example link [login to view URL] I want details of every page Business Name,Address State,Zipcode,City,Phone,Email,Website Its easy project if you have no have scraping tool or software plz don't bid... Looking for reliable people.....

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    ...product icons, or actual images of products, which ever looks better. The FormField should be set-up to collect Company Name, Name (first and last), Title, Phone, Email, and Zipcode. It should also have a message field for enter a note about what they want. Content is as follows: We specialize in Service Awards, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Performance

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    I need a new contact form created on a separate page on a Joomla website [login to view URL] The form will be as follows ----------- Titleist Buy 3 get 1 Fre...3 text lines with a maximum of 17 CAPITAL characters including spaces per line [ LINE 1 ] [ LINE 2 ] [ LINE 3 ] Shipping Address [ Street ] [ City ] [ State ] [ Zipcode ]

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    I am working on a machine learning / deep learning project and I am experimenting with various datasets. Ea...Name, license #, date, continuing education info, when licensed first time (3) State Farm agencies per state, exemple: [login to view URL]

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    Hi E...have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'CREATE TABLE us ( countrycode varchar(2), zipcode varchar(5), city varchar' at line 3 Happy to pay someone to help fix this problem for me. Thanks Ps. I will provide you with the .sql file for you to look at

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    1. read CSV list of Zip codes. See attached [login to view URL] 2. for each zip code hit this page there <ZIPCODE> is the zip from the CSV [login to view URL]<ZIPCODE> 3. Store in JSON Data format below 4. Move to next zip code Note: scrapy splash may need to be used as the table may load

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    ...user will be able to add a new location from an appropriate bar button on the navigation bar. - The user should see a prompt to add the location and set at least a name and a zipcode. - If the user decides to add the location, it should be persisted such that relaunching the app will still have the saved locations along with other locations the user may

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    ...new website. I need you to design and build it. I'm looking to have a website built from the ground up. It will have a building builder that builds and prices garages by zipcode graphically while the customer chooses their options. I want to work with someone trustworthy and detail oriented. I would be willing to do this project in stages if needed

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    We need world wide data/list of universities with their country, city, zipcode and web address as per attached sample file. Search in google, there are some sites such as [login to view URL] has entire list. You need to either write Python or JAVA script to fetch data. Search on github, there are scripts available.

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can develop a tool for web scraping. Someone who can build, or...a tool for web scraping. Someone who can build, or already has build this thool itselves so that I can use it myself. Input: List of company names Output: Street, nr, zipcode and phonenumber Can someone help out? I need it for the Dutch market

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    I need a plugin for wordpress to leave reviews on different products. I will describe the steps as good as I can. 1. Visitor comes to website. 2. The visitor has an option to fill in their zipcode and or ordernumber in a form box (like where you put name or email normally) 3. Visitor selects from a dropdown first a category. Let’s say “computers”

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    Magento is having an issue where it does not update the shipping prices after the zipcode is entered. It works fine in development but after I put it in production it stops working.

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    ...need someone to convert it to React Native. Apk: [login to view URL] You'll need to enable your location for Search Nearby. For Search By zipcode you can use one like 10016. Things need to be done: - No functionalities except navigation needed. Make navigation working so that I can verify your designs

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    ...Password, Confirm password, recaptcha, confirm agreement) - Login page (email, password, option 2FA) - Profile page (email not change enable, password, Firstname, Lastname, zipcode, street, cityname, country, birthday) - 2FA activate page - Buy credits page (buy website with paypal, creditcard, iDeal or bank transfer.) - Wallet Page (check point 2)

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    I have a spreadsheet that has addresses in columns a,b,c,d, (address, city, state, zipcode). I want to have a button that runs a script/macro that looks up the zestimate, and returns the zestimate in column e. I know that there is other data that can also be pulled, like number of bedrooms, and bathrooms, and last sale date. It would be good to also

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    ...[login to view URL] - パス:www123456 ■本タスクの流れ(参考) 1)添付したspreadsheetにあります、赤文字を埋めていただく  ・勤務地名(英記)=日本語をもとにローマ字でご入力ください。  ・郵便番号=住所をもとに郵便番号を検索、ご入力ください。([login to view URL])  ・最寄駅名=住所をもとに最寄駅を検索、ご入力ください。  ・最寄駅からの移動時間 =検索していただいた駅から住所までの一番早い移動手段(バス or 徒歩)を検索し、ご入力ください。 2)完成した spreadsheetをもとに、Webへ求人情報を入力していただく ※Webで求人記事の複製機能がありますので、そちらも上手く使

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    ...a pure scraping job. Because of the many address formats, copying an address will be done manually for the following fields: Name Address 1 Address 2 City State Zipcode Country These are all the fields that will contain data each time. The purpose of the software is that once the data is stored it will automatically be pasted into the

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Please Ended

    Need a logo urgently - For ZIPCODE SERVICES Should be sleek, professional and corporate. This business is involved in cleaning, lawn maintenance and building maintenance. I will award this in 6 hours.

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    The attached addresses have been rejected by both Google and Nominati...duplicated. - All shapes must contain a Comment field explaining the source of the information - Spelling of address must be exact to allow script matching. - In all cases the zipcode must match at the physical location, otherwise you must explain in detail (in Comment field)

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    ...[login to view URL] 1. Instead of searching by Zip codes, I would prefer a list menu containing cities. When creating tutors, rather than type a zipcode, i would like to type a city from a list menu. 2. Hiring a Tutor, 2A) Currently if you try to book, you are presented with a form which submits an email to

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    I have a spreadsheet with around 7500 addresses in it in a 1 cell format each. I need to separate the content of the cell into Address, City, State, Zip...Please let me know what your methodology to do it? a sample of data: 17 W Ohio st 3 R Chicago IL 60622. This should be: Address: 17 W Ohio st 3 R City: Chicago State: IL Zipcode: 60622 Thanks

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    ... I need to complete this field with number of house where company have his location. All you have to do is to copy company name and address which is included in file, search this company at google and copy completed address, with : street, house number, zip code and city. Can i send you about 30 companies and then you will resend me file and

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    ...Instructions: AnnualRevenue : No currency symbol. Just number. Number of Employees : Just number. No commas. Address Street Address City Address State Address Country Address ZipCode Website Year Founded Description : A plain text paragraph from internet, that summarizes what the company does. Random Date 1 : Any Date between 01-01-2005 to 31-12-2012

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    ...“Se lejevilkår”, which will expand additional information. (Illustration 1). I have listed the full set of fields below. [Address] [Description] [Floor] [HouseNo] [ZipCode] [City] [Squaremeters] [RentalPrice] [RentalType] [RoomSize] [RentalAdvanceAmount] [RentalDeposit] [ACV] [ACH2O] Examples followed by the translated field in ()

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    Hello, we are looking for someone who can help us write some programs to automatically find Facebook pages given the company names and verify them with city, state, and zipcode information on the page. We will need you help us pre-process the company names and write some programs to find them in Facebook . If a page is found, check their state, zip

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    ...lejevilkår”, which will expand additional information. (See attached illustration) I have listed the full set of fields below. [Address] [Description] [Floor] [HouseNo] [ZipCode] [City] [Squaremeters] [RentalPrice] [RentalType] [RoomSize] [RentalAdvanceAmount] [RentalDeposit] [ACV] [ACH2O] Examples followed by the translated field in ()

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    ...“Se lejevilkår”, which will expand additional information. (Illustration 1). I have listed the full set of fields below. [Address] [Description] [Floor] [HouseNo] [ZipCode] [City] [Squaremeters] [RentalPrice] [RentalType] [RoomSize] [RentalAdvanceAmount] [RentalDeposit] [ACV] [ACH2O] Examples followed by the translated field in ()

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    4) Woo-commerce modification using various hook to support zipcode dependent ads buy with limitation and lock feature. 166.67 USD 5) Woo-commerce and WP pro advertising system plugin bridging to support real time product generation and after success create ads with predefined ad template 388.89 USD

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    ...existing plugin to verify customers fall within our delivery area by Geo-location and or zipcode using the pre-defined zipcodes we have in our woocommerce shipping zones table. 2) All guest users and non-logged in users will be prompted to verify their zipcode on the "FIRST ITEM" added to cart. Once customer is verified in the delivery area. Need

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    ...buyers who can buy USA travel Leads, I have Real time Travel Leads of Passengers and we can provide upto 1000 Leads per day, and we have Name, email, contact Number, Address, Zipcode, Credit card details, Cvv etc. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] all the data is 100 percent authentic and never used before

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