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    develop a single-view application with a picker, a text field and three buttons. The single-component picker from the example application for this chapter would not be a bad place to start. The data for the picker is initially three items: Each item is a string Thing One Thing Two Thing Three When you press the “select button, the ite...

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    Create front end chat bots, different skins – creating the CSS and designs Base component build in React Understand how to wrap react component in to for example a wordpress component and the model to add to other CMS and websites. Create a front end tool for Rasa Stories Jira Confluence and Bitbucket Evidence of the skills required will be needed

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    Translate the image into a photoshop file (psd) where each major image component has it's own layer.

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    Need content writer of a website for online education of toddlers (2 - 4 years old). The contents are related to the features of the website - describing the website features, learning activities, subjects, etc. and highlighting their advantages in a good, informative and selling presentation. The major component of this project is overview of the fully online curriculum. This Curriculum Overvie...

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    It is a WPF, windows application in C # and 4 CRUDS are needed, I leave everything in the documents. The database is already made in sql server, it must be connected to the project. we can talk about it

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    Install and run the attached React app You can see a sidebar is used, to control various features of the chart I would like the sidebar to be housed in a drawer component, with a toggle to open/close it from view. Additionally, if the viewport is <480px width, the drawer should load from the bottom of the screen, pushing the chart up above it. The bottom drawer should take 40% of the screen h...

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    I have been looking for a while to get my prototype built. I have some CAD Models and schematics . Im hoping to get this built and tested in a timely matter, the product is in the fitness tech field access to 3d printers will be important but i will cover cost of materials and those who know a lot about arduino programming and "NFC". I might also need a app component made. More details...

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    I need java light-weight component to automate login to website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] No use of HtmlUnit or Selenium WebDriver - it has NOT to be have-weight Only [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] can be used to navigate through HTML code. I will apply that compoonent to my stand-alone Java POS application.

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    Project Description - onHover over element will bring up config & blue border. - clicking on config will bring up the custom UI component - copy modalSubscriber, use react-draggable, antd tab, antd card - clicking exit on ui component will close component - add workflow button inside tab should open the sidebar to the workflow tab - must use react stateless components - will have to foll...

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    Report discussing the solution of post tensioned concrete and the impact of its technical change in design and construction. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1. Introduction 200 words and what we aim to achieve in this report x1. [Reference] 2. Background 100 words x1. [Reference] 2.1 What is it? 100 words x1. [Reference] 2.2 Characteristics 100 words x1. [...

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    Work with Wordpress template component

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    Desired End Result: - Build a Lightning Component that matches the mockup whose purpose is to update the ownership on a filtered subset of accounts - The lightning component should be accessible as a tab that can be added to any of the Lightning apps - Access to this tab should be assigned via a “Account Moves” permission set that needs to be created - Component will allow the user to ...

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    Need a solid c# Winforms tool that allows timeline multiple layers mix crop etc also adjusting layers of inserted clips (remove sound etc) I have a library of effects that it will use, should allow users to do some quick simple HD stuff, like with Camtasia but cheaper of course. Dont mind if it requires a component, need to know which and license. If you have something in Flash, templates base...

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    i need devexpress mvvm wpf developer expert for develop many wpf views

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    Primary Skill Needed: OpenGL/WebGL API Advanced Skills Needed: Javascript, React Intermediate Skills Needed: React Native, Git, Gitlab, expo-cli Our bootstrapped startup is building a React-Native (Managed Expo) app in the lightweight motion graphics space. We need an OpenGL/WebGL expert to build out some core functionality while me and my teammates write the API, create the app front end, an...

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    I want a shopify app or via Shopify Liquid, a page that allow me to show a list of products that compose a look (a picture with a woman/man with all the accessories, pants, shoes...) and a list of all the products related to the picture (So I will select the big picture, and all the subproducts that I can allow to buy individually, and a button at the end to buy all the look. Take a look to the ...

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    * Topic: Multiprocessing/Multithreading scrapy application with proxy * Expectation: Please only bid if you had project experience in this domain. No students PLEASE. Expert level (300-400) conversation / consultation / demo for 2 hours. Architecture diagram deliverables and component demo code for proof of concept (Not production ready code). * Project background: we have millions of tasks s...

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    Hi , I have a website which based on magento , i have one problem , in admin panel when i want to print invoice of customers , it showed me squre ! (I use Eadesign component) , Can anyone help me ?

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    Hi, I'm interested in bidding for a Plant Nursery Management System, based on Prestashop Plant nursery will be managed as an online store, but will not have access to end users, but only to the administrator through the management interface - that is, there is no design work (html / css) Most of the work is adapted to the Prestashop, to the needs of plant nursery, with the help of dedicate...

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    I looking for Machine learning/Algorithm Expert build Real estate Predictive price(Property Buy & rent) Estimation Component(function) from dataSet with good accurency. Regards.

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    Hi, I have a mobile app developed with react native using expo but now I am planning to migrate it to custom cli react native instead of using expo and also update the UX/UI of the app with a new one. I will convert the project into two milestones Milestone 1: $175 Migrate the app from expo to custom cli with component-based coding and optimize the code and make sure app works perfectly as it d...

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    The project at hand requires knowledge in PCB layout. What program you use is up to you and programs like Eagle, Altium Designer og Kicad can be used to finish the project. The project at hand is a relatively small PCB with 9 components and 2 headers. 1 component is a 10-pin IC ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) 8 Common SMD components. 2 Headers We will supply ...

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    I need a component in html/bootstrap site to make a quize: to display random photo from the folder/library and allow several options for site visitor to guess where photo came from. Answers from every user should be logged in SQL based db with an IP of the user for later statistics.

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    $200 max per month salary developer is needed Can handle SQL, MySQL and SQL lite Databases connection

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    We need a logo for a company that manufactures electronic boards that have very high tech components. These electrics cardboards are mainly used for home automation devices (though it is not necessary that the logo represent this component we wanted to specify it)

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    I want to build an application that allow accountants to manage daily expenses (it is in spanish so I would pass the text to you): A> FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are codes that reflect different concepts (fuel, paying taxes, buy paper,etc...) that can be saved. Those codes have 3 categories>codes for expending, for receiving mon...

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    I am using nuget package printutilofpdf to print wpf page objects. I need to extend it to apply multi page printing. Additional description written on 2019-06-28: The output pdf document contains 1st header page which is fixed and next page(s) with * Page header - should be displayed on every item page * item list (WPF listview control) - should be displayed on multipla pages when is larger t...

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    I need an application written and the source code in C#. The UI should be WPF. It will be able to provide information on the object under the cursor as you move it around your screen and over any other windows application. Basically I want what [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] does ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) but at a mo...

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    Hi, I have a mobile app developed with react native using expo but now I am planning to migrate it to custom cli react native instead of using expo and also update the UX/UI of the app with a new one. So I am looking for a react native expert to do the following, -Migrate the app from expo to custom cli with component-based coding and optimize the code and make sure app works perfectly as it di...

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    I'm looking for someone that is excellent at creating and designing websites that include a membership and e-commerce component. Our turn around is 30 days including any changes that need to be made.

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    Tenemos unos diseños para una aplicación y necesitamos construir las pantallas y estilos (XAML) en un proyecto WPF. Partes de la aplicacion (ver adjuntos): - Menú lateral. Desde aquí se accede a cada una de las opciones de la misma. El botón configuración se muestra en la parte inferior. - Menú alertas. Se muestra en la parte superior. - Men&u...

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    Proyecto realizado en Visual Studio C# NET y WPF de lectura y registro de datos captados por ANT+ y BLE( de aparatos de Fitness ). El proyecto ya funciona ( captando la Frecuencia Cardíaca del usuario ) en Windows, pero sería para seguir evolucionándolo ( captar los RPMs, Velocidad, etc.. del aparato de Fitness ) y crear nuevas versiones mejoradas del proyecto actual que funci...

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    Just need a component upload with progress bar in reactjs using styled components

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    The Angular app(QQ) will be communicating with REST service in JSON. I am using Angular 7. Another app will launch QQ with a token. We will call REST service with that token to get JSON. With that JSON, we will show a table to user to select one or more checkboxes(rows) & send that data as a POST on click of a button to REST service & get response. Then show that response in a new compon...

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    Armadillo Group is a specialist provider of pre built hydraulic kits that are marketed under the Exactfit brand. Exactfit is designed to promote a "fits right right first time " style. OEMs in todays world are outsourcing components more frequently and the need to get things done faster, take load off staff and be more effective in building machines. Armadillo Group are also a complete h...

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    Hello there, I regularly create video course content for my Self-Help/Personal Growth business, and I need help with the video editing component. For this project, I need to create 3 separate videos. Each video has an audio file, a screen recording, and a video file to integrate (with some Picture in picture components needed and some errors within that need to be cut out). I'll have se...

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    Hello dear all , this should be done with visual basic 6 only not vb.net I need vb6 forms to manipulate employees informations the A file has 2 columns ( Name , govno - no duplicates - ) 1st form will import the excel (A) which has ( 2 ) columns into the access database , this database is online , after importing is done, a pop-up will ask for 3 informations ( number , date , branch ) ea...

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    Full description: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    See attached word document for some screen shots. 1.) Fix phone line button custom control 2.) Update volume control to have Mute property and icon 3.) dynamic font size combobox drop down list. font updates with resized box deliver by 29 June 2019

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    Current website : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I'm looking for a front-end developer to extract this mouse hover interaction effect from this website. I would like the effect that follows the mouse (coloured circle hover), as well as the way it interacts with the text, to be preserved in React. I need only one component: cursor animation If you are prof...

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    We're looking for a freelance developer who can help us create customizable and interactive web dashboards. An ideal developer must be able to plugin our Python code as well as manage the database aspect. On the frontend, we want interactive data visualization. An important component of this dashboard is its GIS capabilities. A lot of data is mapped and processed on shapefiles and geolocate...

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    I will provide you a pic, you need to develop a Questionnaire component using ANGULARJS 1.5 i.e, component based. If you are good at sass, and ANGULARJS, then please quote.

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    I need a wpf and windows form application in c#.15 % of project is done with database. Need to implement Linq and entity framework

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    We need a javascript expert to fix some issues. Do you know magento multiple wishlist? In the account page, wihslist doesn't work. I think it uses toggleAdvanced component. It is urgent. If you complete this in an hour, bonus is ready :) Thanks

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    Joomla website Bitti left

    I want a joomla expert to update and install a new theme on a joomla 2.5.28 to 3.9. Also all the articles from the k2 component must be transferred.

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    We are looking for a T-shirt design for our unit. Below is a brief overview of our unit so you can better understand the overall objectives. The primary mission of the MCIRSA, Force Headquarters Group (FHG) is to provide support to Headquarters, Marine Corps for the involuntary recall of Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Marines and to conduct administrative screening of IRR Marines in order that the...

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    Looking for a senior React developer to join an existing team making new crypocurreny application with React front ends. Should be experienced in React, Mobx, styled-component, react-virtualized table, docker, web-socket and JavaScript ES6. Also Should be familiar with Gitlab, Asana and team work. If you are located in Eastern Europe and you are avalialbe to team comunity on 8am ~ 8pm, it will b...

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    .net coder Bitti left

    We require a donation component that can be added to a page. using PayPal the payment gateway. We prefer they use MVC using .net. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Role: Debt Restructuring VP Project context and background: - Debt restructuring and fundraising exercise. - They are looking for a VP that would work with the founder MD of the organisation and a Principal that is leading this project, take the direction from him and then run the mandate with the team of associates who will be assisting on this project. Target outcomes/project deliverables: - ...

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