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    Konu: Discuss the transformation of the Roman Empire in late antiquity and the role of religion in that transformation. What were the ways in which the rise of Christianity and later the rise of Islam contributed to the transition from antiquity to the middle ages? Provide an answer based on close textual analysis of the required readings. Use at least three or more of the required readings. Compa...

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    - Sadece Türk kişilerin başvurmasını rica ederiz. - Her saat başı yapılan kısımın iletilmesi gerekmektedir. - Çalışmanın bu akşam 21:00'a kadar teslim edilmesi gerekmektedir. Çalışma için 100.00 TL / 19 $ ödenecektir. Intro Part: Konuya genel giriş Bir tane alıntı koyulması Thesis statement: Fuck kelimesi yasaklanmamalı Bu part 150 kelime olacak 1. Body F...

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    Çalışmanın Temel Özellikleri-Nasıl Yapılacağı? Topic: When and Why States Fail? Essay Type: Response Essay Genel Essay Taslağı: 1. Introduction Hook Sentence (Önerim bu essay için soru cümlesi ile başlamamanız.) Background Thesis Statement 2. Main Idea I (Pharaphrase yaparak başlarsanız) Paraphrase Support Example 3. Main Idea II (Diyelim ki quotation iledevam etti...

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    Merhabalar benim yüksek lisans tezinin plagiarisme karşın paraphrasing (anlam değiştirerek yazılması) olunması için turk dilini iyi bilen arkadas gerekiyor kendi gorevini mükemmel yapa bilen birisi lazı [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] yarı yolda yapamiyorum diyen birisi yok lutfen dikkate alı [URL'yi görüntülemek için gi...

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    I wrote my thesis in footnote style However, it needs to be formatted in APA style. It is about 60 pages. (18.000 words)

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    Thesis writing 6 gün left

    Management data analysis and results writing. Complete thesis writing (introduction and literature review completed) data already collected

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    New freelancer , online MA English person needed from Pakistan. I need some research papers and thesis type work related to English I need expert in MA english work from Pakistan and at low budget it will be for long term

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    Need an academic writer to write for writing a chapter for thesis. I need methodology chapter written, I will provide the proposal and guideline, need about 6000 words written.

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    Thesis topic 4 gün left

    I want a help to find a new thesis topic in computer science in data mining field

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    Ecommerce Website 2 gün left

    I have a domain . I need to develop wordpress website like ecommerce and including giveaway page and also user to user chat option. Built complete site with terms and conditions contact us page, about us page and refund and return policy and we need who knows complete knowledge about ecommerce including payment gateway systems Skills: PHP, WordPress, Website Design, HTML, eCommerce See more: wor...

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    Details will be given to chosen candidate. Need someone who has a great command over all softwares used to analyse and test primary data.

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    I'm looking for a native-bilingual English translator who can translate my thesis which will be published on mid-Feb. So I'm in need of someone who can translate it by Feb 10. Thanks.

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    10,000 word project that must include literature review, quantative and qualitative methods of research on the sustainability gap of cooking systems in commercial buildings in the UK. Message for further details, must possess engineering experience, Harvard referencing and good writing skills.

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    I am looking for someone to help me on paraphrasing my thesis to academic english and correcting the mistakes based on the professor's comments. I can send the files with professor's comment and also example of a thesis paper to relate for academic english and also for how it should be written.

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    10,000 word thesis on sustainable cooling methods for buildings

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    i am student at the university, i have an aerial image i would like to extract the road features from the image with high accuracy, and then extract the road parameters (curve length, radius and road width). this work is will be used for my thesis. i sent you an example for the image please check the attached.

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    i am student at the university, i have an aerial image i would like to extract the road features from the image with high accuracy, and then extract the road parameters (curve length, radius and road width). this work is will be used for my thesis. i sent you an example for the image please check the attached.

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    The elements of fiction 1 gün left

    Choose one of the stories from the Lesson Two readings that you did not focus on in your initial post during week two. Think about what you believe the theme/point is behind the story. After you have a plan, begin to write a draft of your short fiction essay. Please make sure to review the readings from Lesson One. You are expected to understand this information. Please also incorporate the ...

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    Hi Charity M., Thanks for applying to work on my project the thesis, I can offer you 10 Euro fixed payment. Delivery should be 2 days.

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    For my senior dance thesis, I am wanting to work with a person who can build me a 3d projection design of Van Gogh's art pieces. I want the pieces to move and have live within them, not just stand still.

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    Instruction: The stlye, content and language of your paper must be academic. You are supposed to use at least five academic sources in your paper Similarity rate - %20 // excluding bibliography You are supposed to write at least 2.000 words. You are supposed to have an argument/thesis in your paper. You are expected to reinforce your argument/thesis in a theoretical way. Deadline: 12.01.2021 23...

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    Need you to write a summary of 10000 words based on my work - articles, published work, keynotes, presentations, panel discussions to form a view about my contribution to the sector/industry Introduction the broad background An overview of the work Major novelty and impact of the work The organisation of the thesis - Literature review (overview of the publications) - Payments innovation for open...

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    Based on some corrections given on High-level thesis which are needed to be addressed and done focusing on a deep analysis and clear and accurate comparisons for the latest malware detection techniques based on API String and Graph-based Techniques hence to be incorporated in the current thesis to produce a fully revised version of High-level thesis to be submitted for final discussion. Please r...

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    WhitePaper / CryptoCoin / ICO I want to work with academic people who are experienced in "WhitePaper - CryptoCoin - ICO", who have prepared a whitepaper before, and who have produced Etherium based COIN. Milestone1 (WhitePaper1) : A whitepaper will be prepared on CryptoBanking Milestone2 (WhitePaper2) :: A COIN to be created will be used as a common coin between countries. I would like...

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    Hi Happymarli, I noticed your profile and would like to offer to proofread my master thesis in field of machine learning (about 12k words) until the end January. Would you like to do it? Thanks for your reply in advance. Max

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    Continue thesis one and do thesis 2 by case study

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    I need you to summrize my thesis into research paper

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    I have a dataset of 1.5 Million Tweets of US Presidential Election 2020 for the period of 15th Oct and 8th Nov for each Candidate (Trump and Biden). Goal is to conduct sentiment analysis using Python which is already done. This involves data cleaning and some minor transformations and then use libraries like VADER to determine the sentiment of each user tweet. Now the goal is to take this analys...

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    Thesis Writing Bitti left

    Need to write atleast 40 pages for the topic "Green HRM practices and their impacts on corporate image of a company" in 25 days

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    I would like someone to refine my thesis by rewriting and paraphrasing some sentence, change some words to make it more readable and more native. Edit is required. You can use some applications online, but you must indicate that you have used your brain and skills, and personal efforts. I need two kinds of editions, one is revised without comment, another one is your comments about where you repla...

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    600 pages. Need proper reference. No palarigism.

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    I have already written the research proposal, I'm willing to do the practical part but first I need somebody who can write me the theoretical part of my thesis; basically, this person will only do the paraphrasing, I can also help with information source, my project is very simple, about social media marketing, anyone can write it; as for the writing style I don't want something exceptio...

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    1) I'm building a portfolio for Apply Master Degree. Therefore, 4 to 6 projects include and Thesis Building is like (1500ft x 1500ft) but some are just commercial projects. 2) I developed them 3D and planning (some parts) and they are aimed for small Presentation and Jury. But Portfolio for Master is different. So I need to fill some space, some details, some Construction, etc. 3) I have ...

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    15 pages Thesis about Digital Economy

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    Hello, freelancers. We are looking for someone who has experience in writing Master Thesis Documentation. (Only one outstanding writer will be selected). Research is in the field of linguistic and education will be an advantage as this research proposal must be written in the field of Object Classification using OpenCV. The main responsibility in this project is to write a Master Thesis Documentat...

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    I want a 3d model of Link (from the Zelda saga ) with the face of a colleague.

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    Southeast Asia real photos needed for research thesis

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    hi i`m looking for biostatistician for following short work- here are my thesis work which needs to be changed for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] of study design from current one to another - report randomized parallel-arm trials for better power calculation 2.post-hoc adjustment for baseline differences eg change score analysis, analysis of covariance, or logis...

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    1500 words in total filling a form for a project outline for a doctorate. Title: IMPROVING PLANNING AND FORECASTING METHODOLOGIES AT A RETAIL APAREL COMPANY Thesis of interest attached

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    Hello everyone The thesis about object detection of damaged car parts and its development of web interface. Earlier, I contacted a freelancer to get this work done but unfortunately, he did not use any metric like accuracy to evaluate the model performance. So, there are two important things that I needed for the completion of my thesis. 1) I need a model that detects damaged car parts having an...

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    Negro Speaks Bitti left

    Analyze one poem from the assigned readings using one of the following critical approaches (NOT reader response or biographical criticism) we discussed in the Week four forum, using one to two secondary sources to help support your argument. This source must be peer-reviewed and scholarly. Please read lesson four for an explanation about scholarly sources. Make sure that the essay has a strong th...

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    Hey there, I'm looking for an app that can send ARKit camera pose data / matrix , as well as gyro/accelerometer quaternion rotation values over OSC. It is for a part of my thesis research project at Ryerson University. It can have a very simple designer. It merely needs to be functional, minimal, with the ability to stop and start the OSC sending, and for the user to designate OSC Port, IP, ...

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    I need a freelancer who has good knowledge of regressional analysis. The methodology part should be editing and developed with me.

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    Hi there, I'd like someone to create a database for me using the following: 1. Go to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and search for 'user experience' articles, in english, from the last 3 years. Search string: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2. Then click on the links from the search return, e.g. [URL'y...

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    for my thesis, with two way anova, correlation etc

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    I have to submit an English thesis with a Chinese abstract at a Chinese University. As my Chinese is not good enough for scientific texts, I am looking for a translator from English to Simplified Chinese. The abstract is rather a summary about data science/ text mining totaling 3403 words. Please find in the following an excerpt. I would be glad receiving an offer. "Introduction Negotiati...

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    an expert in research technical writing that can edit and proof read my masters thesis about the the causes of the urban traffic congestion. Words: around 20,000 While in the process of editing and proof reading I will work on all graphs in the document

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