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    Su web sayfasindaki C++ ile yazimis code ile ilgili aciklamalar surdan bulunabilir: Fakat, bizim ihtiyacimiz olan bu code'un C# ve Windows Desktop Application da olmasi. Code'un buyuk ve her turlu dosyayi transfer edebilmesi gerekiyor.

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    flaş patlasın resim karşıya yansısın. ekteki resimde anlatmaya çalıştım. bir müşterim var. web sitesini yapıyorum. yapamadığım yerdeyim. resimler listelenecek, resimlerden birine tıklandığında projektöre gidecek ve projektör de bir duvar büyük resim olarak yansıtacaktır. bu çalışmayı FLASH dosyası .fla olarak istiyorum. fla olarak aldığım dosya üzerinde isteğim işlemleri yapar olacağım.

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    Translate two files into German and Dutch

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    Hello, I have architectural DWG Files that need to be converted to IFC Format. Please let me know the cost for conversion of 25 files. Located in Australia

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    Take Local backup for all the current files (which is currently in Ubuntu 20.04.4), then reinstall OS with Control Panel (Ubuntu 18.04), Then rehost all the files including the flask, apache2 web server etc. but keep in mind, the Ubuntu version should stay 18.04 with webmin control panel.

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    I have 3 original documents which NOT allowed to copy. We respect that. But we have leather goods where we want to put in sample for our Belgium customers so we need to copy 1 to 1 with some redesign so people recognize the papers for insurance, car, etc. Final product is 3 PDF files which must be printable PDF in the right sizes with cutting lines. As you can see in sample. size per document willl be width 21 cm. x high 14.8 cm. (with cutting lines in document also see last page each document for sample). Any questions please feel free to contact me.

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    Trophy icon Edit raw files from dlsr 2 gün left

    I have some raw photos from dlsr and I would like someone to edit. Deliverables to be in photoshop files

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    I need bash shell script which checks in 4 different locations if CSV files are there.

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    1. Add scannable barcode to publisher files underneath the product images (most products already have this barcode added but some new products need it to be added). The barcode number will be on a separate excel file. 2. After scannable barcodes are added to all products please save Publisher Files and also pdf files and transfer to us. (without any prices added) Part 2: - Add price text to catalogue pages on Publisher files (approx 200pages total) - Prices are on separate excel file with the corresponding item code and the price needs to be added neatly underneath the product on the publisher files. - then save the file as a PDF. - transfer all PDF and Publisher files via freelcancer chat Important: Only bids with comments that are related to t...

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    I'm looking for someone who can develop a script which will be used to set up template folders for security incidents. I have attached an outline of the project along with with the templates.

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    I need Photoshop files to look like this with Bengali Fonts

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    I want to modify 1 HTML file with the content below. The HTML file is attached. Go to Email copy section and copy the content as shown. The HTML files are already mobile optimised so be careful when you code.

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    Please read description well: If your coming to rip me off better not to bid cause i'm not selling a kidney to pay over simple tasks, thanks and i appreciate all bids from everyone. I have about 50 txt file each has content saved inside. I want a script that will split the content depends on X words founds than send each part of content to the proper table of database. The script should be rip me off better not to bid cause i'm not selling a kidney to pay over simple tasks, thanks and i appreciate all bids from everyone. I have about 50 txt file each has content saved inside. I want a script that will split the content depends on X words founds than send each part of content to the proper table of database. The script should be able to handle the same job on any amount ...

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    I have a house i designed on paper, its 3 storeys high, split levels, I need it put on a suitable CAD system so I can edit and view it on basic inexpensive software. If editing is not possible (re arranging furniture, changing decoration) then I would need it to be viewable in some form on inexpensive software or view in IE / Chrome browser. I would supply plans as scans with dimensions.

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    I have a house i designed on paper, its 3 storeys high, split levels, I need it put on a suitable CAD system so I can edit and view it on basic inexpensive software. If editing is not possible (re arranging furniture, changing decoration) then I would need it to be viewable in some form on inexpensive software or view in IE / Chrome browser. I would supply plans as scans with dimensions.

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    I have a PDF price list that I would like converted to a spreadsheet. Please include all columns and rows in PDF document as seperate cells in the spreadsheet. A column each for Order no - Despription - Price and a row for each line

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    we are looking for someone to develop a 5 page responsive for all website from psd files using divi builder and theme

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    This is a super simple project. We need someone to install our current site to a new domain and change the logo and a few menu items. Should be very quick. Must load all add ons and everything should work exactly as our current site as well as forms working. We will give you ALL files of current site

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    We have Blender files of a 1 minute animation we would like to view in a VR environment. This job would be to take those Blender files and render the assets into a VR environment where we could view this animation in an app in VR. Oculus Quest 2 is the target platform for viewing this VR demo. Please include links to sample work / portfolio. Future project work after this initial test piece would be to create fully functional app that allows user to interact with components in this training video. We will provide link to existing animated video to interested parties.

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    I have three STP files that I need turned into a "render". All renders must be done at the same perspective angle with the same lighting. See attached image for example of what is in the STP file to render.

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    Just need font color changed in the header and remove text from PHP files. I have the theme already downloaded just need those two things changed right now and must be ready to work. You can download the theme and I can tell you where to go to change. Changing font color of the header so that it actually shows Change footer where logo appears at bottom and remove the text thats there

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    Hi… I have 2 Different NFT images collection with promotional images. I want to sell them. I will show images in video meeting… sorry but it’s important so no one ask me to send NFT image please. They are in High definition quality in 3d realistic. Anyone Interested please connect with me. Thanks

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    I have a list of 16 image files that needed to be manually typed in notepad. We will be providing you with the company notepad. You have to submit the project by Saturday. There will be 16 more image files that you have to convert into text files. Even if you have a pretty good typing speed, it would still require a minimum of 45 - 60 minutes of time for each file to be typed in a notepad. The payment will be INR 800 for a total of 16 pages. The payment will be released only if you can submit a total of 16 pages in time. Even there is 1 page left to submit, no payment will be released. Only bid if you can submit the project in time. If you agree to the terms, I'll be giving you a sample page that you have to type within minimum time & maximum accuracy. By thi...

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    App to read multiple PDF files on a folder, generating file in the same folder . Each PDF file contains a One Page Examination Form ( WITH IDENTIFIER BARCODE ON TOP LEFT and BODY with multiple MARKS, one for each question ). Output file must contain one line for each interpreted PDF . Usually there will be hundreds of PDF files to be read on input folder. Examination Layouts are one of the following (attached model): (No need to deal with any other form type. Just these 10 ones) User may inform the type of forms each folder contains or, preferably, App realize witch form type is being currently processed. Cronometration Marks may be

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    I have an MP4 file that I'd like to be the base, and the other files I'd like to be mounted on the card. So I need the .jpeg files turned into a collection mounted on this 3d card. Let me know if you can do this.

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    Create Python script to compare two txt files with CIDR IPv4 IP subnets and output to another text file with the list of IP address missing or not present in a non-CIDR format. will include a list of IP addresses (e.g. , , , , etc) will also include a list of IP addresses (e.g. , , , , etc) Output txt file(s) will include: File_A: - File_B: -

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    ...have a number of URLs (around 150,000) for the campaign pages we want to download. Mainly I just want to the webpages downloaded as local html files, so I can parse out the necessary information later (you can help me on this too, as a second, separate task request). For example, given a campaign page URL (), I need the whole webpage saved as local HTML file, so detailed campaign content displayed on webpage such as campaign story, risk, environmental commitments, and other information can be parsed out locally. The task seems simple, it only requests webpages to be downloaded as local HTML files. The reason I need your help is that the number of webpages to be downloaded is large (around 150,000) and limits frequent requests

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    Hello! As discussed over the chat please create 2D & 3D DWG, and OBJ for our new product Box. I've also listed the model #s which you can name the files with. Also this time there are also drawings needed for 3 styles of legs. It is the same leg as the Thk+Thn just different positions. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks again :)

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    Hi Nitika would you like to do another 85 files, the same as before?Thanks Alison

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    I want to develop web application for managing financement i have class diagram of database and database in mysql, i want to develop back end in java spring

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    I need wordpress files uploaded from my server to clients server

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    I have 2 JSON files that are attachments has "YEAR":"ISSN": and has "YEAR": "ISSN": "IMPACT The file has over 10,000 rows the has less than 200. I need a third json file that has YEAR, ISSN, IMPACT only for the items on the file. be careful the ISSN has duplicated based upon the year. So it only unique based upon ISSN and YEAR. I would like it done without a loop. I can't see looping a 10,000 item object 100's and 100's of times. Using is fine. I need the fastest execution possible since this will be used in a live web app. In the past I've stored the IMPACT data in a SQL database and passed in a JSON object of the YEAR and ISSN numbers that were wanted and did a JSON join of the data, which worked ...

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    I want to create templates for processes, inventory data sheets... filing...

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    Hello, I have 1200+ text files that need 1 line remove from each. The line starts with: planpassword: {random text of the password} I need this to be made as an EXE so I can send it to a client and they run it. It should copy teach text file into a new text file and in the new one remove the 1 line. I have attached an example of a file. This must be done TODAY, and within the next couple hours. Prefer to have built in Java but will consider Python as well. It will run on a Windows 10 system. I will pay $35 for this project, it should only take a developer a couple of minutes to build it.

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    I need a new website for my xmas store

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    hello, i am recording audio and video in 2 separate application and i get 2 different files 1 mp3 for audio and 1 mp4 for video. i need to play just 1 mp4 file that contains the audio mp3 . solution should support multi threading to handle merging multiple parallel files

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    Revise 3D model with the new cad files provided. Small changes and someone quick and experienced with 3D modelling. Provide 3D model and screenshots/basic renderings.

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    Hello We have a dedicated server on which we can acces only on SSH It is too complicated and we have buyed a normal shared hosting. What want from you is ONLY to acces to the dedicated server and take ALL the files and Database, and give it to us so that we put on our new hosting The dedicated server is a Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS We restarted in RESCUE mode and it have generated for us a user and password ssh. After that we don't know how you need enter, we have no idea on admin system job Thx

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    Need someone to create MORGT. files from several AEP Files Need someone to create MORGT. files from several AEP Files

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    we are needing someone to convert a psd file into wordpress using DIVI and insuring this is responsive on all devices

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    Need support on devops support as of now analyse attached files feed back in steps (YAML&Jenkins)

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    We produce a range of 3D wall coverings (up to 45mm thick). They are made of ribbed felt and leather. We would like to provide a suite of downloadable 3D and revisit files for architects to drop into their designs. This includes physical properties as well as geometry and appearance.

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    I have a list of 56 images i need converted to SVG with ADOBEXD, they are offering a free trial incase you dont it already. I need the best possible quality SVGs i found Adobe XD works the best. Before i accept your offer i need to get one SVG created and sent to me with the illustrator files so i can confirm the quality is good. This is a simple but time consuming job becasue it takes a while for the SVG to be formed. Im looking for somebody willing to do the work at a fair price.

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    Headline: Build a ThumbnailProvider for Microsoft Cloud Sync Engine ( Cloud Files API ) Skills: Visual C++, COM+ Scope: Successful applicant must create a ThumbnailProvider for placeholder files within the Cloud Sync Engine, which utilises the Microsoft Cloud Files API framework. Here's an example Cloud Sync provider from Microsoft: We simply need a ThumbnailProvider to assign binary image data as thumbnails to the placeholder files, and then disregard the thumbnail if the file is fully hydrated (This may be default action within Cloud Files API). The thumbnail will be downloaded from the Internet and must not exist on the local drive.

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    Attached are the files, these files have the 1st line of the address on them and we want them removed so it doesn’t look like they are removed, keep the backgrounds intact. The files are 1 x PDF and 14 JPG files Photos to have the 1st line of the address 21 Crete Street removed from are: Alteration Photos / R2 / IMG_2969 and IMG_2974 Photos / R3 / IMG_2980, 2981, 2983, 2984, Photos / R4 / IMG_2996. Photos / R5 / IMG_3007, 3008, 3009, 3010, 3016, 3017, 3018. This is an easy job if you have image editing software. In your bid please tell me when we can get the files from you. Every time I put a project on I get a load of automated bidders and it bothers me a lot. Please do not bid if you have not read the project. And I will know i...

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    Application console that connects with a SharePoint Document Library and count for each of the subfolders the number of files in it (including all subfolders in this etc.) and generate an excel file at the end. The excel file will look as a matrix, so will reflects: - Column (Order number) - Row (Main folder) The parameters of the application console will be: - SharePoint site - User - Password - Document library name The output will be an excel/csv file

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    i have ~20 csv files each with 2 columns and varied rows. need a script which will find the common names from column 1 present in each of 20 files and write their values (present in column 2 of each file) along with names in a new csv file. i need different columns for each input in output file i.e. in 20 files cumulatively there are total 40 columns i want 40 columns serially in output files. example input and output are attached. i would prefer shell or python script.

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    I would like 5 different png files to user for projects. 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star I need all png files. Post an image of your star and I will award the winner the project.

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    There are 2 different types of Excel files which include a lot of data that has to be matched anyway. Example: Loading Date with unloading date (differ) the distance is 1000 km (approximately1 day difference). Plate number of the truck Contractors' name Initial Destination (Loading) Last Destination (Unloading)

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    tempory files Bitti left

    find all jpg files less than 10k in a hard drive then put in a new folder

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