Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing software from Adobe Systems. The film and video post-production businesses rely on this software for running the technical side of their businesses. After Effects allows users to animate and alter composite media in 3D space. If your business is into motion graphics, you could surely use some help from After Effects freelancers. You can find After Effects freelancers simply by posting a job today!

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    I have 60 pictures (jpegs) to turn into a 'video' with a soundtrack. I also have text to include in the

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    Trophy icon Edit Video ------ 92 Killstreak 29 gün left

    Instructions: 1. ***Very Important*** Open your video editing software. Go into settings. Change settings to 2560x1440 resolution and 60fps. Only then move on to step 2. 2. Download video: 3. Find all 92 Kills. Cut (edit) out everything else. 4. Make the video less than 10 mins (5 minutes is even better) of just the kills. 5. Render the video as 2560x1440 60fps 6. Upload your final work as 2560x1440 60fps

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    I need the arrow to spin very fast (lightening speed) into an explosion and out of the explosion the letters LIT catch fire and turn red.

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    Trophy icon Animate logo 2 gün left

    This contest is cancelled and moved to Elite 360 logo animation. The price has been increased as well. I need the arrow to spin very fast (lightening speed) into an explosion and out of the explosion the letters LIT catch fire and turn red.

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    Hello! Need a simple video/animation,,promotion for Mgi's ionspec must contain what the product is made of. Its an 8in1 medical eyewear. And also contains peoples testimonials. Video should be catchy to attract buyers. All photos will be provided.

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    Trophy icon Animation Logo 5 gün left

    I need a logo for Saas company. The logo has to be a website animation logo. The company name is "" This is for a software company. So keep that in mind and create a simple logo with the name of the company. Especially the color and the font matter a lot. Note: we will deliver software to our customers. So, when you design the logo keep that in mind and just use the name "ektech" as the logo. 'EK' means one and 'TECH' is the short form of technology. Please don't create any design that seems pretty common. Do not overthink the logo design, but for sure think out of the box. You will get more attention while the logo is simple but speaks a lot.

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    Trophy icon Make a good game trailer 5 gün left

    I need a good game trailer for this project: I imagine something with a nice voice in the background, some music, good sound efefcts , good scene transitions and an overall well done movie. You can request additional material such as music if you need. Text material: and on steam Logo: Please don't use the text on the movie material, use the following logo: The font for the title is also attached. Prerendered Scenes (please cut yourself if necessary Background if needed: The video should be 30 to 60 sec long and please make it NOT BORING

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    I want to advertise a video with a duration of 30-40 seconds only.. The video size for the Instagram post is 1:1 I want a beautiful enthusiastic advertisement that attracts customers after we have been away from them for a while Title: We're Back! So that it consists of several scenes of the baked goods that we do, after which the word (we are back) appears, and then the logo and the song or melody I want in this link All the videos you need for advertising are in a zip file, download it from here: I tried to get the best witness even though I lacked the skill of photography I hope to see the best ad from the best designers thank you my bakery

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    I would like to show my artwork in 2 separate video spaces. A gym and a Cafe. I do not have CADS. EXAMPLE VIDEO of the GYM:

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    We need two TV ads of 12 seconds each of them. The website reference for typography and branding elements We want one related to Casino games. And the other with the odds of a soccer match Colo-Colo vs Universidad de Chile. It needs to appear the 2 teams (logo or t-shirt of the teams) and the odds (1,40 2,30 4,10) The odds are the price they pay if the local team wins (1,40), if they draw (2,30), if the visitor team win (4,10). We want something exactly to this example: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Necesitamos dos anuncios de televisión de 12 segundos cada uno. La página web de referencia para las tipografías y branding Queremos uno relacionado c...

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    We need to make a 3d model of the box and tube which looks similar but NOT EXACTLY the same as the KY-Jelly tube. The text to be printed is in the word file. The colour scheme can be similar but NOT SAME The font can be similar but NOT SAME

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    I am starting a Youtube channel for my new website. I am looking for someone who can make a 5 - 10 sec. intro. - has to have some kind of music - has to show the words of the website: Economie voor de klas (website is: ) - viewer has to see directly that it is about schools, learning, classroom, etc. And very imortant: about economics. So a graph that is being drawn, money, etc. - 5 to 10 seconds, so pretty short To see an example, please check the first seconds of this: Questions? Please let me know!

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    Trophy icon Logo for Youtube Channel 20 saat left

    Hi I have a youtube channel, video about funny/troll/prank. Channel name: Ông Giang I need a logo with a "G" letter is the main image and text "ÔNG GIANG" smaller somewhere. Can be similar with the sample i uploaded. The logo must be inside the circle.

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