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Sourcing Agent Needed in S. Korea I am looking for a vary capable person who can help me source materials (BOM) from S. Korea. Ideally the person should have experience in this field already. I am going to make a high quality back pack. I have attached the BOM list along with notes ([url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). Please have a view of this before putting in a proposal. The product wi... 1 Endüstriyel Tasarım, Moda Tasarım, Mankenlik, Alibaba Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20184g 12s €205
I would like to hire an Alibaba Expert Looking for some one who can buy an alibaba account for my company 0 Alibaba Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20183g 5s -
designer name called akay akay title name or header or company name based off of akay 1 Alibaba Apr 14, 2018 Apr 14, 2018Bitti €292
Mentor for Amazon FBA I want to learn how to get into Amazon FBA sales to earn income! 9 Google Analytics, Amazon İnternet Servisleri, Mantıksal Analiz, Shopify, Alibaba Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018Bitti €142
Pick items from Ali Express using Orbelo for existing site I need some changes to an existing website. I need someone to constantly update my shopify store and also update two other sites too. The shopify store connects to Ali express via orbelo. You need to have experience in being able to find products. Looking for someone who can add products to this site consistently. For each product added in each category we then show an outfit at the end of the ... 21 Shopify, Alışveriş, Alibaba, Tasarım, Corel Draw Apr 1, 2018 Apr 1, 2018Bitti €36
Virtual assistants needed with monthly salary I need virtual assistant who will help me in starting my online store on shopfy platform . I need help in setting up the store , adding products , sourcing proudct from dropshipers who deliver to our clients in no more than three weeks time span . I also need help in FB , ads words , instegram , and twitter . Customer service . 33 Reklam, İşletme Planları, Reklam Tasarımı, Alibaba Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 2018Bitti €441
Optimize Alibaba Listing We are a seller Alibaba and want an experience individual/team that can optimize our existing listings and account in a precise way. The bidder should have experience in this work and should be able to show the previous work. 4 Alibaba Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Bitti €133
Ali express bulk product import automatically in nop-commerce store Budget: $30. This a a sample work to upload product from ali-express to nop-commerce store. That process support to upload multiple product at a time means bulk product import directly from aliexpress site. 3 C# Programlama, e-Ticaret, MVC, ASP.NET, Alibaba Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018Bitti €111
Food Grade Stainless Steel Fabrication Need expert team from China. More details provided in interview. 1. Please contact me for more Blue Prints / Diagrams 2. The unit is 48/54 inches long about 18 inches wide and about 24 inches tall. Due to shipping costs it is important to tray to make this in a format to be assembled - again to cut down on shipping. I understand due to the internal parts this may not be a wise idea I am j... 9 Üretim, Üretim Tasarımı, Ürün Tasarımı, Alibaba Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Bitti €366
I would like to hire an Alibaba Expert We are looking for people who can post our products to Alibaba and promote it on the site 5 Alibaba, Digital Marketing Feb 26, 2018 Feb 26, 2018Bitti €338
Amazon Alibaba Expert Nedd assistance in promoting products in this 2 platform. people with a lt of experience in this platform needed. 10 e-Ticaret, Amazon İnternet Servisleri, Alibaba Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 2018Bitti €118
Need content egg pro and affiliate egg pro plugin with license Need content egg pro and affiliate egg pro plugin with license 1 WordPress , Amazon İnternet Servisleri, Satış Ortaklığı, Alibaba Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 2018Bitti €25
Dropshipping Guru for Training Course I am looking to partner with someone who has succeeded with dropshiping. I am putting together a training course about facebook advertising and targeting for drop shipping products. Looking for someone who can add value and receive a percentage of training course sales. 0 Facebook Pazarlama, Alibaba, Instagram Marketing Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 2018Bitti -
Alibaba sales Expert experience with medical products - Big advantage. 3 Alibaba Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 2018Bitti €371
setting if website fully I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build my online store. 8 WordPress , Alibaba Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018Bitti €17
Aliexpress Dropshipping Help Hello, I need help setting up Aliexpress dropshipping for my website and app. I'm looking for a freelancer who has a lot of experience setting up dropshipping in both apps and websites. I have a website and app already built and want to integrate Aliexpress dropshipping into them. I know Shopify has a mobile buy sdk that can be used in apps and websites for buying within the website/app and w... 18 e-Ticaret, Shopify, Alibaba Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 2018Bitti €123
Designer garment I need some help with writing a contract. 4 İşletme Planları, Adobe InDesign, Amazon Kindle, Alibaba, Adobe Illustrator Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 2018Bitti €173
Female Model for Lookbook shoot Female model for London based fashion designer lookbook shoot Height 5’9” to 5”10” (1.79-1.85m) Bust 32-33” (81-84cm) Waist 24-25 (61-64cm) Hips 34-35 (86-89cm) The fit is very specific to the above Modelling experience is necessary. Please send images and measurements. £300 paid for 1 day shoot approx 7 hours. Only those short listed will be c... 1 Alibaba Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7, 2018Bitti €369
supplier sourcing Hi! i have a product i want you to find me. the best price, the best MOQ and delivery time, and a quality supplier. you will handle the negotiation and report directly to me i will let you know the item i want. 3 Üretici Kaynaklandırma, Klasik Çince (Tayvan), İnternet Araştırması, Alibaba Dec 27, 2017 Dec 27, 2017Bitti €93
i would like to hire an alibaba expert that lives in china and is familiar with integrating with alibaba i would like to API the chinese factories to amazon and train the chinese factories to fulfill direct to amazon through an api link 3 Alibaba Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017Bitti €16
Alibaba Specialist Looking for a specialist that will sell things on Alibaba. 3 Alibaba Nov 23, 2017 BugünBitti €839
Alibaba listing Looking for somebody who will list articles on alibaba. Round about 300.000 articles from a German drugstore. Cosmetics, food supplements, food etc. 1. First step: Listing TOP50 articles. 2. Second step. Listing 25.000 articles with on going maintanance 11 Article Writing, Makale Yeniden Yazım, Alibaba Nov 21, 2017 Nov 21, 2017Bitti €4
alibaba retail supplier i want a retail supplier to provide me with some kind of different products such as Accessories, kitchen appliances, home appliances, baby needs etc... some who is fast and lives in china, all the payment would be through alibaba website. who has it please [REMOVED BY [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ADMIN] 10 Üretici Kaynaklandırma, Modern Çince (Çin), Alibaba Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017Bitti €433
Project for trunks52032 Hi trunks52032, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 PHP, Elektronik Pazarlama, Satış, , Arama Motoru Pazarlaması, Alibaba Oct 23, 2017 BugünBitti €10
Alibaba expert I need someone to teach me all the features of alibaba and how to use them 3 Alibaba Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017Bitti €23
upload products from alibaba i need to upload 100-150 products on my woocommerce store from alibaba with variations. 18 PHP, Alibaba, Etsy, Airbnb, WooCommerce Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €18
Etsy - - ONLY ready made can apply Im looking for a ready made etsy Copy that has been build in already. Please do not reply to this post if you have not build a etsy If you have build a etsy copy then please post the link to your work. Im looking for a marketplace. 4 Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Volusion, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €142
product sourcing from outside I am looking for some body can search for the better price for a specific goods from egypt or outside 14 Ürün Sağlama, Üretim, Lojistik ve Sevkiyat, Yatırım Araştırma, Alibaba Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €114 Building website platform in EU for motorcycle rentals 30 PHP, .NET, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, HTML, Alibaba Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Bitti €503
shoes brands wholesale I want to start an online shoe store and I need to find the best distributors, the best quality, price, reliability, etc. Preferably working with dropshipping. preferably sneaker. 4 Tişörtler, Örüntü Yapma, Mücevherat, Etiket Tasarımı, Alibaba Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Bitti €66
Re-write titles and posts - Aliexpress dropshipping Hello I have added products from aliexpress onto my website I need the titles of each product to be unique and seo friendly. Good english not spun garbage. Editing product text is also important. Remove all unwanted info and rewrite the posts to be unique. 6 SEO, HTML, Alibaba, Etsy, WooCommerce Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Bitti €82
Amazon and Alibaba price tracker Hi, Looking for a professional coder to build a website from scratch to track Amazon Aliexpress Ebay and Alibaba product price history (in a graph) for each product, users simply provide product URL on the website and a price history graphreviewscomments "optional" if available will be displayed on the page. Only bid on my project if you can get the job done and you know what you... 3 PHP, eBay, C++ Programlama, HTML, Alibaba Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Bitti €150
aliexpress amazon eBay account i have product i need to list on the interest Commerce website , i need to create aliexpress eBay amazon with in all region seller account the most difficult is aliexpress its suppose to be chinese account and supplier from china. 19 PHP, eBay, HTML, Alibaba, Etsy Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Bitti €492
Selling on TaoBao or or Tmall or WeChat Shop Selling our products (goat milk powder) on your Taobao, [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] or Tmall or WeChat Shop will be paid commission on per unit sold 13 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Satış, Alibaba, Snapchat Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Bitti €13
Amazon India Lead SEM for Amazon. Have sharp SEM skills. 1 eBay, BigCommerce, Amazon Fire, Alibaba, Etsy Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Bitti €454
Market my service to diffrent Market place selling virtual calling card online 3 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Satış, e-Ticaret, Alibaba Sep 28, 2017 Sep 28, 2017Bitti €187
Need ebay sellers from UKraine, Germany or Romania Hello. This is my second project on I hope everyone is fine. I am in need of ebay sellers who have atleast 5 positive feedbacks. Accounts with no 21 days hold will be preferred. I have products that sell real quick. All my listings are for 3 days auction and almost 99% of the time it gets sold. PM me to discuss further if you meet the above criteria. Thank you 5 Satış, Toptan Pazarlama, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Bitti €20
Put ONE (1) product only in Amazon, Etsy and more This is a repost of my previous one. The product I want to input in amazon, ebay, etsy, along with companies like office Depot etc is one calendar for 2018. It is just one calendar, only one. So I need a person to create the presentation and the description for me for this specific ONE (1) product in Amazon, Etsy and Ebay Also I need this person to create a nice pinterest account to prom... 7 Volusion, eBay, Pinterest, Alibaba, Etsy Sep 23, 2017 BugünBitti €75
Help creating an AliPay Corporate Account Hi, I need help creating an "AliPay Corporate Account" for my company. See the screen shot attached. You can see the instructions here: [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2 Alibaba Sep 11, 2017 Sep 11, 2017Bitti €23
Brand new website I need a responsive website. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. 15 Mobile App Development, HTML, Bitcoin, Alibaba, Adobe Freehand Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017Bitti €38
Excel Macros, Web Scraping, expert required Details will be shared with winning bidder. budget is 30-100 21 Web Scraping, Alibaba, Excel Macros Sep 3, 2017 Sep 3, 2017Bitti -
Connect shipping-label website to various online marketplace We run a USA shipping-label creation & printing website, We want to connect our website to various marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress, Qoo10, and Lazada thought API connection, so that seller of those marketplaces can easily create shipping labels for their orders at Once they are connected, order information of those marketplaces should automatically brou... 32 PHP, eBay, Amazon İnternet Servisleri, Alibaba Sep 1, 2017 Sep 1, 2017Bitti €1607
Write my Product Descriptions in FRENCH Hello, i need someone to write short description of my products in French on shopify. Best regards 17 Ürün Tanımları, Alibaba Aug 23, 2017 BugünBitti €27
oberlo expert to set up my website I need a aliepxress or oberlo expert to add womens fashion content to my website 4 Alibaba Aug 3, 2017 Aug 3, 2017Bitti €432
Aliexpress product research, selection & import into ShoppifiedApp (dropified) This is the first job of a position that is long term based on the success of the store! Im searching a virtual assistant with different skills for my E-Commerce / dropshipping business. That are your tasks: - suggest category structure of the site based on research (decided in a few weeks) - product research on AliExpress - ensure its a profitable product - is there anyone else in the... 26 İnternet Araştırması, Pazar Araştırması, Shopify, Alibaba Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 2017Bitti €3
build drop sipping site help selt up amazon facebook other places to get products from so i just need to find the products my self 3 Amazon İnternet Servisleri, Google Web Toolkit, Alibaba Jul 23, 2017 BugünBitti €14
netflix hedge 3 GarageBand, Alibaba, Airbnb, Periscope Jul 15, 2017 Jul 15, 2017Bitti €375
amazon list opening Our company are making import and marketing on Amazon, Ebay and other 17 eBay, Amazon Fire, Alibaba, Etsy Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Bitti €24
Amazon listing Create Amazon Listing 34 eBay, Amazon Fire, Alibaba, Etsy Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Bitti €301
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