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Need Creative Developer for Mobile App Let’s work together to make this beautiful. The developer needs to have experience with Alarm Clock, Timers and Push Notifications and Sound. I am a graphic designer. I want the app to be BEAUTIFUL and VERY FUNCTIONAL. I have already created a layout in Adobe Illustrator and a prototype in [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have done most ... 45 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch Oct 17, 2017 Bugün6g 19s €505
fix iPhone master slideshow and move menu icon fix iPhone master slideshow and move menu icon. Just basically optimize mobile. Just tow things only. 18 Mobile App Development, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Uygulama Geliştiricisi Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 20175s 35a €33
Smart Watch application and game I need to build a smartwatch and mobile game. It need to be able to send push notifications. Its is a game called red monkey green monkey. A player will invite friends to play and all watches will show a green monkey. Once the player that is in charge pushes a notification "Red Monkey" all players must stop and not move for 12 seconds. ( watch will count down) If they move t... 16 Mobile App Development, Oyun Tasarımı, Oyun Geliştirme, Apple Watch, Android Wear SDK Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €481
Mobile developer from only Europe Hi ! I am looking for someone who could develop a an prototype. Basically, objective is to record data from apple watch (including heart rate), process them and restitute them live in an iPhone app. Looking forward to discussing ! 24 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Swift, WatchKit, Apple Watch Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €551
facing some issue in andriod am facing small issue in my android project pls biid if you can start work right away ! 19 Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobil, Windows Phone, Apple Watch Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Bitti €24
Mobile development To build a mobile watch projector that has removable straps so it could be used as a projector. A projector camera/lens that has beat quality. With built in apps for storage, online sources, . And many more to make it stand out 7 Elektronik, Teknik Destek, Ürün Tasarımı, Apple Watch Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Bitti €6348
Migrate iphone whatsapp messages to android remotely access my laptop and migrate my iphone Whatsapp messages to Android. 2 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, iPad, Apple Watch Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017Bitti -
Apple watch app development -- 2 I an Apple App that can track lessons for fencers lesson and track agreed compensation. daily Attendance monthly compensation blocks of 10 athletes names, e mail, phone numbers pictures of athletes. i would like to have the other coaches in the club use it as well this app would deduct each time a student took a lesson and for the monthly students it would ask the student to renew for the ... 10 Mobile App Development, Apple Watch, Uygulama Tasarımcısı, Uygulama Geliştiricisi Sep 26, 2017 Sep 26, 2017Bitti €322
Android class It is necessary to write a class for Android. Which sends a NFC P2P NDEF messages and receives messages. And the instruction for using this class. 8 Mobile App Development, Android, Windows Mobil, Windows Phone, Apple Watch Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Bitti €37
Urgent help in fix android swich fragment my app must switch the fragment when it receive a paiement. it was working well, now my app put me back on main screen. need someone to fix that using TeamViewer asap 20 Mobile App Development, Android, Apple Watch, Uygulama Tasarımcısı, Uygulama Geliştiricisi Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017Bitti -
i want to add more option and fix some issues for my iOS push control panel ( i have attached screen shoots for the control panel ) i have a php control panel to push notification to both objective c and swift apps, this control panel register the devices tokens, i want to add the following to it : - Push by country - Push all - Send push to Newly register (not pushed before) - Send push by user language (language used on the iPhone or iPad) - Admin can see how muc... 20 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Swift, Apple Watch Sep 23, 2017 Sep 23, 2017Bitti €241
Build Apple application We will provide a detailed description of an Apple app that we would like created for us. 71 PHP, Mobile App Development, Apple Watch, Uygulama Tasarımcısı, Uygulama Geliştiricisi Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 2017Bitti €519
Watch app development I have an iphone app. I need to convert it to apple watch app. 9 WatchKit, Apple Watch Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 2017Bitti €147
Re-format report in Apple Pages I have a research report that I will finish writing tonight. I started by writing over a formatted document, but that screwed up the formatting. I worked with someone on creating a new template. He got as far as flowing in about 75% of the copy, but I still have one section to put in, one section to reformat and one section to write. I need to get this done in the 6-8 hours so only apply if you... 4 Apple Watch Sep 7, 2017 Sep 7, 2017Bitti €524
Build an Apple Watch, Tizen and Android Watch app We are seeking an Apple watch and an Android Watch app developer. You must have at least 5 years development experience and at least 1 year developing Apple Watch, Android Wear, Tizen. We expect you to have at least a live watch app that can demonstrate your ability. The watch app you will be developing is linked to an existing app, you will need the following functionalities - Recording tim... 9 Apple Watch, Android Wear SDK, Giyilebilir Chiazlar için Tizen SDK Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Bitti €12
.NET, iPhone, Swift, WatchKit, Apple Watch Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017Bitti
Create Apple Watch complication Hello, I’d like to have an apple watch complication that shows my current balance from my [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] account, a stock trading platform. Please let me know how much that will cost and how long it will take. Thanks 2 Apple Watch Jul 29, 2017 Jul 29, 2017Bitti €81
I've got a $100 to spend. Pitch me something. So I've got a $100 to spend. Pitch me something, share your idea, create something mind blowing and amazing. Most creative/interesting pitch wins. Only caveat is whatever you do we own 100%. 24 PHP, Grafik Tasarımı, Her şey Kabul, Görsel Sanatlar, Apple Watch Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 2017Bitti €119
iOS Developer Create a prototype as POC of frontend (not backend/API require), but must be able to store data on device for now. Includes some splash page animation, design look/feel minimalist but will involve maximising the touch/swipe capability. Primary function include sign up (emulate social connect), enrolment (3 section), profile centre, members area, about us, contact). Can provide: mock up logo, data... 76 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Yazılım Geliştirme, Apple Watch Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Bitti €429
An expert on apple trees and all the problems A summer prune and dealind with various problems 2 Apple Watch Jul 8, 2017 Jul 8, 2017Bitti €165
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