Audio Ads are a great way to make a memorable impact on your audience. From recordings of corporate messages, to podcast intros, outros and interstitials, the possibilities with Audio Ads are limitless. An Audio Ads Producer uses thei professional skills and experience to create interesting, engaging audio experiences that provide both an emotional response as well as an informational one.

Audio Ads Producers use cutting-edge technology, professional equipment and modern software to create compelling audio pieces tailored to each specific project. With years of experience in music production and audio engineering, our Audio Ads Producers are equipped with the technical know-how to provide your audience with an unforgettable sound that leaves its mark.

Here's some projects our expert Audio Ads Producers made real:

  • Virtual Assistant work crafting custom audio clips in multiple languages
  • Creating promotional video documentaries with professional voiceovers in many languages
  • Producing unique intros for Podcasts
  • Broadcast audio recordings for corporate/brand messages
  • Recording voiceover for tutorials
  • Making phone calls in Portuguese
  • And many more!

At we pride ourselves on being able to connect our clients with experienced Audio Ads Producers who can create whatever they can dream of. Whether you are looking for a corporate audio message or an attention grabbing ad that leaves a lasting impression, there is an Audio Ads Producer that can make it happen! So don't wait - post a project today on and hire an experienced Audio Ads Producer today!

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    I am looking for a talented female vocalist to join my project and help create the perfect soundscape for my upcoming rock/indie album. The ideal candidate will have a strong vocal range and an ability to evoke a wide range of emotions through their singing. The style of music I'm aiming for is fairly eclectic, drawing from indie, rock and electronica. The project has no time limit and there are no expectations other than the highest performances. If you possess the talent and passion for music that I'm looking for please don't hesitate to apply. I'm eager to hear your amazing vocal range and cannot wait for us to make great music together. Applicants need to be based in Ireland as we will be recording in Kilkenny.

    €18 - €36 / hr
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    €18 - €36 / hr
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