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Wooden Shelf for Whole Foods Monkey Rum Display Monkey Rum is an award-winning, barrel-aged Caribbean rum. Aged in the Caribbean and bottled in the US, Monkey Rum is the world’s first bottle designed to be recycled into glassware. We need a shelf built that will fit into a space in a shelf in Whole Foods. Please see the brief for details. The dimensions of the shelf are: 22.24 across x 20.75 Depth: 6 inch Shelf Specs: * 20in x 20... 4 Konsept Tasarımı, İnşaat, Marangozluk, Tamirci Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 20175g 21s €114
Hire a Website Designer a property maintenance webpage 0 Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Web Hosting, İnşaat Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 20171s 41a -
Build a under construction landing page i just need a simple under construction landing page with all the info logo and contact us form to be made and uploading on to my hosting of word press. 39 PHP, İnşaat Mimarisi, HTML, İnşaat, Yapı Tasarımcısı Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Bitti €20
Plumbing, swap hot and cold push fit leads under a bath. swap hot and cold push fit leads under a bath. 1 İnşaat, Sıhhi Tesisat Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Bitti €223
Logo For Commercial Construction Company New original logo needed for a commercial construction company. Unlimited samples with unlimited revisions included in all bids. Make sure to send example work of your best work. May take some time to get the final logo draft approved by the client, this understanding is part of your bid. $30 - $40 50 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı, İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat, Yapı Tasarımcısı Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Bitti €47
new construction floor plans I want to have clean floor plans from the attached construction plans (no dimensional lines) and I want a clean colorized version of the attached front elevation of the home (just front not sides and back 81 İnşaat Mimarisi, AutoCAD, İnşaat, Yapı Tasarımcısı Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Bitti €15
Construction Service APP - Similary UBER we need to develop an application of services of construction, for example painting of walls, change of ceramics, gasfiteria. The business model of this application is similar to UBER with many suppliers and commission fee for work. We need a Freelancer with experience in application development and examples of something similar. 74 Mobile App Development, İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat, Yapı Tasarımcısı, Uygulama Tasarımcısı Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Bitti €2139
Hire a Design Builder and EnergyPlus Expert I need an expert in Design Builder and EnergyPlus (Preferably an Industrial Engineer or an architect) for simulations and different energy and buildings modelings. Message me for details, 2 Endüstriyel Tasarım, İnşaat Mimarisi, Enerji, İnşaat Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Bitti €211
Residential work Looking for carpenters and plasterers for hire to work with our company 0 İnşaat, Marangozluk Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Bitti -
Construction / civil works contractor acquisition advisory I am planning to acquire an construction/excavation/demolition company and require expert help for the due diligence process. I am looking for someone with broad experience in the contracting industry, in particular on the sales, legal, cost management and HR aspects of the business. This is not a large acquisition so my budget is small. I am a financial expert so marginal knowledge of such aspect... 0 Proje Yönetimi, İnşaat Mühendisliği, Yapı Denetimi, İnşaat, Genel İşci Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Bitti -
construction accountant Seti up construction accounting software and bookkeeping 21 İnşaat, Muhasebecilik Sep 23, 2017 Sep 23, 2017Bitti €338
General Labour / out of hours work I managed a portfolio of properties in and around central bath area. I am looking for a handyman / Handy person who is able to build furniture, wall paper / paint / carry out general maintenance. You will need to drive and have your own transport, be reliabe and flexible with hours. 0 İnşaat, Sıhhi Tesisat, Genel İşci Sep 18, 2017 BugünBitti -
Build a customer portal, with the possibility to upload Excel files for the required data. I would like to fix an website, where people can log in with their own private credentials and retrieve certain data by searching in search fields and by clicking on certain area’s on the page. I have an Excelsheet with this data which I would like to be able to upload this daily, so that people can retrieve this information by login in. It has to look as professional as the website i... 3 İnşaat Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Bitti €231
Derive bill of materials with quantities The project is to create a BILL OF MATERIALS (with quantities) from a) already existing architectural drawings b) invoices from a prior similar project. This will be a complete list of all materials needed to build the house - steel, hardiboard, wood floors, cabinets et al. The build will take place in Vietnam, thus these materials will be in context to what is generally available ... 10 İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat, Yapı Danışmanları, Yapı Tasarımcısı Sep 13, 2017 Sep 13, 2017Bitti €14
mata pita construction civil,electrical,mechanichal and manpower supply. 6 İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat, Yapı Tasarımcısı, Yiddish Sep 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017Bitti €323
double storey duplex concept stage Hi, I've designed a double storey duplex (around 30sqs each) that i need to get estimated to get a rough idea of building costs, at the moment i do not need the internals costs, just external site/building/material costs. thanks 1 İnşaat, Yapı Danışmanları Sep 5, 2017 Sep 5, 2017Bitti €675
California Registered Building Architect needed Hi, I'm looking for a California Registered Building Architect. Different drawing have to be made like Architecture Design and working drawings ( floor plans, elevations, roof plans, sections, details and title 24 energy Calc's), Structure Design and structure Calc's, Electrical Design, Energy Calc's. If you can not make some of the drawing that is fine but need to be Cal... 1 İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Bitti €42
Sealed Open Bidding/ Auction We are looking for assistance to build our website/applicate. The website/application is targeted for the international development sector that focuses on sealed bidding with open competition. We are envisioning a website/application that is a streamlined platform for the development sector to advertise their commodities and service needs to the world while at the same time enabling sellers the... 4 İnşaat, Web Sitesi Tasarımı Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Bitti €21
Refurb houese Refurb the house 0 İnşaat Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Bitti -
Drawings for a DA I need some graphic design. I need drawings for a cafe/cake shop. Which I can then lodge with council for a DA (development application) 11 İnşaat, Yapı Belgelendiricileri, Yapı Danışmanları, Yapı Tasarımcısı, Tasarım Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Bitti €267
Price a Building Estimate with Labor & Material Rates for USA project I need a Construction Estimator to price an Estimate with labor and material rates. Estimate is already done. You only need to price the items. You should be familiar with item rates in different states of the USA. Please don't bid if you are not familiar with USA rates. I need this quickly 0 İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat, Yapı Danışmanları, Yapı Tasarımcısı, Yapılar için Bilirkişiler Aug 26, 2017 Aug 26, 2017Bitti -
Quantity Surveying Sundowner This project is in various stages and for two clients The property owners - Hard cash quote Lessee - four stage cost plus See below[url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 0 İnşaat, Yapı Danışmanları, Yapılar için Bilirkişiler Aug 22, 2017 Aug 22, 2017Bitti -
Think of a website name for my domain Help me come up with a name for my website, we purchase smartphones like [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın], if you see one below let me know or let me know if you think of one, if you are able to suggest a new one I will pay you $5 [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek iç... 3 Logo Tasarımı, İnşaat Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Bitti €4
Plastering wall - joining and sanding Looking for a qualified plasterer for a small cash job. Have added an interior wall 3mx3m approx. We have screwed the plasterboard on but need someone to join and sand. I have photos of the wall available. 0 İnşaat Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Bitti -
Fast building job offer for designers, developers, programmists and house architects. Responsibilities: - Searching for good point for building estate on a river. You can choose between USA and Canada - Designing and adding details to new penthouse estate on the river. I'm attaching sketch of such estate. More details you will add - more clients will be satisfied (like bridges, boats, smartglasses,off grid solar installation, hain system, floor heating system, grass on roof ... 0 Android, İnşaat Mimarisi, PCB Düzen, 3B Tasarım, İnşaat Aug 14, 2017 Aug 14, 2017Bitti -
Construction Estimator - Virtual Virtual Project - Basic Requirements for this job: 1) You have to be able to read English. All of our Specifications are written in PDFS and are in the English language. 2) You must know how to read specifications and understand construction Architectural plans (blueprints). 3) Good communication skills and being reliable. 4) Familiar with doing "take offs" (counting data) from construct... 3 Veri Girişi, Mühendislik, Excel, İnşaat Mimarisi, İnşaat Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017Bitti €113
Building Construction Report In an essay format prepare and explain the following The building being used has 5 levels a: • Lower underground car park • Ground floor which is the entry point also has a café • Level 1 which is 4 offices • Level 2 which are 4 apartments • Level 3 which is the plantroom The building is in Carlton Melbourne VIC • Methods used to connect main d... 1 Rapor Yazma, İnşaat Mühendisliği, Yapısal Mühendislik, İnşaat, Yapı Danışmanları Aug 10, 2017 Aug 10, 2017Bitti €170
Manual J Heat Load Calculations We are looking to sub contract our Manual J Heat Load calculations to expedite our current projects. 1 İnşaat, Yapı Belgelendiricileri, Yapı Danışmanları, Yapılar için Bilirkişiler Aug 3, 2017 Aug 3, 2017Bitti €471
Create an Animation i want to create a 2 min vidio animation design of a building it should show the building from differnet angles. and later i would like to add some ready made vidio clips to make it complete. i am sharing a vidio clip which shows exactly how i want the design ,i need the part where building is shown from various angle not the interiors. [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek içi... 10 İnşaat Mimarisi, Animasyon, 3D Animasyon, İnşaat Jul 28, 2017 Jul 28, 2017Bitti €815
I would like to hire a Carpenter Carpenter needed for historic home remodel along Wyoming / Montana border. Job will include rebuild staircase, close door and install window, install french doors to back of house, possibly install shelving or closet space in bedroom, shower installation with tile (x 2 bathrooms), completely new kitchen. Workers can live in home while working - functional electric, water, furnace, hot water heater... 0 Yapı Denetimi, İnşaat, Marangozluk Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Bitti -
bulidingil uwimana it should be in Rwanda in Rubavu district 5 İnşaat, Boyama, Growth Hacking Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Bitti €517
Minecraft Builders, Terraformers and CommandBlocks/Redstone developers We are developing content for the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, and require builders and terraformers to create a 1000x1000 world based on our specifications, as well as commandblocks/redstone developers to implement logic. Work depends on signing an NDA, therefore only apply if you are 18 years or older than 18 years 5 İnşaat Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Bitti €7
Construction estimating Produce a cost estimate for interior finishes work, based on specifications and drawings, or bills of quantity, submit price proposal, follow-up to ascertain competitiveness of the offer. 1 İnşaat Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Bitti €444
Help me with my business I need some help with my business. 0 Veri Girişi, İnşaat Mimarisi, İşletme Planları, İnşaat, Yapılar için Bilirkişiler Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Bitti -
Go Kart Two Seats I want a go kart with a electric engine with 2 seats and has a speed limit 1 İnşaat, Tasarım Jul 8, 2017 Jul 8, 2017Bitti €26
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