In marketing, corporate identity refers to the personality of a corporation or business designed to achieve its business objectives. It involves the use of branding techniques. Corporate identity involves developing suitable title or slogan, logo and logo type and other supporting stuff like corporate stationery. There are freelancers who can do corporate identity design and development work for your business. To hire such freelancers, simply post your job here today! Corporate Identity Consultants İşe Alın


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    I'm looking for a creative logo design that communicates the product's unique feature. The design would need to be aesthetically pleasing and clear, regardless of the output (i.e. letterhead, laser etched on a variety of materials, thermal diecut decals, etc.) With that main design goal acheiived, additional consideration for 2 or 3 color use can be given. (but not necessary). Unless you have an outstanding alternative, the logo should comfortably fit in a 2:1 area. The logo is for a branded line of patent pending headwear that protect the head from low velocity impacts. Since the products, at first glance, appear to look the same as the traditional version of these headwear products with no protection, the logo design should communicate to the consumer that this headwear has th...

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    Celebrations VI is a brand that offers professional photography company located in the Virgin Islands (where the VI comes from). The logo needs to be modern, fresh, attractive, and usable on all marketing tools, like shirts, business cards, signs, pens, websites, social media, etc. Please no Microsoft Word Clip Art or other Clip Art. Any clip art logos will be AUTOMATICALLY rejected.

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    Create a Juice Bar Menu with 8 Different Blend sections. Each Blend section should be a mini-menu of its own. Each Blend (Mini-menu) will be in its own frame on the wall. Please see attached picture. Each frame mini-menu should be unique but related to smoothies, fun and beautiful design. Also attached is the 8 different blends for the 8 mini menus with their prices..

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    Trophy icon Milli coffee shop 6 gün left

    I want design for this bottle Its for (cold black coffee + cold coffee with milk ) This is sample I make design but I don’t like it

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    Trophy icon The Quicky Project 4 gün left

    This is a contest to design the Amazon product page graphics For the Quicky 10 speed Kegel Vibrator The goal is to Outperform the product page shown below: Important to highlight: - Top quality Silicone - 10 speed variable motions - Rechargeable - Waterproof -Wireless remote included Ive included the Product packaging and some graphics to Start with, I really want the graphics to give the feeling of vibrating motion as well

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    Trophy icon Where Ya Bin Logo 6 gün left

    I am looking for a brand-worthy logo that will be used for a chain of retail stores. They are discount retail stores that use a plastic bin with wheels to put liquidated merchandise in from Amazon. Items that can be found in our stores include but are not limited to general merchandise, health & beauty, pet food & accessories, electronics, household goods, clothing, and food & drinks. Our pricing model is one set price for each day and descends throughout the entire week until Thursday, so essentially we liquidate and sell over 20,000 items out of each unit every single week. I would like to have something that is eye-catch but simple but also depicts our concept. The colors were looking to use are Black, White, and Royal Blue. The image attached are the bins we use to put ou...

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    Trophy icon Brochure Amendment 2 gün left

    I need the attached brochure to be redone with 1Fuel logo and wording. The end document needs to be in PDF format. Attached is the 1Fuel logo. 1Fuel Group Tel: 1300 722 673 sales@

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    Trophy icon Build me a new Business Card 5 gün left

    Build me a new Business Card with the same content as the attached one. I would like to have new ideas but in general please keep the dark/black design with gold font.

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    Trophy icon Create a secondary Logo 3 gün left

    I want a simpler version of the attached logo for my business, Midlife runners paradise, so that I can use it to print it on my products. The challenge is that the secondary logo should have a connection to the primary logo i.e. display the same brand identity but should be much simpler

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    Company Name : TI Solutions ( ti Solutions) Company is an agency that deals with workflow automations, web design and development, Email Management and Server Management Open to different design concepts, logo should look professional / modern and simplistic

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    Trophy icon Create a business sticker 1 gün left

    company name : Dapur Queen phone number : +6017-6067189 Original Resipi Terengganu Product : Nasi Dagang, Nasi Minyak, Nasi Beriani Give me a good, beautiful and simple with combination of red, yellow and attractive colour

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    Trophy icon design brochure 8/11 folded once 5 gün left

    Nice eye catchy colorful bochure 8/11 paper folded horizontally twice. Sorry for the title, it is not folded once, it should be twice. See attached example All files and instructions are on this google doc:

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    FRUNATURA es una empresa española, nueva, joven, productora y distribuidora de frutas exóticas, especialmente aguacates, piña, mango, lima y bananas. Queremos transmitir imagen de frutas frescas, de calidad, exóticas, tropicales, sanas, naturales, selectas. De momento, en este primer concurso queremos el diseño del logo e imagen de la empresa, y del material corporativos (tarjetas comerciales, folios DIN A4, sobres y un fondo de pantalla para el pc). Quien sea seleccionado como ganador, prevemos encargarle el diseño de la web, cajas de frutas, etiquetas, camiones, etc. y lo pagaremos aparte, con precio negociado. Empresas similares en actividad, competencia directa de FRUNATURA son: ¡Ayúdanos creando la imagen de empresa d...

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    Trophy icon calmfinite - 26/06/2022 10:33 EDT 4 gün left

    I want a logo and brand identity for A brand that selling high-end health clothing (Scrub, Lab coat). Combine elegance and comfort

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    Trophy icon Cbd pharma 4 gün left

    Chain of Cbd stores , need a very profesional medical grade logo for our stores, cbd is the medical component of cannabis. We need a logo that can be used for our packaging ñ, labels and signs, colors we like are silver, black , but open to options . Green cross used at pharmacies is a must.

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    i need business cards and letter heads done for company KOSI CHEMICALS other companies to be included on back of cards trentek pt ltd alpha group shanduka tech zama skyman switch group location: johannesburg and durban contact details : mobile 0795229357 Director

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    (Edit : name of the company is Labanee . The bottle will be see through ) Edit 2 :I noticed people only sending a logo this isn't what I want please read the description I'm starting a small dairy company for cultured milk products . 1. I need a logo 2.i need a design for the bottle label 3. I need a design for the bottle it's self As a professional suggest for me the sizes for large medium and small (ie 1.5 liter) . We are still brainstorming this but hope you can help us how it will be designed The main theme behind it is as follows Camel based milk Cultured/fermented/probiotic milk Fenugreek added to enhance flavour Organic Plant based biodegradable bottle (eco-friendly) (Shake before use) This must be a full label which also includes the nutritional bre...

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    Trophy icon Word Design on the packaging box 3 gün left

    Graphic Design Name: NAS LONDON **Make sure NAS is on the top and LONDON at the bottom Word only, the icon is not needed Please make sure that the file can be provided in PDF/AI/CDR The box is in black and the word are in white please design on the box and write Made in China at the back This box is designed for watch band Style should be innovative, minimalist and classy

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    Trophy icon Sales Brochure 19 saat left

    I need someone to "re design" our sales brochure... this is the one we currently have.. I want to keep all the info but the design part of it want more clean maybe not so dark... the top right anniversary emblem needs be updated that's a few years old and I do have an updated one that says 31 years

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    Trophy icon Logo and corporate identity 2 gün left

    Hello I need a logo and full corporate identity for a boxing tournament. The name of the company is Pro Boxing Tour -NO gloves into the logo -Need logo with full name, another one with achronym (PBT) and also another one with both together. -Fonts for letters and website (Will need website). -Full corporate identity

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    Trophy icon Create Company Logo (FCC) 5 gün left

    I need a creative yet professional logo for a consulting website. Company Name: Consulting Website: 1. Logo and colors should fit within this template replacing the "BizUp" template logo 2. Logo and colors should contrast well against a black background 3. Submissions with black backgrounds will be priority consideration

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    Company name: Pearl Slogan: Resume Service Our main business is creating resumes

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    Trophy icon Label and product packaging design 2 gün left

    I need label and product packaging deign for my online store M/s Sajeel.

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    Rebranding for brand identity we have design a new logo and we need to redesign the following 1- Buisness Card 2- Letter Head 3- Folder 4- Bag 5- 5 carton package design ( carton design must show the dates type and weight ) attached the new logo and the old carton design we need design like that output files AI + PSD + CARTON CUTTING TEMPLATES DATA TO BE ADDED ON THE CARTON DESIGN TO BE TAKEN FROM THE OLD ONE

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    I would like to have a logo design with branding design of adds templates uniform, stationary and overall theme of the project that is for the project called " ESSENCE " for woman personal care and beauty. SO WHAT REQUIRED THE FOLLWOING: - Logo - Corporate Identity including corporate theme, overall used colors, salon theme, uniform , stationary, templates for services menu and social marketing adds

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    Trophy icon Logo store front sign 1 gün left

    NV KITCHEN DEPOT CABINET FLOORING STONE Or use NV as logo letters Building material store sales flooring cabinet and stone

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    Trophy icon 3rd Degree Burns 8 gün left

    I am making Organic Soy Wax Candles. The company name is 3rd Degree Burns. I am looking for a simple but classy logo that will work on the sides of candle jars.

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    We Want an Advertisement for ServoHeat Hamam for month June n July for marketing in North India. Normally we market the product in September, October, means onset of winter.. But currently the climate is very cold unexpectedly, so we can create a campaign with a concept revolving around tags like, “Feeling a winter chill in summers, Get a ServoHeat Installed within 48Hours” etc. Kindly go through Page no 8 - Page no 16 on the attached file “ServoHeat Latest Summary”, to get a robust understanding of what the product is all about. Also attached are a few Older Advertizement Designs. KINDLY NOTE THAT THE NEW ADDS MUST BE DIFFERENT & BETTER THAN THE EXISTING ONES. Also a point worth consideration is that if u meet our expectations then we got a lot of work f...

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    Hola, buen día. Ocupo un diseño para mi proyecto que trata sobre posicionar el vino mexicano Marca: Enotitlán Slogan: México tierra de vinos Me gustaría un imagotipo estilizado fácil de usar para página web. Con la imagen con bastante fuerza visual. Favor de considerar para el diseño, elementos gráficos que hagan alusión al vino como un racimo u hoja de vid y otro elemento distintivo mexicano como una pirámide, penacho o calendario. El diseño debe hacer referencia al vino mexicano. El diseño se utilizará en el sitio web, artículos promocionales, etc. Lo ocupo vectorizado, con fondo transparente y para imprimir. Excelente día y muchas gracias.

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    Trophy icon I need a DL size marketing brochure 11 gün left

    I need a format design for the front page of a DL format brochure 99mm x 210mm. The business is a horse care training school, so there should be some horse images used. The type of training is about putting on saddles and looking after the horse, so there shouldn't be any horse riding images used. The logo is attached. The title format of the first course is: ACM20221 Certificate II in Horse Care The title needs to be able to be changed (the document needs to be a template so that it can be modified for each course).

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    Trophy icon Need A Name for my App 8 gün left

    Hello Everyone, I need unique name for my App. I am not in need of any Domain. So please submit only name Ideas (Please do not mention any domain availability in your entry). Name Should be short (Maximum 6 Letters) and Name with up to 10 letters is accepted if the name sounds very good. Name should be easy to read / Pronounce App is for -- Drawing / Simple Designing / Creating Simple Art with following features - • “ELEMENTS (such as “LINES, CONNECTORS, SHAPES, ARROWS, STARS” etc) • Many COLOURS (User can even “CUSTOM COLOURS”) • PENS (with Different thickness) • ERASER / UNDO / REDO / DELETE option • EFFECTS (such as “ ANGLE, EDGE, SHADOW, REFLECTION, GLOW, 3D&rdqu...

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    Trophy icon Criação de Logomarca 19 saat left

    Empresa da área de moda praia, para apaixonados pelo mar e praticas esportivas ligadas ao mar, como remo, canoa havaiana (Va'a ou Wa'a), stand-up paddle, surf, surf sky, bodyboard, veleiro, wakebord, kitesurf, e tudo que remeter o litoral, a preservação da fauna e flora aquatica, uma marca que passe lifestyle, preservação, conscientização, produtos sustentaveis e por ai vai. Em um primeiro momento estou olhando para a moda considerada pós praia, uma camiseta de algodão, bone, e futuramente, com aderencia da marca, ai iremos para bermudas, material "lycras", bikinis e coisas do tipo. O nome da marca sera "Hip Hoe" (Hip é um grito de guerra dentro da canoa havaiana e o Hoe significa remo na l...

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    We are new startup in the Gulf Region for Graphene Engineering and Nano Product Manufacturing. We are seeking someone that we can help us with the below... Our Logo should be similar a Logo of Graphene & UAE Logo 2022. A mix of both logo's. Word & PowerPoint Proposal Template with Similar Color and Design of above logo More information on Graphene

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    Trophy icon Social Media Templates 10 gün left

    Hi Everyone, Attached our Logo and some of our stationary designs. We want to have a Full design for OUR: 1- Twitter account (Logo + Theme) 2- Instagram account (logo + Theme) 3- Facebook logo + Theme 4- WhatsApp logo 5- LinkedIn logo + Theme Designs must be stylish, elegant and very attractive

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