HetNet Access Point Installation Jobs

HetNet Access Point Installation is an emerging technology that integrates multiple layers of access points into the same network, making it possible for mobile devices to remain connected as they transition between access points. It is becoming a popular way to improve mobile coverage in densely populated areas with multiple cellular towers and a significant number of users. A RAN Integration Engineer is essential in order to set up and maintain a HetNet network, ensuring that the entire network works together to provide reliable coverage.

Here’s some projects that our expert RAN Integration Engineer made real:

  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with a HetNet deployment for a government organization
  • Installing, configuring and integrating new Access Point devices into an existing HetNet
  • Evaluating HetNet performance on multiple antennas
  • Performing daily post install validation tests
  • Optimizing Access Point performance with radio configuration settings

At Freelancer.com our RAN Integration Engineers have extensive experience in developing, deploying and optimizing HetNet services. Our clients have achieved high levels of success with their projects and have found the right freelancer for the job on Freelancer.com. We invite you to post your own project and hire one of our experienced RAN Integration Engineers today to bring your project to life.

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