Icon design is an important component of a comprehensive brand identity. Icon design creates symbols and small images that are used to identify many different types of businesses, products, services, and media items. Icon designers use their creative skills to create eye-catching designs that screen well on both physical products and digital services. By having an Icon Designer create distinctive, high quality images that are easy to recognize and recognize across all platforms, a business can create a strong presence that is recognizable amongst their customers.

An expert Icon Designer has the technical and creative skill set needed to work along side clients to produce customised high quality vector icons, logos and branding icons, layouts for apps or websites, readable in different sizes and design mockups, that are optimized for effective communication and result in customer satisfaction.

Here’s some projects that our expert Icon Designers made real:

  • Conceptualising logos to represent particular companies
  • Creating imaginative illustrations that can represent stories
  • Enhancing customer experience through intuitive interaction with mobile apps
  • Developing icons with transperant backgrounds for webpages, social media or other applications
  • Embellishing videos with graphical elements for a greater impact
  • Designing attractive billboard/print adverts

We at Freelancer.com strive to offer the best opportunities to help businesses achieve their design goals and establish a unique brand identity. Our talented icon designers will provide you with top of the line graphic designs tailored specifically towards your preferences. So if you're looking for the perfect icon designer for any type of project, post your project in Freelancer.com and access countless topnotch professionals ready to help you bring your vision into reality.

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a modern, clean, and catchy logo for my delivery app called "Bring". The logo should primarily be black, with some yellow and white accents. I am open to suggestions and don't have any specific symbols or icons in mind, so I'm looking for a designer who can provide creative input and come up with unique ideas. The desired tone or message of the logo should be fun and modern, reflecting the dynamic nature of the app and its target audience. The Uber logo looks good. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in logo design and branding - Strong creative and conceptual thinking - Ability to create visually appealing and memorable designs - Understanding of modern design trends - Ability to work colla...

    €38 (Avg Bid)
    518 girdi

    I am looking for a designer to create a logo and icon for my brand Herconic. A bit about the brand: Herconic, a fusion of 'Icon' and 'Her', is a premier coaching and personal growth company dedicated to empowering ambitious female entrepreneurs to realize they are their own icons, equipped with everything they need. Through tailored coaching, resources, and wellness supplements, Herconic paves the way for these entrepreneurs to craft successful online businesses, achieve financial freedom, and establish enduring legacies for their families. Name: Herconic Style: I envision an elegant, rich, luxurious but minimal design for the logo and icon. When people see the brand I want them to think BILLION DOLLAR BRAND. Colours: Black, White Or GOLD - The logo must be deli...

    €42 (Avg Bid)
    340 girdi

    We are a dispatch company looking to launch our rideshare/taxi App. We are looking for branding, i.e. someone to design our logo both horizontal and vertical. A creative, outstanding but modern and professional looking. Eye catching.

    €236 (Avg Bid)
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    973 girdi

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a brand/logo for my veterinary clinic located in South London. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating modern and innovative designs that convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. The clinic is on a high street with a Requirements: - Create a logo that incorporates the name of the veterinary clinic - Brockwell Vets or Brockwell Veterinary Surgery - Use colors that reflect a modern and innovative vibe - colours using hex 529A79/87A7A8/8AAA9B/C3A06B/6C9582 (these colours are suggestions) - The logo should convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness, while also being friendly and welcoming. The logo should be suitable for large display as a reverse decal on the store front. Skills and Experience: - Stron...

    €201 (Avg Bid)
    797 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo for my resturant 5 gün left

    I am looking for a classic style logo for my restaurant. I am open to suggestions for the colors of the logo, so feel free to be creative. I would like the logo to include both text and an icon. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in creating classic style logos - Strong understanding of color theory and the ability to suggest appropriate colors for the logo - Proficiency in designing both text and icons for a cohesive logo design

    €19 (Avg Bid)
    153 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo Concept for LCARDI LIMITED: 18 gün left

    Elements to Include: Initials "L" and "C" interlinked or placed near each other A graphical element that represents business development, such as a growing bar graph or a series of interconnected nodes A small icon that signifies technology or software, like a cogwheel or a pixelated cloud Color Scheme: Blues for trust and professionalism Accents of gray for neutrality and balance Font Style: Clean, modern sans-serif fonts for legibility and a contemporary feel Overall Aesthetic: Minimalistic, with a focus on making the company appear trustworthy, innovative, and forward-looking

    €57 (Avg Bid)
    591 girdi

    I am seeking a talented logo designer to create a unique and eye-catching logo for my creative/social media agency, Mative. The primary color scheme I have in mind is black and white, as I want the logo to have a sleek, clean, and modern look. The logo should consist of the name "MATIVE" (Caps or Lowercase or mix is fine) And the "M" as a logo icon. If possible incorporate the tagline "Creative Agency" but not necessary! Please BE CREATIVE!! NO STOCK VECTORS / ICONS!! I will need the source files containing editable files in the final deliverables. If that is not provided then I will not proceed with the handover! Thank you! PS: attached you will find the old logo. DONT RECREATE IT! B

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    616 girdi

    WINGTOPIA is a Deep South (North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Florida & Louisiana) themed, fried & BBQ chicken styled Fast Food RESTAURANT. Wingtopia is looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo for our new product line, FarmHouse Crispy Fried Chicken. The logo should effectively communicate the following main ideas and themes: Deep South of America, Fresh, Homemade, Rustic, and Premium Quality that is in line with a Fast Food style. We have provided some examples of what other fast food stores have done as a 'guide' only. Specifically, the logo should be designed as a text and icon combination. This means that the logo should include both text and a visually appealing icon that captures the essence of our p...

    €36 (Avg Bid)
    145 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo Design 4 gün left

    The business is called Safe App. App requires a custom graphic. Text only logos will be rejected. Background: Safe App is a cutting-edge application that empowers users to create JSA (Job Safety Analysis) assessments ,conduct Site Inductions and more workplace safety actions efficiently, aiming to reinforce safety and awareness in various workplaces. Objective: We are looking for a minimalistic yet striking logo that embodies the core values and functionality of Safe App. The logo should include an icon and incorporate modern color schemes to portray the app as a contemporary and essential tool for ensuring workplace safety. Logo Requirements: Style: Minimalistic Elements: Should feature an icon that reflects the app’s purpose and functionality for example a hardhat. Colours: ...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    457 girdi
    Trophy icon Premium Tech Company Logo 8 saat left

    Premium Tech Company Logo Company Name is: Research Laundry We are premium, referral only exclusive work. Colors: - Silver - Black - White Symbols or Icons: - Incorporate a laundry machine or representation of a laundry machine Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Logo design - Creativity in incorporating symbols or icons - Experience in designing for tech companies

    €34 (Avg Bid)
    380 girdi
    Trophy icon Design 2D poker chip game icon 4 gün left

    I want to create a 2D front facing poker chip for use in a mobile game. The style needs to be quite cartoony and vibrant. I will need different colours but for now just submitting my one colour is fine. The style of the chip needs to be cartoony but with the right shading too, please see the images attached for reference. I want the style of the fruit icons but in the format of the new 2D chip

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    35 girdi

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a business logo for me. Logo Type: - I am looking for a combination of text and icon in my logo design. Business Name: CompuDepot Business Type: Computer Parts Reseller. Specific Images or Icons: - I am not sure about any specific images or icons that I want incorporated into my logo. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong design skills with experience in creating combination logos - Knowledge of color theory and the ability to create visually appealing designs using cool colors - Ability to work with minimal direction and incorporate various elements into the logo design - Attention to detail and the ability to create a professional and unique logo design If you have the skills and experience to create a visually appealing combinat...

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    100 girdi

    I'm looking for a virtual designer to help me with creating virtual sobriety coins for an online only 12 step fellowship. One for 30 days, 90 days 6 mo, and 9 mo. The coins should be made any 4 basic colors. The coins should be three dimensional in appearance and we would like the coin to spin and then slow to an inscription CAFAA with the time periods beneath and One Day at a Time written around the edge. I am in the research and planning phase of possibly adopting virtual coins for this 12 step fellowship and would need to get a quote and example to bring to our board of directors for approval. If this sounds like a project you can handle, please contact me and provide an accurate quote.

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    10 girdi
    Trophy icon Create an icon for a logo 3 gün left

    Logo is already done (attached). Make a “RX” icon using the R and X from the existing logo. *** Do not change the font *** I just need the RX icon only!

    €24 (Avg Bid)
    Garantili Mühürlü
    155 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo design for poker app 3 gün left

    Hi, I’m looking for a logo for new poker app called ‘pineapple poker’ or ‘pineapple poker club’. I need a logo which is image only, image + text or text only. It will be used in my mobile app / on the center of playing cards. SVG + PNG formats are required (in multiple sizes + original psd/ai source file)

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    Garantili Mühürlü
    103 girdi

    My client wants a new modern logo for his company. Company Name : "BROUGE Créations" Activity : tailor-made clothing There must be 2 different fonts : - For the word "BROUGE" you are free to choose whatever you like - For the word "Creations" must be written in a handwritten typeface Colors to be used : - RED for "BROUGE" - BLACK for "Créations" you can add an icon if you like ! Please make proposals. All suggestions are welcome ! Thank you !

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    363 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo for the new venture 16 saat left

    Brand Name: DARLING MOMO We are embarking on an exciting project called "Darling Momo" where we are creating a new logo for a fast food restaurant concept specializing in delicious momos. The project aims to establish a visually appealing and memorable logo that represents the essence of the brand and its unique fusion of flavors. The logo should be exciting, fun and vibrant

    €60 (Avg Bid)
    458 girdi
    Trophy icon logo for a movie production company 23 saat left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a vintage-style logo for my movie production company called Stop Smoke N' Die Productions the tag line is "We are here to entertain". The logo should capture the name of my company and maybe a graphic of smoking, cigarette or something of that nature. This is the youtube page for inspiration: @StopSmokeDie Requirements: - The logo should be vintage in style, with a timeless and classic feel. - The client will provide the name of the movie production company. - The client is open to color suggestions, so the designer can use their creativity to choose the most suitable colors for the logo. - The logo should be able to work well in both color and black and white. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing prev...

    €102 (Avg Bid)
    229 girdi
    Trophy icon Logo Design for Company 12 saat left

    I am looking for a logo design for my new enterprise. The logo should have a minimalistic style. I have specific colors in mind that I would like to incorporate into the design. I am open to suggestions for the color scheme, but I would prefer cool/warm tones. Company name : Liffy Company icon : Rocket ? Style text logo combined with icon in text Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating logos for new businesses - Strong understanding of minimalistic design principles - Ability to work with specific color schemes - Creative and innovative approach to logo design

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    214 girdi

    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a combination of text and icon logo for my project. I am open to suggestions regarding the color scheme, but it should match the image provided. The ideal style for the logo would be minimalist. I have an image that I would want to base the logo from. I want the letters "CLT" replaced with "CLFD". The crown I would like to be replaced with a star that goes with the style of the logo. Logo is for children's clothing. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing combination logos - Proficiency in creating minimalist designs - Ability to work with open-ended color schemes - Strong understanding of visual branding and logo design principles

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    345 girdi

    name of the Software = Gemport modern logodesign with a icon

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    740 girdi

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