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Italian is the of the official languages of Italy and is also used all over the world.
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translate 10 articles from English to Italian Hi, Need someone who understands the forex niche to translate 10 articles from English to Italian. Will provide articles upon selection, and will ask for a sample translation of part of my article. 10 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 19, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €17
Translator from English to Italian for Italian native speaker We are looking for a Italian native speaker to translate our product description from English to Italian. Candidate should have very good knowledge of both the following languages with minimum 3 years of experience in written translation and native or bilingual Italian. 29 Çeviri, Danca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €56
English to Italian Marketing Content Translation I need someone for a translation from English to Italian asap. It is a marketing material (email body). The content is about IT (GDPR). The length is around 1k words. Please don't apply if you are from Africa or Asia. Thank you. 48 Çeviri, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20185g 18s €308
Wordpress author. Mainly translations (Italian->English) Hello there, I own an Italian tech related blog (product reviews, shop infos, how to tech guides) Just started a new platform in english and i need support to create some english content over there (with the italian blog as source) Requirements: - 3/4 articles @week (PLEASE consider this when applying weekly hours) - wordpress experience - fluent in english - tech gadgets understandin... 27 Çeviri, WordPress , İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20185g 1s €15
Customer Service Agent Fluent in English and Italian Our company is looking for a customer service VA to handle Facebook, Tickets, emails, paypal resolution center, etc... for our Italian ecommerce store. Candidate will also be required to complete translations for us each day. Translations include but not limited to, product descriptions, customer service template, emails, etc... Candidate will be required to work autonomously after a 1-2 week trai... 11 Müşteri Desteği, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan), Müşteri Hizmetleri Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184g 21s €6
translation Need to translate a file with product description from IT to Spanish 24 Çeviri, İspanyolca, İspanyolca (İspanya), İtalyanca Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184g 13s €53
Fast & Food ( Indian & italian) Require for creating a 1) Name & Logo, 2) Boucher, In-shop, Menu designing 3) local promotions activity. 37 Grafik Tasarımı, Logo Tasarımı, Photoshop, İtalyanca Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184g 12s €271
Eng to Italian Translation - A Data Protection Policy this time, next time marketing translations. I have a data protection document I need translated to Italian, perfect, native, legally and technically proficient Italian. Thank you 40 Çeviri, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184g 9s €207
Prato italy fashion I need some help with finding some leads of italian fashion wholesalers in Prato. Italy 14 Tele-pazarlama, Facebook Pazarlama, Pazarlama, Leadler, İtalyanca Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184g 8s €118
Need Italian to English Translator You must be born and living in following countries Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Istria County (Croatia) and Slovene Istria (Slovenia) right now. I need native for this job. No agency please. Thank You 23 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, Rumence, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 16, 2018 Apr 16, 20183g 19s €5
Translate something - English to French & Italian Translate something - English to French & Italian 42 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), Fransızca, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 15, 2018 Apr 15, 20182g 4s €4
Make Videos on cooking Popular Italian Food You need to create some good quality videos on cooking Italian Food. Ideally you should be an Italian with English speaking power and know how to cook Italian Food. You should have a good quality video/movie camera with microphone to shoot the cooking process. Rest will be discussed in chat. Bidder with lowest price will win the project. I will write super reviews to help you get more jobs. 5 Yemek Yapma & Tarifler, İtalyanca, Mutfak, Kurslar, Yemek Pişirme / Fırında Pişirme Apr 14, 2018 Apr 14, 20181g 12s €24
German to Italian 19 pages , within 2 AM EST Tomorrow 13th April 2018 German to Italian Translation 19 Pages , need it within 12 Hours TAT: 2 AM EST tomorrow ( 13th April 2018 ) 13 Çeviri, Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018Bitti €377
correct my website correct my website wrote with non perfect English 50 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018Bitti €22
Greek, Polish and Italian voice over We are developing a language learning mobile game for AppStore and Google Play. We need both male and female voice over talents for the following languages: 1. Greek 2. Polish 3. Italian The script will consist of: 1) words and short phrases, separated by short pauses 2) short texts, read as a whole The total word count for the script will be around 3,000 words. Please, make your p... 40 Ses Yeteneği, İtalyanca, Lehçe, Yunanca, Ses Sanatçısı Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018Bitti €126
Albanian collaborator Hi, we are seraching albanian collaboration that has these skills: *Good knowledge of Italian language *Good knowledge and use of the computer Hours time: monday to friday from 9.00 to 17.30 GMT +1 6 İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018Bitti €4
Record Message in Italian Hello, We need to record 3-4 voice messages in Italian for our Customer Support phone lines. The messages are around 5->40 seconds long. 51 Ses Yeteneği, İtalyanca Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018Bitti €21
Proof-listen 1050 audio mp3's (2-5 words per mp3) - Italian I need a native Italian speaker to listen to and correct mispronounced words. It should take you roughly 2-3 hours maximum. I need this done within 24 hours maximum. Thank you. 23 Çeviri, Düzeltme/Tashih, Suret, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018Bitti €22
Translate something Swedish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish Translate something from Swedish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish to English 53 Danca, Almanca, İtalyanca, Portekizce, İsveççe Apr 8, 2018 Apr 8, 2018Bitti €6
Locate the production factory Locate the factory that produces this part: [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The first contester who provides contact information to the correct factory wins the contest. 50 İtalyanca, Araştırma, İnternet Araştırması Apr 6, 2018 Apr 6, 20181g 10s €200
Project for Mitchell B. Hi Mitchell B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 , Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 5, 2018 Apr 5, 2018Bitti €205
Layout a publication based on a complex Indesign CC 2018 template for about 180 word pages in a very short time (part of 360 word pages document) I have a 360-word pages word document to format in a very short time. I order to meet the deadline of April 11, I need two designers, one working the night and one working during the day (sort of relay race). One graphic designer will have to work every day from April 6 to April 11 from 10 am to 7 PM Central European Time, the weekend included (or more in some cases) Another designer will have ... 15 Grafik Tasarımı, Adobe InDesign, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Bitti €1012
Content migration in Italian. Documents migration in the new CMS system (including links). Excellent Italian and German skills needed. The project consists of integrating old content in a new website. Modules to build up elegant pages have been developed. Your role is to migrate the old links and documents to the new content in the new CMS. The layout and pure text is already integrated to 90%. You will have ton finalize the pages by downloading the documents and links from the old site to the new site. You will have to be fluent... 28 Web Sitesi Tasarımı, CMS, HTML, Almanca, İtalyanca Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Bitti €1120
Shawl-translate from English to Italian 1800 words Shawl-translate from English to Italian, 1800 words, within 1 days 47 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Bitti €18
Seeking Qualified French, German, and Italian Teachers! Hi all! We're seeking amazing French, German, and Italian tutors who are able to teach private language lessons online. You can create your own schedule, and work anytime of the day. Here's an overview to give you an idea of how it works. Requirements: -Must have previous experience teaching students (in-person or online) -Tools required: High quality audio and video webcam,... 2 Almanca, Fransızca, İtalyanca Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018Bitti €9
Project for Francesco A. Hi Francesco A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Çeviri, Sistem Yöneticisi, Cisco, Article Writing, , İtalyanca Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018Bitti €15
Italian to English translator need need a Italian translator for my project 7 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan), İngilizce Yazım Denetimi Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018Bitti €15
Pet owners' fan pages Content editors to nurture and get bolder 3 fan gates 21 İtalyanca, İçerik Yazımı Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 2018Bitti €354
I want my site on the first page Google I want my site on the first page Google 63 SEO, Google Adsense, İtalyanca, Google Websitesi Optimize Edici, Web Development Mar 30, 2018 Mar 30, 2018Bitti €50
English to Italian 2200 words Looking for a native English to Italian translator to translate 2200 words. Need high quality human translation. Google translation are not allowed. Translation should be accurate and meaningful. We will not pay if the selected translator provide bad quality translation or if we will find any errors. 54 Çeviri, Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 30, 2018 Mar 30, 2018Bitti -
Find me 30 clients in Italy who wants to use change or buy internet a fixed connection I am handling an agency where people can change or buy Fastweb or vodafone internet connections from us. I need to find 30 italian shops who wants to change or buy new internet connections within the first 2 weeks of the month April. In Campania, Italy. I need a person, who is willing to complete the project within 2 weeks and prefer an italian who have a good Communication skills in Italia... 1 Pazarlama, Prolog, İtalyanca, İletişim Mar 30, 2018 Mar 30, 2018Bitti €276
Translation I have three small pages in Italian language i would to translate it to English, and i four page it's already translated. I want to translate them to English and you should be legal translator and all the papers should be stamped, and send them electronic and hard copy via mail post. I prefer you located in Canada. 32 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İspanyolca, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 28, 2018 Mar 28, 2018Bitti €43
Need Translator for Italian! Need professional translator for Italian!Please contact me if you can. 14 Çeviri, Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 27, 2018 Mar 27, 2018Bitti €21
English to Italian translate Hello, i need someone to do the translation from english to italian 22 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 27, 2018 Mar 27, 2018Bitti €40
Get Traffic to my Website April 2018 need my web site to have more traffic so to appear at the first pages on google, get new leads. Some of the products are already appeared some others need to be indexed. Fix budget per month. Native Italian language could be an advantage. 64 Elektronik Pazarlama, SEO, Link Oluşturma, İtalyanca Mar 26, 2018 Mar 26, 2018Bitti €92
Product Sourcing Italy I need products sourced from manufacturers warehouse in Italy shipped to the UK. 12 Ürün Sağlama, Ürün Yönetimi, İtalyanca Mar 25, 2018 Mar 25, 2018Bitti €42
Deutsche Film Subtitling/Translation I have some old german film to subtitle into Italian or at least into English. I need someone who can transcribe the content of the dialogues into one of this two languages. I can even instruct the translator about how to timing and directly create a srt, subtitle file. I can pay a fix price for film or at least a fix amount for bar/sentence. 32 Çeviri, Almanca, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 23, 2018 Mar 23, 2018Bitti €321
Accountant Required for Italian Startup I am a Italian Startup company and it is going through slow phase of building but the traction is not that much. I need an Italian accountant also known as commercialista to handle the filing / VAT declarations and redditi creation. Price is a very important factor here. 13 Muhasebe, Intuit QuickBooks , Vergi, İtalyanca, Muhasebecilik Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 2018Bitti €95
Translation of a Landing page from English to Italian Hi, PLEASE ONLY BID ON THIS PROJECT IF YOU CAN DO THIS TODAY VERY FAST. I have a landing page which needs to be translated from English to Italian. There is not much content in it so it should be not be taking more then an hour (it is mainly images and small content) After you complete the translation will be checked by a native speaker so it should be good. The link to the landing page wil... 16 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 2018Bitti €19
Virtual assistant/ Call center (PLEASE ONLY ITALIAN NATIVE SPEAKER!!!) We collected a lsit with the contact details of our potential customer in Italy and searching a native speaker italian man/woman to call those customers and following up with them. More details after your first reply. 23 Çeviri, Veri Girişi, Müşteri Desteği, Sanal Asistan, İtalyanca Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 2018Bitti €5
translation from italian to english 13.000 characters written in italian to translate into english by next sunday. 48 Çeviri, Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 2018Bitti €99
English to German Translation 1500 words Urgent Looking for native German Speaker to translate 1500 words document to German. The translator must have good skill in German and English. Deadline asap. Will pay 15$ and for fast and accurate translation i will give a bonus $5 so total 20$ USD. 23 Çeviri, Almanca, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 2018Bitti €6
Translation of PDF - German, Italian Translate the attached file into German and Italian. Deliver file fully translated in same layout as the current PDF. 33 Çeviri, Almanca, İtalyanca Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Bitti €228
English to Italian Translation I need a translation of a scientific document about nutrition from English to Italian. Deadline is for monday 12th march 2018, 11.00 (Italy). 73 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), Fransızca, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Bitti €14
Need American bilingual freelancer for advertisement translation. We are a start up travel company and want to advertise us all over the world. Thus we need many articles and advertisements to be translated into other languages. Details should be discussed in American English in details, so US based male freelancers are welcomed. 33 Çeviri, İspanyolca, İtalyanca, Arapça, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Bitti €75
I would like to hire an Italian Translator we have a business dinner tonight 03/09 in Milan and need an italian to english translator to attend. thanks Gary 7 İtalyanca Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Bitti €44
We need to find some translator and proofreader We are looking for excellent Italian translators and proofreaders. Nowadays, we have more than 200 English hymns, and we are also collecting hymns from some spiritual books. There are the most of hymns having been translated into Italian version, but we need to more proofreaders to proofread these lyrics now. Hope you are willing to join us to do this meaningful work together! U must be Italian, ... 23 Çeviri, Düzeltme/Tashih, Müzik, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018Bitti €14
Looking for Italian speaking guides in Munchen 12 march 2018 Hi there, we have a group of Italian students who would like to have a guided tour of the historical centre in Munchen on 12 march 2018 in the afternoon or evening. There are 80 students + 5 teachers, so we will need 2 or 3 guides. Further information in chat. Best regards. 6 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İspanyolca, İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan) Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018Bitti €544
4 x 1000 words articles in italian per month for SEO project Looking for Italian copywriter to compose 4 articles of 1000 words per month (or 2 of 2000 words) For SEO project. This will be for an on-going term Thanks Guy 30 Metin Yazarlığı, Teknik Yazı, Article Writing, İtalyanca, İçerik Yazımı Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018Bitti €141
Looking for English version of Italian form Hello, Need someone who can help us to find english version of Italian form. We will provide you the italian form so you can search its english version over the internet. 31 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), İtalyanca, İngilizce (Amerikan), İnternet Araştırması Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Bitti €3
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