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OCR means Optical Character Recognition. It is used for digitizing scanned images and then recognizing the letters therein for further processing. If your business needs help with OCR you can use the services of our freelancers. Post a project today in order to get bids from freelancers.
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live image processing This project relates to poker analysis. Project is to parse text on live video window (on windows/mac) and genrate textual report from it. 7 Python, Windows Masaüstü, Web Scraping, C++ Programlama, OCR Sep 25, 2017 Bugün4g 19s €33
OCR Scanning web application Hi. Im currently working on typing in a lot of menucards into database, and want to automate the procedure as much as possible. Im looking for a tool, i can implant into my web application ([url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] C# MVC), Where i can upload a menucard jpg, then mark a selection on the image (a whole section like "pizza") and then it can... 25 .NET, C# Programlama, OCR, Kod yazma, Programlama Sep 25, 2017 Bugün6g 14s €167
Parser for CV documents (OCR) We are looking for a person who will create a CV parsing software, the parser should return the data retrieved from the document in XML or JSON format. Example: [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 23 .NET, C# Programlama, C++ Programlama, OCR Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 20175g 21s €1048
Create a java application that converts a binary file of an image into a plain text file Create a java application that converts a binary file that encodes the image of a ticket into a plain text file with the information and format of the ticket. The binary files are generated for a printer and encode the image of the tickets that are going to be printed. The generated image of the ticket needs to be converted into a plain text file. An example binary file will be given, along ... 27 Java, OCR, İkili (Binary) Analiz, Kod yazma Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 20174g 5s €2569
I want to buy Car License Plate Recognition System If you have ready ALPR project for mobile(Android, iPhone) I will buy it as soon. Thanks. 24 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, OCR, Image Processing Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 20173g 14s €186
Tesseract OCR for Content Grabber 2 Hello, I need a C# developer to make a script that will work with Content Grabber 2 The script will integrate Tesseract OCR to work with the CG2 So you should know CG2 and already worked with Tesseract OCR library. Thank you 14 C# Programlama, OCR Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Bitti €119
IPTV Project Fix my IPTV App to connect with Android version 1 Javascript, Mobile App Development, Android, OCR, Yazılım Geliştirme Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017Bitti €11
Audio Feature Exctaction for Recognition + ML We would like to extract features from audio files (e.g. mp3s) to train our ML so that it can recognize/predict songs based on specific labels (e.g. year/genre) Your job is to help us come up with good feature to extract from the audio and build a simple program that takes a folder of audios(mp3s) and produce their features. A bonus if you know ML and can guide us going forward. 27 Matlab ve Mathematica , Makine Öğrenimi, Yüz Tanıma, OCR, Örüntü Eşleme Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Bitti €263
Mobile Development -----Please read description carefully----- I'm looking for someone who can develop mobile app. This app will recognize size of clothes via camera. I attached screenshot of measurements so using camera, we need to get those values. Please bid with sample. I will work someone who has sample or demo app. 78 iPhone, Android, OCR, OpenCV Sep 12, 2017 Sep 12, 2017Bitti €2001
(OCR) Extracting data from Pdf file I have a PDF file The PDF data is about position of fishing ground area by numbering The PDF file was written by Korean language So, I made for you to easily understand. I attached powerpoint. The PDF file pages 1 - 1000. (including figures and position data) The PDF is bigger than 90MB. so, If you leave your e-mail, I will send to you. I am not sure it might be possible using OCR(opt... 33 Matlab ve Mathematica , PDF, OCR Sep 9, 2017 Sep 9, 2017Bitti €130
Project for Insysiengmai S. Hi Insysiengmai S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 C Programlama, C++ Programlama, , OCR, OpenGL, node.js Sep 7, 2017 Sep 7, 2017Bitti €219
cash back app for grocery and retail stores by scanning receipts looking for cash back and rebates app for grocery stores and retail stores by scanning receipts.. 8 OCR Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Bitti €403
Solve Recaptcha and Bring the results from form I need a script that queries a website, going through recaptcha, and bringing the desired results in Json or XML 12 PHP, OCR Aug 27, 2017 Aug 27, 2017Bitti €419
Optical Character Recognition Reading barcode and numbers and rubber stamp 8 OCR Aug 24, 2017 Aug 24, 2017Bitti €466
Project for adnankhamdan Hi adnankhamdan, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 PDF, Video Düzenleme, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Fotoğraf Düzenleme, , OCR Aug 17, 2017 Aug 17, 2017Bitti €226
Scoreboard OCR reader Design software that uses OCR to translate a camera input showing a scoreboard, into text information sent by UDP. The example is a basketball game. We point a camera at the scoreboard We instruct the software about the locations of the text we need to translate The software detects the text, and then sends UDP packets with the information to our other systems. 12 C Programlama, .NET, C# Programlama, C++ Programlama, OCR Aug 14, 2017 Aug 14, 2017Bitti €206
ArrestRecords.net - open to bidding My father is very ill in the hospital, He has a internet based marketing company that provides the daily arrests names to various criminal defense attorneys in the Southern California area for marketing purposes. He is unable to tell me the steps to take to process the names and upload them to each client. The names are sent in various data/text formats via a email attachment from the Police De... 16 Windows Masaüstü, Delphi, Yazılım Mimarisi, OCR, Windows 8 Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017Bitti €860
OCR DATA EXTRACTION IMAGE MANIPULATION CAD PHOTOSHOP REDRAW Hi, Our project requires the enhancement of images from technical drawings, and data extraction to excel, from books which will be scanning locally. From the scanned file (see scantest1001, scantest1002) you will need to extract the Image, and enhance the quality to a level similar to that shown in the attached image_req_quality files. The outputted image should be Placed over a background we pr... 17 Excel, Photoshop, AutoCAD, OCR, Adobe Illustrator Aug 10, 2017 Aug 10, 2017Bitti €953
iOS and Android app with OCR to recognise words from a photo I need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Uses OCR to recognise words from a photo. 36 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, OCR Aug 8, 2017 Aug 8, 2017Bitti €195
OCR (ABBYY Finereader, etc.) + DTP on a professional level This is not the short-term project. We need a professional for a long-term work. This can provide a stable source of income to you. We have PDF files to OCR. They are Technical documents with complex tables, formulas, drawings, graphs. Documents contain special mathematical characters, required to OCR. Languages: English, Russian/Cyrillic, other. TO QUALIFY TO THIS WORK : - you nee... 20 Grafik Tasarımı, Tipografi, Yayınlama, OCR, Dijital Tasarım Aug 5, 2017 Aug 5, 2017Bitti €94
scan documents and upload I have a requirement to take a picture of a document and convert the image into a pdf file and save the document on my cloud account. The project must be done in C# and xamarin forms. Must work on the three mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Source code required. 17 PHP, HTML, Lotus Notes, OCR Aug 1, 2017 Aug 1, 2017Bitti €418
OCR for Korean Characters using C# Creating DLL file to read Korean Characters in images file C#, DLL ,Offline available I have attached two sample images Get the characters as much as you can then save them in txt file and show me. I will hire you once you show me the txt file. Please write "I will show you txt file before you award me" in your application form Do not bid if you don't agree my suggestion. 18 C# Programlama, OCR Jul 28, 2017 Jul 28, 2017Bitti €1095
wild ocr in photos i have a lots of photos to recognize characters on complex background. it must work also on android app and website. i find developer to do this with full experience. if u are ok about it, then bit this project with similar demo running program. 45 Android, Makine Öğrenimi, OCR, Web Sitesi Yönetimi Jul 27, 2017 Jul 27, 2017Bitti €2239
Project for Eliteguru Hi Eliteguru, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 9 C Programlama, Matlab ve Mathematica , C# Programlama, C++ Programlama, , OCR Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Bitti €162
I would like to hire a Freelance Developer I need someone to do some quick work with an OCR engine. Any open source engine is okay but it needs to be able to be legally used in my application for commercial use. Tesseract is the main engine I have in mind. This should be a very easy and quick project. I have a working prototype of what I want developed in C#. The app is going to be developed for windows desktops although it would be ... 15 Serbest Çalışma, OCR, Yazılım Geliştirme Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Bitti €230
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