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Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and 8 other countries.
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I want to hire an freelancer who lives in America or Europe I want to hire a freelancer who lives in America or Europe. 2 İspanyolca, Portekizce, Rusça, İngilizce (Amerikan), Ukrayna Dili Jun 23, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €213
Upgrade my Jumpseller plan store 2 Hello, I need someone who can turn on my store by paying the fee (around 11€). I will obviously cover that amount and pay 15€ total. It only takes a few minutes. I will give more information for the interested people. I have preference for freelancers from EU. Thank you! 1 Her şey Kabul, Web Sitesi Yönetimi, Portekizce, Web Hizmetleri Jun 23, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €21
Need a translator to translate a number of contents of our websites. Hi, My name is david, We are looking for a person to translate a number of contents of our websites that shows Europe history from English to Spanish, Bulgarian, Romania. The site is developing, but I want to set translator so that he can start immediately as soon as the site is completed. 28 Çeviri, İspanyolca, İspanyolca (İspanya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 23, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €16
Translate English to Europe language : Russian, Spanish, Portuguese..... I Need to faithful partner who can work for a long time in America, Europe..... 33 Almanca, İspanyolca, Portekizce, Rusça, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 23, 2018 Bugün6g 10s €121
I'm looking for virtual assistant for my work. Hello, everybody. I need someone who helps me with my work. My work is simple. You must know one language of following languages. Required Languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian. I'll provide details to the candidate. Thanks. 87 Sanal Asistan, İspanyolca, Portekizce, Rumence, Rusça Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20185g 6s €17
Portuguese classes I need Portuguese classes, I am from Mexico. 10 Çeviri, Android, İspanyolca, Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20185g 5s €15
English Portuguese large project English Portuguese large project Submit your least rates 35 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184g 19s €80
I need a translator who's proficient in Portuguese I have documents that needs to be translated into English from Portuguese I have consistent tasks so if this goes well I can give you more. Look forward to your proposal! 49 Çeviri, İspanyolca, Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183g 23s €26
Portuguese to English 5000 words Looking for a native Portuguese to English translator for 5000 words. Need high quality human translation. Google or software translation are not allowed. A small sample test required . Need to be done within 3 days. 34 Çeviri, İngilizce (İngiliz), Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183g 21s €51
Translators from German, French , Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai needed I have developed a mobile application and I need to integrate localization to this application. Need local translators. Small project. Thank you 64 Çeviri, İspanyolca, Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183g 11s €5
Translate Portuguese to English Need translation of several documents from Portuguese to English. Please see all the documents in the following link. When doing your estimate please keep in mind that a lot of the documents are bills and invoices, meaning the work to translate is not the same as if all pages were completely different. [login to view URL]!Aqi1Ss5ksAEJiusYjD3_zxsGuLo8wA 23 Çeviri, Portekizce (Brezilya), Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20183g 2s €511
articles in different languages We need 20 articles in different languafes. Articles will be the same as at our web site : [login to view URL] Check articles and send us your offer for 20 articles 700 words please spanish, english, german, portuguese, italian 58 Çeviri, Article Writing, Almanca, İspanyolca, Portekizce Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 201814s 56a €802
Translate an English text to Spanish, French, Portuguese and German Hello, we need a translation of a short text in English to French, Spanish, Portuguese and German with the requirement to keep the structure intact. The text is about 400 words long and there is an opportunity to provide more texts for translation later in the process if we're happy with our cooperation. We will hire freelancers to do the translation in each language if needed, but skills i... 142 Çeviri, İspanyolca, Fransızca, Portekizce, İngilizce (Amerikan) Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20188s 46a €15
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