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Academic Qualitative Data Analysis- Interviews (TESOL) I need someone to conduct qualitative data analysis on a few interviews. This qualitative data has to be broken up into themes to be discussed. You need to have knowledge on TESOL area. 15 Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Qualitative Research, Akademik Yazı May 16, 2018 May 16, 20182g 19s €110
Criminology Research 46 Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Qualitative Research, Akademik Yazı May 3, 2018 May 3, 2018Bitti €109
Qualitative / thematic interview transcript analysis (NVIVO) Looking for a skilled and thorough qualitative researcher, preferable with post-graduate qualitative qualifications (or undergraduate with significant qualitative analysis experience). I have x12 interview transcripts that require thematic analysis. Audio is available (mostly Australian accents, some asian) and the interviews have been professionally transcribed verbatim. Each interview was... 12 Rapor Yazma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 2018Bitti €340
Economics of quality. I need you to write a report on cost of quality for the business. Further details will be provided. 4 Muhasebe, Rapor Yazma, Ekonomi, Qualitative Research Apr 14, 2018 Apr 14, 2018Bitti €14
Goal oriented research... Formulating new algorithms and methods better than existing algorithms in cloud computing... it's a research work I need a freelancer who is having lot of experience in cloud research. able to understand existing research papers and algorithm. This is Goal oriented research... Formulating new algorithms and methods better than existing algorithms in cloud computing... it's a research work 2 Araştırma, Bilimsel Araştırma, Bulut Bilişim, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Qualitative Research Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018Bitti €137
Car Dealer Research Hi Im looking for someone to make a list of used car dealers that can be used for business purposes . I want to import used cars in my country so the prices need to be cheap enough so ill have enough profit after all. Prices for most used cars that can be found online are not competitive so if you are to look online make sure they are suppliers and not just sellers . I will prefer countries t... 13 Araştırma Yazarlığı, Qualitative Research, Keyword Research Mar 26, 2018 Mar 26, 2018Bitti €106
Narrative Analysis on National Innovation Systems I need a relatively simple narrative analysis to complement a project I'm working on, but it requires careful thought and research. I am doing a comparative analysis of the relationship and role of the state in innovation in four countries or sets of countries: Russia, Ukraine, Polish and the Baltic States. For each of these four countries/groups, I need to find 4-5 sources that contextua... 24 Araştırma Yazarlığı, Rusça, Qualitative Research Mar 24, 2018 Mar 24, 2018Bitti €314
Social work research practices case studies Need to review and conduct research on social work case studies and perform an statistical analysis of research data 46 Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, İstatistiksel Analiz, Qualitative Research, Akademik Yazı Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018Bitti €82
Indoor position System using KNN algorithm Research proposal to show how KNN will increase the acuracy of Indoor Positioning Systems. The algorithms are to be tested on research tools, preferbly Omnetpp. I want two results to compare! The one with KNN algorithim and the other with only triangulation algorithms. The algorithm uses RSSI from RFID tags to estimate the position. Also along with KNN kalman filter is used to increase the accurac... 7 Bilimsel Araştırma, Algoritma, C++ Programlama, GPS, Qualitative Research Mar 22, 2018 Mar 22, 2018Bitti €366
Need experienced Qual and Quant researcher, gurgaon I wanted to get a quote for experienced Market researcher with in hand experience in Qual and Quant. Preferably currently working and willing to teach by practical example the methodologies. 3 Araştırma, Qualitative Research Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 2018Bitti €3
Lab technician The laboratory technician is responsible for Managing the Lab and carrying out Quality testing’s both online testing, raw material testing and product release testing. You will report to the Quality Manager and you are responsible for collecting, analyse raw material and finished product samples against specification and in some cases to collect/log data e.g. Moisture content of raw mater... 2 Veri İşleme, Veri Girişi, Excel, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics Feb 26, 2018 Feb 26, 2018Bitti €18546
ISO certification I need some one who can help us prepare process guidelines and make our organisation ISO ready 7 Proje Yönetimi, Qualitative Research Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Bitti €145
Focus Group Moderation We're looking for a freelancer for moderating focus groups. The topic would be about language learning. There would be 2 group discussion in Berlin. The moderator's responsibility includes: 1. Design discussion guide 2. Moderating the group discussion 3. Compile the summary/ report More details can be shared if interested :) 3 Almanca, Qualitative Research Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018Bitti €29
qualtitive expert I have a data analysis task using Nvivo. 13 Tıbbi, Sağlık, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics, Data Extraction Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 2018Bitti €170
rail transport passengers an assessment of the socio-economic characteristics of rail transport passengers in kaduna metropolis. 2 Qualitative Research Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018Bitti €108
Urgent! Looking for an experience interviewers to do a in-depth interview with some industry expert in Vietnam! Please note : Only for Vietnam citizen! I need an experience interviewers who has an ability to do an in-depth interview (basically it's pretty much the same with regular interview but in this case all the questions are open-ended questions) with some kind of industry expert. The industry is from Architectural Coating. The requirements for the interview I am looking for are : - Fluent ... 1 Araştırma, Pazarlama, Pazar Araştırması, Qualitative Research Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 2017Bitti €132
Check ICOs to spot scam We search for agents for a company Voronkov Ventures in every country of the world. Agents will have to check ICOs to spot an ICO scam. The work includes 1) evaluation of reputation of teams participating in ICOs, 2) verification of veracity of claimed data (e.g.: Does a farm or a plant described in ICO exist? Do founders of ICO have relation to this farm or plant?). At this moment, the result of ... 2 Qualitative Research, Data Analytics Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017Bitti €2974
axial coding and selective coding in NVivo software Hi Is there anyone who is familiar with NVivo software? I want him to write it down the axial coding and selective coding. Thank you 2 Kod yazma, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 2017Bitti €191
Write a Research paper (Italian) I need to write a 30-page paper in the technology field, the paper should be in Italian. 36 Düzeltme/Tashih, İtalyanca, İçerik Yazımı, Qualitative Research, Writing Dec 5, 2017 Dec 5, 2017Bitti €184
The Education of Immigrant Youth in South Korea I need you to write a research article on title sample of paper is attached for your reference hwp file 29 Araştırma Yazarlığı, İstatistiksel Analiz, SPSS İstatistik, Qualitative Research Dec 3, 2017 Dec 3, 2017Bitti €86
Wedding videography nd pre wedding shoot -- 2 I am looking for videography for my marriage. Also want to do pre wedding shoot in new delhi. It is for 2 days 2 Fotoğrafçılık, Qualitative Research Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017Bitti €132
Wedding videography nd pre wedding shoot I am looking for videography for my marriage. Also want to do pre wedding shoot. 6 Fotoğrafçılık, Qualitative Research Nov 23, 2017 Nov 23, 2017Bitti €195
Quality Control of flow on app and website [login to view URL] is mobile fundraising platform that is available for non profits, young people and adults to sell mobile coupon apps to raise funds and awareness. We are having major difficulty with the user friendly aspect of the product. We need someone to follow the flow of our product through the website and the purchase of the app. We need advice on how to improve the flow, if any and... 3 İçerik Yazımı, Qualitative Research Nov 21, 2017 Nov 21, 2017Bitti €5
Survey at Asian Market at Sydney We are looking for asian at sydney to do market survey about product availability in Asian market at Sydney Australia. The topic product is topical analgesic. 4 Araştırma Yazarlığı, Pazar Araştırması, Vietnamca, Modern Çince (Çin), Qualitative Research Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017Bitti €701
feasibility plan Creating a hypothetical idea and making a feasibility plan that has a social impact! My idea: University compost pick-up for off campus residents -- provide all off campus people with compost bags (which University already has), and every week on Wednesdays with the rest of trash pick-up, a golf cart comes around to pick up the compost that people have left out 4 Sunumlar, Qualitative Research Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Bitti €120
5S training Require a trainer to provide 5S training to shop floor employees for a session maximum of 6 hours. The Trainer should able to explain the concept of 5S along with some examples and activities to understand the concept. 5 Denetim, Endüstri Mühendisliği, Qualitative Research Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017Bitti €146
Help with market intelligence This project is to conduct market interviews with optical store owners. I have created a survey/questionnaire that I will give to you to conduct the interview. The freelancer should visit different stores, taking pictures of the setup, and comprehensively note the store owners' responses to the questions. While most of the questions can be answered quickly, there are a few open-ended question... 4 Pazar Araştırması, Qualitative Research, Writing Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017Bitti €122
Qualitative survey - coding analysis on excel & summary required I have an excel file containing responses from a "Key Informant Interview" to a question asked of Social Venture sector experts. I urgently need someone who is familiar with qualitative data analysis, to conduct the following: - Conduct data coding analysis on excel - Prepare a table of results on excel - Summarize overall findings contained in the tables by writing a few paragra... 12 Excel, Araştırma Yazarlığı, İstatistiksel Analiz, SPSS İstatistik, Qualitative Research Nov 12, 2017 Nov 12, 2017Bitti €21
Market Research Need to design questionaire for brand perception study 16 Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, Sunumlar, Qualitative Research Nov 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017Bitti €94
set up clinical trials We are looking to set up clinical trials for people who are using CBD. (CBD is a liquid extract of cannabis, it is taken by an eyedropper similar to an herbal extract). Our CBD's include no THC, this is medical marijuana. We want to use similar questions for everyone, no matter what their health condition is. We would like daily and weekly tracking and measurements to tell whether a... 4 Bilimsel Araştırma, Tıbbi, Blockchain, Qualitative Research Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017Bitti €122
Project for Alex P. 2 Project wil be discussed in pm 1 Qualitative Research Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017Bitti €61
Consultants required I am looking for consultants who can write high standard social research evaluation proposals, data analysis in SPSS, write high standard analytical reports, english proof reading, prepare interactive presentations, able to provide M&E services 18 Araştırma Yazarlığı, Sunumlar, Öneri/Teklif Yazma, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Bitti €160
Writer/researcher with economic background Project description: Market research publishers IndexBox are looking for a business writer with an economic/analytical background. The main scope of work is conducting secondary research on the internet, finding reliable sources and conducting a qualitative analysis of the trends in a given market. In other words, the company is to provide statistical data and quantitative analysis to the writer, ... 29 Araştırma Yazarlığı, Pazar Araştırması, İçerik Yazımı, İş Yazışması, Qualitative Research Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Bitti €27
Tower/Trainstation plans required I work for a specimen who requires a tremendous amount of emotional comprehendence: so much that their fantasy of the Eiffel tower being redesigned to be turned into an elaborate train station is, apparently, required - the top should be the regular arrangement of the eiffel tower, however, the bottom should resemble something like a conservatoire- with a large amount of windows and creative shape... 3 İnşaat Mimarisi, Qualitative Research Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017Bitti €27
Relevant articles for my website blog, social media feeds etc I am looking for quality articles for my business website. I am into stock broking and real estate business. I need wonderful trending and catchy articles (original) to enhance quality and standard of my business. (eg. GST the major tax reform, a boon or a curse for small and medium scale business) or any other economical and political events that affects major asset classes like equities, commodi... 13 İçerik Yazımı, Qualitative Research, Data Analytics, Content Strategy Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017Bitti €16
Market Research Visiting different cities and collecting information from universities 0 Qualitative Research Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017Bitti -
Focus Group Moderator We are running focus groups in London, Manchester and Glasgow. We are looking for a freelance moderator to help us test four new brand and marketing concepts. 2 Qualitative Research Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017Bitti €515
participants for qualitative interview research Hello The task required is to get 10 participants to interview. Those participants MUST be ONLINE DOCTORAL STUDENTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR. the interviews topic is related to computer science and the interviews will be over the phone. 0 Qualitative Research Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017Bitti -
translation translation into Arabic or Italian and non-specialized translation 11 WordPress , Word, İnternet Araştırması, Qualitative Research Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017Bitti €15
research I need help with my PhD research in construction health and safety 29 Bilimsel Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, İnternet Araştırması, Qualitative Research Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Bitti €127
Research and Reporting I would like a price comparison analysis of organic suppliers of fruit and vegetables in London 19 Pazar Araştırması, Qualitative Research Sep 26, 2017 Sep 26, 2017Bitti €116
Research on music industry I need research on the music industry. The two following key numbers: - Total value of live music ticket sales per year - Number of admissions to all live music performances For following cities: Amsterdam Austin Berlin Edinburgh Istanbul Johannesburg London Los Angeles Madrid Montreal Moscow Mumbai New York Rio de Janeiro Paris San Francisco Sao Paulo Seoul Shanghai... 5 Qualitative Research Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Bitti €196
Research writing in transport economics Objective and main question There is a clearly formulated main question. The main question is based on relevant academic concepts and theories, and legitimised by up-to-date academic or social developments. The main question leads to relevant hypotheses in a systematic and valid way. Methodology NB: This can apply to data collection and analysis, as well as to literature research Analysis The anal... 58 Araştırma Yazarlığı, İstatistiksel Analiz, Econometrics, Qualitative Research, Akademik Yazı Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 2017Bitti €931
Design survey questions for face to face interview delivery. I would like to determine the right mix of questions to undertake a face to face interview with members of the board and executives to determine the current demand and supply of services, determine unmet needs, prompt for service design and value expectations. The survey should allow me to then continue to continue with the design of a new service for this end of the market, understanding the d... 26 Araştırma, Pazar Araştırması, Qualitative Research Sep 19, 2017 BugünBitti €649
VA - Crypto-currencies passionate - ICO Analysis Hi, I'm looking for a VA who understands the word of crypto-currencies and ICO to help me to read an analysis the news about them, to be able to find out the best crypto-currencies or ICO which will be launched. Please, only bid if you know this world, I'll ask you some question about it and if you don't know it or I feel you don't know enough, I'll not hire you, so ... 10 Sanal Asistan, Bitcoin, Qualitative Research Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 2017Bitti €4
Need in-depth inverviews about education in US We need to ask people who learned in US several questions about their educational process (Total 6 students). Also we need to ask teachers in high school (Total 6 teachers) and 2 persons from United States Department of Education. Total amount of interviews: 14. If you provide us with qualitative results we would increase the total amount of interviews to 90 with respective increase of budget.... 0 Qualitative Research Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 2017Bitti -
qualitative research analysis Nvivo I have 10 interviews transcripts and i need help in analysing in Nvivo. please send me a sample of your work 5 Bilimsel Araştırma, Qualitative Research Sep 8, 2017 Sep 8, 2017Bitti €35
Project for Vanessachimutu Hi Vanessachimutu, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 7 Satış, Ödenek Yazısı, , Sosyal Medya Pazarlaması, Qualitative Research, Akademik Yazı Sep 7, 2017 Sep 7, 2017Bitti €26
Fast food brand for Indians This project is for one of the US food products for Indian origin people. We need to do FGD's of about 1.5 hrs among HW's and working ladies who are aware of clients brand ( Client will reveal the brand once the costing is finalized) Each group will comprise a mix of HW's and Working ladies. There should be mix of people who are living in the US from less than 5 years, 5-10 yes &... 0 Qualitative Research Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Bitti -
Research Paper Pricing of Agricultural Produce for Indian Farmers 11 Finansal Araştırma, Araştırma Yazarlığı, İstatistiksel Analiz, SPSS İstatistik, Qualitative Research Aug 26, 2017 Aug 26, 2017Bitti €77
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