Rust is a multiparadigm systems programming language used in well-known software such as Firefox and Dropbox. As a language, Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but it provides better memory safety. Unsafe code can be useful, and it is the default in C++, but Rust provides a more balanced and risk aware strategy in allowing programmers to write unsafe code, while keeping safe code as the default.

The uses of Rust can be demonstrated by Dropbox - using Rust for several components of the core storage system, for optimal efficiency. Rust is also used by Tilde, Chucklefish and Yelp.

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    We are seeking a skilled Rust developer who can assist in the development of an ongoing project. Must have the following knowledge/experience with - MySQL - Curl - Rust - frontend development Want to start immediately. This will be an ongoing-based contract and all tasks will be proceed based on a milestone.

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    I need someone to integrate Anchor Protocol (20% fixed APY savings account on the TERRA/Luna crypto ecosystem). Basically what UNEST does but with a 20% yield (money doubles every 3.6 years). 5k to start a child’s account at birth would net them over $1 million by the time they are 30.

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    I represent an organization interested in using the IOTA technology as an avatar for a temple. We need a legacy iota network easily buildable for testing, one this test network is ready, We are looking to make some small additions to the hornet node system so that I meets our needs.

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    Hello Our company is in search of talented blockchain developers with strong knowledge of Rust and Webassembly to extend our team. We have multiple opportunities across several projects that involve building a variety of custom smart contracts on top of a WASM ecosystem. Ongoing work includes: * Development of REST APIs * Token Standards Design * Blockchain-based services leveraging: ---S...

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