Are you looking to design a System on Chip (SoC) product? Are you wondering what an Embedded Engineer can do for you? Embedded Systems Engineers are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in advanced hardware and software development, specifically micro-controller and digital signal processor (DSP). They are instrumental in creating hardware designs, validating hardware performance, working on board level designs, performing system diagnostics, developing embedded firmware software and verifying the design.

At you can hire an Embedded Systems Engineer to take your SoC Design project from start to launch. Our experienced professionals can bring their technical expertise to deliver incredible chip design projects for customers of any size.

Here's some projects that our expert Embedded Engineers have made real:

  • Developed new drivers from scratch to increase efficiency on the SoC
  • Restructured the architecture of existing SoC
  • Applied new technologies on existing SoC platforms
  • Contributed to proof-of-concept development of custom SoC designs
  • Designed a custom SoC platform for automation
  • Created/improved boot loaders for SoCs will connect you with the right Embedded Engineer with excellence in customer service, quality and value. Our skilled professionals can help you bring your ideas to life and ensure that the desired results are achieved efficiently and within the given deadline. Post your project in and hire an expert to make your dreams of a successful SoC product a reality!

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