Trading is one of the most essential areas of finance, but it can be complex and ever-changing. A Trading Specialist is someone who understands the investing industry, global markets, and financial assets intricately. They can help clients navigate the constantly changing financial environment in order to provide maximum investment potential and keeps them informed of current happenings in the world of business.

Here’s some projects that our expert Trading Specialists have made real:

  • Creating automated trading systems with code that follows mathematical instructions to analyze past market data
  • Designing investment strategies with analytics such as technical indicators and charting software
  • Developing algorithms for quantitative trading to execute trades faster and make better decisions
  • Developing custom applications that integrate with exchanges for connectivity
  • Utilizing a variety of resources, including programming languages and trading platforms, to develop tools that are designed to take the guesswork out of financial markets

The skills of a Trading Specialist can be invaluable for individuals and businesses that require skillful navigation in the ever-changing world of finance. Our Trading Specialists combine their knowledge of technology and financial markets to develop comprehensive strategies that are tailored for each individual or business need. If you have a project in this area, post it on so you can hire a Trading Specialist who can find the right solution for your investment needs.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can convert a PineScript indicator into a strategy for intraday trading. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing trading strategies and be familiar with the PineScript language. Requirements: - Convert a PineScript indicator into a strategy for intraday trading - Implement detailed entry and exit conditions provided by the client - The strategy should aim to achieve both profit maximization and risk minimization Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of PineScript and trading strategies - Experience in developing and implementing intraday trading strategies - Familiarity with technical indicators and chart analysis - Ability to optimize and fine-tune strategies for maximum performance If you have the expertise and skills requi...

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    Hi, I need a NT8 program for entry and exit. I set price on chart and select long or short, then the program follows the steps and opens a position. Then the program follows steps to close position. Here is the main logic: Steps after P is set and LONG is selected: If EEP has not yet opened a position, if price ever reaches X t (ticks) below P then cancel entry and reset EEP to wait until a new P is manually selected, along with SHORT or LONG (X is set in parameters). Price reaches within 4 t above P. Identify the open, close, high, and low of each bar. When price closes>4t above P and closed as a green bar, that closed bar is “A”. From now until a position is opened, if any closed bar is a doji or a red bar then go to step 3. Then in the next bar after A, look for price...

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    Sports Betting Trader for Professional Sports Betting Syndicate Project Summary: I am looking for an expert sports betting trader to join our professional sports betting syndicate. This project is for an existing business and we are interested in multiple sports, including football and basketball. We require an individual with extensive experience in sports betting. Skills and Experience Required: - Expert level knowledge and experience in sports betting - Strong understanding of various sports, including football and basketball - Proven track record of successful betting strategies and analysis - Ability to analyze odds and make informed betting decisions - Familiarity with different types of bets and betting markets - Excellent mathematical and analytical skills - Strong attention to d...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a trading bot on Think or Swim. The bot will implement a trading strategy based on a TradingView indicator. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in Think or Swim platform - Expertise in coding trading bots - Knowledge of TradingView indicators -Knowledge of options trading The specific TradingView indicator that I have in mind is the UT bot alerts. Key requirements for the project: - Develop a trading bot on Think or Swim - Implement a trading strategy based on the UT bot alerts indicator If you have experience in developing trading bots and are familiar with the Think or Swim platform, I would love to work with you on this project.

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    Project Title: Hedge Manager Needed for Long-Term Growth Investment I am seeking a skilled and experienced hedge manager to oversee and grow my investment portfolio. The project requires expertise in managing investments of more than $50,000 with a focus on long-term growth and stable, low-risk investments. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in successfully managing investments of similar size and objective - Deep understanding of hedge fund strategies and risk management techniques - Ability to analyze market trends and make informed investment decisions - Experience in developing and implementing investment strategies for long-term growth - Proficiency in monitoring and adjusting investment portfolios to optimize returns - Strong communication skills to provide regular ...

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    Wanted: Expert Python Developer for Automated Trading Strategies. Seeking a proficient Python coder with experience in automated trading to optimize and implement detailed trading strategies that are meant for NSE Index Options (primarily Banknifty). Creating well-documented, cost-efficient solutions. Excited to collaborate and achieve impressive trading results!" To start with - it's a very simple strategy that I need to automate based on moving average. User should get to define the candle internal and MA details (high, low and duration) based on which the code should detect the trend (Buy trend or Sell Trend). Based on this an entry should be taken towards relevant positions that I will explain upon further collaboration. No Front end required.

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    Python developer 5 gün left

    I am looking for a Python developer to assist with automation scripting for algo trading platform (tradetron). The ideal candidate should have experience in developing scripts for automating tasks. Tasks: - Develop Python scripts for automating tasks - Ensure scripts are efficient and error-free Requirements: - Strong proficiency in Python programming - Knowledge of automation frameworks and libraries - Experience in writing clean and modular code Codebase: - The developer will have to start from scratch as there is no existing codebase. Timeline: - The project is expected to be completed within 3-4 weeks.

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    I need a Tradestation programmer to work with me on some trade ideas. The ideas are based around the Commitments of Traders data. You must have experience and reasonable knowledge of working with this data. I need the basic trade idea to be coded, backtested, then optimized across all US liquid futures markets. I will get you started with the basic ideas, and then we can go back and forth developing the basic ideas into a workable system. Please show me evidence you've worked with CoT data when you apply for this role.

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create a code for automating copy trading using the Zerodha Kite API. The desired outcome of the code is to automate the process of copy trading. Specific features that I would like the code to have include: - Compatibility with multiple trading platforms - Ability to customize trade parameters - User-friendly interface The code should be able to support more than 10 trading accounts. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Strong proficiency in Python programming - Experience with trading platforms and APIs - Knowledge of copy trading strategies - Familiarity with the Zerodha Kite API If you have experience in developing similar projects and have the necessary skills, please submit your proposal. I need to have a python appli...

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    Szukam pomocy w stworzeniu prostej strategii , bazującej na moich doświadczeniach oraz wskazaniach.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide historical candle data for the stock market for the past 2 years. Symbol = BANKNIFTY,NIFTY,FINNIFTY , ALL OPTIONS OHLC DATA The data should include the open, high, low, and close prices, as well as volume and adjusted close. Additionally, I would like the data to be analyzed and not just presented. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in collecting and organizing financial market data - Proficiency in analyzing data and identifying trends - Knowledge of technical indicators and patterns in stock market analysis.

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    Pine Code 2 gün left

    Project Title: Pine Code Description: I am looking for a developer who can help me create custom indicators using Pine code for the TradingView platform. Requirements: - Experience in creating custom indicators using Pine Script - Proficient in beginner-level Pine Script coding - Familiarity with the TradingView trading platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of technical analysis and trading strategies - Ability to modify existing scripts and adapt them to specific requirements - Knowledge of TradingView's built-in functions and syntax - Experience in backtesting and optimizing trading strategies using Pine code - Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively to understand the project requirements and deliver high-quality code.

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    Forex & Crypto Analyst 2 gün left

    I am looking for a skilled analyst who can provide long-term analysis on a range of forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. The ideal candidate will have expertise in both technical and fundamental analysis. The analysis should be conducted over a period of one month. Experience in trading and great knowledge of chart patterns

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    Implement new thinkscript 2 gün left

    I have Think Swim running on my desktop. I have a script with me running fine I want a few modifications required in the script i.e. the lines right now are about an inch. I want them to go infinity The requirement is if you see this link - you will be able to get the code for this- Programmatic Support and Resistance for Thinkorswim I am running the code on the thinkscript desktop in my local system and you can see this in the below image. The requirement is The lines right now are about an inch, I want them to go infinity. I just want the lines to go in front of the current day for each timeframe

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    I am looking for a skilled pine script V5 developer who can add 3 alerts (Developing VA low, high, and POC) and, based on it, lines to the chart (developing VA low, high) from the AAVP (Auto anchored volume profile) to an existing strategy "Volume Profile / Fixed Range" on TradingView

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    Hi, i want am easy and simple strategy tester on trading view. The strategy is based on make a range of ATH (all time hight) and ATL (all time low) based on a determinated range of hours/bars, this will be editable, for ex from 22pm to 8am range, will detect the maximum and minimum, with this we will put an order stop, 4 pips near each maximum or minimum. and stop loss on the other maximum or minimum, take profit will be 1:1 depending the stop loss hour range, positions location and sl/tp its needed to be editables

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    Project Description: Stock Market Data Preparation using Google Finance Website Skills and Experience Required: - Basic Knowledge of stock markets, key words such as NR7 & NR4 etc.. - Proficiency in web scraping and data extraction - Knowledge of Python or other programming languages for data manipulation - Understanding of stock market data and financial concepts Project Overview: I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in preparing stock market data by extracting historical stock prices from the Google Finance website. The data should cover the last 5 years. Specific Requirements: - Extract historical stock prices from the Google Finance website - Focus on stock prices only, excluding company financials and news articles - The data should cover the last 5 years Deliverabl...

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    NinjaScript 6 saat left

    I am looking for a skilled NinjaScript developer to help me modify draw objects to on render with SharpDX. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in coding trend indicators, oscillator indicators, and custom strategies in NinjaScript. To apply for this project, please include examples of your past work. The project should be completed within 2-3 weeks, but there is no specific timeline.

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    looking for pinescript coder to edit my tradingview code

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