Visual Effects (VFX) is the art of creating and manipulating realistic images, animations and effects for films, television, animations and more. VFX professionals have the skill set to create and edit unique visuals, incorporating graphics, animation and other effects to create breathtaking videos that bring projects to life. Whether it's a movie or television series, animation series or commercial project, a Visual Effects Professional can take any visual project to the next level.

The range of tasks that a Visual Effects Professional can be responsible for is vast and their skills extend beyond creating visuals. They can work with the Director and Cinematographer to accomplish a shot, or manage the Renderfarm Manager duties which consist of allocating server space for projects. They will also work closely with the Animation Supervisor to ensure that all animated components appear naturally within any scene.

Here's some projects that our expert Visual Effects Professional made real:

  • Creation of on-screen movements out of still photos or videos
  • Develop 'Special Vision' systems in game software such as Unreal Engine 4
  • Create immersive music videos using effects to craft a unique experience
  • Applying complex movement elements such as flying bugs or crawling bugs on a face
  • Design infographics and intro brands through lengthy projects

VFX professionals have the unique ability to create stunning visuals, transforming any project into something extraordinary. Our skilled freelancers have the expertise and creative vision to bring any idea imaginable in realistic graphics. They are available through with endless possibilities to take your project to the next level! So if you’re looking for an expert visual effects professional, put up a job on today!

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    Spinning Logo Design for Instagram/Tiktok Reels - I am looking for a designer who can create a spinning logo for my Instagram and Tiktok Reels. - The logo should have a rotation effect to capture attention and enhance the visual appeal of my content. - I have a preferred color scheme in mind for the logo, which I will provide to the selected designer (Black/White) - I like the edgy, Alt font (I can show examples) - The logo will be vampire teeth + my instagram name - for VHS shot/styled videos - Examples -

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    Necesito editor de videos, SOLAMENTE QUE HABLE ESPAÑOL!! (excluyente), para canal de youtube (joseluisbalbo) para consolidar proyecto de largo plazo. No pensar en resultados inmediatos y de corto plazo, quien no tenga mentalidad de largo plazo, por favor abstenerse. Que permita revisiones, sobre todo al comienzo y que se comprometa con el canal para publicaciones semanales de video + reel/short extraído del mismo video y/o incorporado al mismo video. Es el mismo material desde el que se trabaja. Responsabilidad (cumplir exactamente horarios y días de publicación), seguir al pié de letra detalles de cada video (formato de letras, aviso suscripción canal, aviso redes, tipografía y formato carátulas y miniaturas, introducción, c...

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    Project Description: - I am looking for a skilled developer to create an Artificial Influencer character for social media engagement. - The desired persona for the character should be comedic, adding humor and entertainment value to the content. - The character should appeal to all age groups, targeting both young adults and adults. - The Artificial Influencer character will be responsible for driving social media engagement and promoting the brand. - The developer should have experience in character design and animation, as well as an understanding of social media marketing. - Knowledge of comedic writing and the ability to create engaging and entertaining content is essential for this project. - The developer should be able to bring the character to life through animations and interactiv...

    €328 (Avg Bid)
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