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Ciros Visualization -- 2 Seeking skilled individual to construct a Ciros visualization diagram. 1 Grafik Tasarımı, Görselleştirme, Data Analytics Dec 14, 2017 Dec 14, 20175g 15s €174
Ciros Visualization Seeking skilled individual to construct a Ciros visualization diagram. 1 Grafik Tasarımı, Görselleştirme, Data Analytics Dec 14, 2017 Dec 14, 20175g 15s €174
Klipfolio Dashboards 2 I would like a few Klipfolio Dashboards to be designed, with API links to Xero, MySQL database and basic excel 6 Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, Mantıksal Analiz, İş Zekâsı, Görselleştirme Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175g 7s €149
Klipfolio Dashboards designs 1 I woild like a few Klipfolio Dashboards to be designed, with API links to Xero, MySQL database and basic excel 0 Mantıksal Analiz, Yaratıcı Tasarım, İş Zekâsı, Görselleştirme, API Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175g 7s -
Youtube channel loop music visualizer I want to make a looped visualizer for my music channel on youtube. The channel is called "aHouse", aHouse is actually a name of our restaurant and bar which dedicate to good house, deep house, techno music. That is why we are creating music channel in youtube. Our logo is attached here and you can see that it is a wave equalizer in a shape of house. we just want it to go up and down smo... 16 Animasyon, YouTube, Video Düzenleme, Görselleştirme Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20174g 12s €37
Create a visual representation of warranty terms relative to industry benchmarks For my website, I am reviewing companies which offer a certain type of warranty. As a part of the review for Company X, a summary of essential terms is presented. Those are summarized in the first two columns of this file https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dkEWNAhux03JJc2zSpSONYZ_lexkXB_vAz70JLc4Ylw/edit#gid=0 I am looking for a way to create the visual representation of those numbers, ... 6 Tasarım, Bilgilendirme Grafikleri / İnfografikler, Görselleştirme Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 20171g 8s €85
Escape Danville VA Limited Liability Company I need artwork for my company. I need a Polar Bear walking through a door a revolving door (type that are pressurized and have multiple spaces to walk through the moving opening) The colors would be yellow, white, gray and black. 5 Grafik Tasarımı, İllüstratör, Örnekleme, Görselleştirme Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20172g 18s €25
Power BI assistance I need someone to come in and set up a power bi pro instance, connect to a xero accounting service, and also spreadsheet data on one drive, goofle analytics, facebook and set up a secure structure where i can publish only certain parts to no more rhan 5 people in the same domain. The work will need to be done after hours (6pm onwatd) at little bay 7 Bulut Bilişim, Microsoft, Görselleştirme Dec 10, 2017 Dec 10, 20171g 10s €187
English study software development project An English study program based on 3D immersive learning course. 18 C Programlama, Java, C++ Programlama, Yapay Zeka, Görselleştirme Dec 4, 2017 Dec 4, 2017Bitti €13297
Audio Visualization Audio visualization animations to work with NAudio with WPF. The screen will be used visually while playing music for our music player. There can be one or more options. Animations can be transitive. It should be designed as a component in C # project. It can use NAudio interfaces. There can be any language or platform that can work within the project. .NET Core 2 is the reason for prefere... 6 .NET, Örnekleme, WPF, Ses Tasarımı, Görselleştirme Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017Bitti €151
Improve performance of a C++ 2D rendering library Analyze and determine ways to improve performance of a C++ 2D rendering library which uses Direct2D 1.1. The library handles both static and dynamic objects so it is essential to improve performance for objects whose properties can [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] of the types of objects drawn are bitmaps, text, lines, polygons, rectangles, circles, ellipses, ... 10 GPGPU, Microsoft, C++ Programlama, Görselleştirme, Graphics Programming Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017Bitti €45
PHP, .NET, SQL, CMS, Görselleştirme Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 2017Bitti
custom and dynamic graph visualization The objective is to create a custom graph visualization using any script language which can be easily integrated with web page. requirements: 1. Build a custom , dynamic graph which can grow and adjust the visualization as number of nodes increases. 2. Each node can be connected to many child nodes. 3. Each node will have two parents nodes. 4. Each node will have one side node. 5. Each... 10 HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, node.js, Angular.js, Görselleştirme Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 2017Bitti €159
Design Cover for Book on HAPPINESS Hi, I am seeking a designer who specialize in book cover. Title of my book is 'Happiness Ki Khoj'. Title is in English & Hindi [Hinglish] and it means "Search of Happiness". I have already created & attached a ideation & inspiration deck with this post. If you create a book cover mock using attached deck & images, it will demonstrates your ability to build... 31 Grafik Tasarımı, Photoshop, e-Kitap, Photoshop Tasarımı, Görselleştirme Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 2017Bitti €98
Data Visualisation via Excel Dashboard for Business performance An experienced business intelligence/reporting developer is urgently required to develop an online dashboard that will incorporate multiple data sources. It must be visually exciting and have capacity to visualise geographies, particularly multiple states within a country in Africa ( map and delineations shall be provided as we require performance heatmap on the national map representing various g... 11 Excel, İstatistik, Görselleştirme Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017Bitti €17
custom planet work independently and are specialized in mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, moving images, or performance. Typical responsibilities seen on a Freelance Artist example resume are generating new ideas, creating artwork, meeting client deadlines, conducting research, promoting their services, managing self-employment issues, and maintaining a portfolio. Based on our collection of... 4 Fotoğrafçılık, Logo Tasarımı, Boyama, Görselleştirme, Sketching Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017Bitti €3523
Set up environment to render chrome products in SolidWorks Visualize At Fluidmaster Netherlands, a production company of sanitary ware, we use SolidWorks Visualize to render 3D objects of the products we sell for use in different marketing collaterals. We would like to ask a professional render artist to set up an environment in SW Visualize to enable us to render chrome plated products. We tried many settings ourselves but cannot create a realistic image. 20 3D Rendering, Solidworks, Görselleştirme Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017Bitti €133
I would like to hire an iMovie Expert I have a VERY simple task that requires someone to take a bunch of photos that I have on a google drive approximately 30-40 images and make an imove that can then run a projector screen for my birthday. Nothing fancy I just want someone who can look at the photos and put together the ones that flow together. I need this done by Tuesday the 14th of November. 1 Görselleştirme Nov 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017Bitti €89
av home set up im looking for some help to make sure I'm getting the best out of my home av set up ive dolby atmos amp q acustic 7.1.2 setup sony 4k tv as main then lg uhd 4k on computer running sound of hdmi on 1080 ti graphics card all seems to work ok but get sound drop out now and again and hdcp not supported need av tec savy to set up properly for me thanks in advance Oldham lancs area 1 Ses Servisleri, Görselleştirme Nov 4, 2017 Nov 4, 2017Bitti €167
Create graphs with D3 and R I will give you 3-4 screenshots of graphs in D3 and R, and I need these to be identically recreated in D3 and R with the files sent to me. 12 İstatistik, R Programlama Dili, Tableau, Görselleştirme, Data Analytics Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017Bitti €122
I need a logo and visual overall branding for a new social media platform for global entrepreneurs Hello All, my name is Charles, and I am the founder of #entreprnr. We are launching next year a global social media site, where entrepreneurs from all over the world can become members and communicaye / earn in this social platform. We are also launching a book where everyone has the opportunity to be part of. 61 Logo Tasarımı, Markalaştırma, Görselleştirme Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017Bitti €81
3d Visualisation - Architectural Competition - exterior / interior Hi, We are young new creative architectural studio that is looking for Freelancer to produce visualisations for architectural competition submission in 3 weeks. We will supply 3d model with basic geometry + Camera angles + markups. Textures + Interior animation by Freelancer Scope : 1 exterior eye level street view 1 birds eye shot 2x interior (1 typical school room, 1 main hall) ... 11 Görselleştirme Oct 27, 2017 Oct 27, 2017Bitti €567
Subject mater expert for english project need a subject expert who can make visual storyboards for e learning English chapters in short duration. 6 İçerik Yazımı, Görselleştirme Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 2017Bitti €15
Create visuals using Tableau -- 2 I have a data analysis task. I need someone that has experience with tableau to help me draw up some visuals 32 İş Analizi, Tableau, Görselleştirme Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017Bitti €19
Designing card & envelope We are a film production startup. We need to create a design for a card and an envelope. The stuff is needed on an urgent basis. Ready to share references and content for the card and the envelope. Card Dimension: 6x6 inches(WxH) Envelope Dimension: 6.5x6.5 inches(WxH) Need it urgent. Total Budget Max: $60 to $70 12 Tasarım, Görselleştirme Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017Bitti €72
Hire an Animator Diwali gifs for clients. Needed in the next 24 hours. 2 Animasyon, Görselleştirme Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017Bitti €65
Hire a Developer for a Social Media monitoring system Briefly, the project will involve ingestion of tweets, Facebook, Youtube and other social networks scrapping data and storing in a central server for analytics. It will also involve performing analytics on the data to identify trends, relationships in the data. Interactive Data visualization screens and reports are key to this project. A developer familiar data analytics/engineering will be an adv... 8 Javascript, Web Scraping, Web Hizmetleri, Görselleştirme, Data Analytics Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017Bitti €1877
Design a Child seat for my Brompton bike I ride a Brompton bike (Brompton S2L) and I have a 2 year old daugher. I want to take her out with me on my rides during the weekends. I have been looking for a Brompton's child seat and have found 1 design ([url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). I want to try and improve on this design and have actually thought of 3 variations for a child seat on the Brompton... 32 CAD/CAM, Ürün Tasarımı, 3B Tasarım, Yaratıcı Tasarım, Görselleştirme Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017Bitti €210
Nagpur Graphic designers I need some graphic designers. 13 Grafik Tasarımı, Yaratıcı Tasarım, Görselleştirme Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017Bitti €15
Require Cartoonist and Illustrator for character conceptualization for upcoming comic strip I need a Cartoonist & Illustrator. The job is to refine existing characters of a comic strip. I will provide the chosen one existing character(s). Your job would be to improvise them basis of my suggestion. Candidates apply with their portfolio link. 19 İllüstratör, Örnekleme, Karikatür & Çizgi Film, Görselleştirme Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017Bitti €113
Tableau Network map and Path functionality I know Tableau very well however I have stuck in - Tabeau Path creating (Source city and destination city) and - Network map (displaying social graph) All i need to learn is how to prepare a data for Tableau so i can start creating above dashboard. i know lot about Tableau however i find difficulties using above functions. I dont want to use R or any third party software so please make d... 1 Sosyal Ağ, Tableau, Görselleştirme Sep 27, 2017 Sep 27, 2017Bitti €23
Build A Website - SQL backend - Data Visualization, User accounts I am busy building a financial stock analysis website. Database work has been completed in MS SQL Server. Visualization has been scoped and chart and dashboard mock-ups have been created in Excel. I need to know understand the cost of taking this live. I need solution architect to advice on possible solutions for website design and visualization. You might want to look at a couple of web... 16 QlikView, Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau, İş Zekâsı, Görselleştirme Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 2017Bitti €10
Build a Dashboard Build a dashboard using the same logic as [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but for the following websites and social media: - WeChatt - Weibo - Dianping - QQ 22 Veri İşleme, Büyük Veri, Veritabanı Geliştirme, Veri Depolama, Görselleştirme Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 2017Bitti €781
Top 10 list items UX/VD Best way to represent list of 10 searched products, the list change every hour, It is different for every area of operation. Viewer can see day history. caution : Use open source items I am quoting a fixed price, but can switch to hourly rate if the freelancers wishes. 3 Grafik Tasarımı, Kullanıcı Deneyimi Tasarımı, Görselleştirme Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Bitti €100
Designer for Conference Backdrop and Panels We are a media company in New Delhi, India. We are looking for a designer/visualiser who can help us in designing the conference backdrop and some panels. 18 Grafik Tasarımı, Görsel Sanatlar, Görselleştirme Sep 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017Bitti €329
Automate an Excel Workbook using code Background - We are an education company that specializes in standardized test prep. Task: Take an excel workbook and turn it into an automated reporting function on our website. We are preparing to create a learning management system. The student will have access to take quizzes. Once the quiz is completed, the teacher receives a dashboard on their account. We need help with automating ... 24 PHP, Görselleştirme Sep 5, 2017 Sep 5, 2017Bitti €9
Video of VR Experience I would like to have a video where a person draws something in VR. Look at this example: [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] What I can provide: * A video of a person wearing the VR-Headset (if required, the person standing in front of a green/white/etc screen). * A video of the 3d environment from a different perspective (not the user VR perspective), ... 16 Video Düzenleme, Adobe Premiere Pro , Görselleştirme Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017Bitti €31
build a logo i want to get designed a small intro video for my youtube channel related to magic 1 Görselleştirme Sep 2, 2017 Sep 2, 2017Bitti €17
Hire a WordPress Developer I have a wordpress help site for my team. I would like to create a business analytics centre to visualise my data for the group, and per store. Each user will be assigned a location (allow multiple selections). Scope I am more than happy for you to use existing plugins to get the desired result. Better to not reinvent the wheel. My budget on this is pretty tight. Adding Data Some data ... 40 WordPress , Görselleştirme Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Bitti €132
Project for marvaland Hi marvaland, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 9 Windows Masaüstü, Veri İşleme, Excel, , WPF, Görselleştirme Aug 26, 2017 Aug 26, 2017Bitti €7
artist rendition of a car 1967 impala 4 door hardtop (PILLARLESS) deep black/purple (purple in the light) no chrome on the side 13 İllüstratör, Görsel Sanatlar, Dijital Tasarım, Görselleştirme, Drawing Aug 22, 2017 Aug 22, 2017Bitti €33
Architecture/landscape architecture visuals I will create visualisations for a project that you have, this can be for any creative project within the realm if Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and more 12 Konsept Tasarımı, Photoshop Tasarımı, Görselleştirme, Adobe Illustrator Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Bitti €494
Tableau Analysis of Call Center Data I have some call center data I need to analyze. Looking to create some graphs in Tableau or similar 22 Mantıksal Analiz, Çağrı Merkezi, Tableau, Görselleştirme Aug 3, 2017 Aug 3, 2017Bitti €326
Sketch up for a dental clinic, Hi, I am starting a dental clinic and need some help to make a visualisation, 3d visualisation, sketch up or 3d design of the interior. I will send a skiss on photoshop of all the rooms including in the clinic, i have named the rooms (ex, reception, waiting room/lobby, store, locker room etc). I want someone to make an animation with all the equipments in each room in 3d, i will attach som... 62 Google SketchUp, 3D Modelleme, 3D Animasyon, Görselleştirme Jul 27, 2017 Jul 27, 2017Bitti €193
I would like to hire an Artist We are looking for a graphic illustrator for a workshop we are hosting in SWAN HILL VICTORIA. This Sunday the 30th JULY. I know very short notice. YOU NEED TO COME IN PERSON> AUSTRALIA The workshop focus is on the impacts of rural decline on CFA volunteers and ways to address this problem. We are looking for an artist that can participate through graphic illustration of the conversations 30 İllüstratör, Örnekleme, Atölyeler, Storyboard, Görselleştirme Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 2017Bitti €258
Interior Design (Door and wall painting) Freelancer .from kolkata. currently in mumbai. 1 Sanat & El Sanatları, Görüntüleme, Görselleştirme Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 2017Bitti €66
Design a stunning rendering of a home on a vacant lot for sale - architecture We are a real estate company in the Bahamas, trying to think of new ideas in order to sell vacant land. It would be really awesome to show specific pieces of land (photos will be provided) with architectural renderings of tropical homes on. We are hoping that this way more people will be interested in buying the lot. We will make sales videos using the drawings, and advertise the lots on Google an... 25 Yazılım Mimarisi, Reklam Tasarımı, Yaratıcı Tasarım, Görselleştirme Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 2017Bitti €1014
UNREAL ENGINE FOR architecture and medicine We are focusing to develope project based on Unreal Engine for architects etc. This is just one part of the project, second half is focusing to medicine and simulations. If You can work in Unreal Engine and You can work with lights, materials and prepare project for HTC VIVE, just write me please :) Short cooperations or longer cooperations. (removed by [url kaldırıldı, görüntülem... 17 Oyun Tasarımı, İnşaat Mimarisi, Oyun Geliştirme, Görselleştirme Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 2017Bitti €27
Data visualization with Deck.gl Need someone familiar with react, web gl and uber [url kaldırıldı, görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for data visualization. Need to show seismic events on a global map with circles that vary in sizes and colours depending on the event size. It should be able to receive the data in real time and show them on the map Check if you can work with [url kaldırıldı, görünt... 7 Javascript, React.js, Veri Bilimi, Görselleştirme Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Bitti €95
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