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Workday Compensation is the software module for managing employee compensation. It’s the perfect tool for to creating, validating, and managing employee compensation data, including options like pay grades, salary structures and merit budgeting. With Workday, plans can be modified with ease and adjusted as needed so that employee compensation remains up-to-date with evolving internal and market changes.

A Workday Practitioner is a specialized expert in implementing end-to-end solutions using Workday Technology. A practitioner can guide the clients on what best practices and procedures to take; whether it be setting up HR roles and permissions, configuring benefit plans, or assigning a headcount limit against each salary structure in a single compensation cycle.

Here's some projects that our expert Workday Practitioners made real:

  • Established consistent management of employee compensation across multiple business units by enabling workflows and configuring salary components.
  • Developed a framework to accurately measure equity performance and establish reward structures that align with business objectives
  • Created pay structures within region-specific laws compliant with best practices for employee recruitment and retention.
  • Implemented an automated payroll cycle or processed ad hoc payments for employees

Whether you’re just starting out or conducting a major restructuring of employee compensation, an experienced Workday Practitioner from can help you achieve your goals. With detailed analysis, compliance guidance for laws and regulations, and configuration of customizations to make sure your organization’s unique needs are met, you can depend on a Workday Practitioner from our platform to make sure your employee compensation is supercharged in every way. Post your project today on to hire an experienced Workday Practitioner and get started on making the most out of your employee compensations!

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