Yii2 is an open-source framework for PHP used by developers to create complex web applications faster and easier. The framework is agile and has huge scalability, meaning that Yii2 is capable of accommodating multiple projects, both small and large, with ease. Yii2 enables developers to use existing code and modify existing structures to the client’s specific needs. This allows clients to get incredibly detailed and customized solutions perfectly tailored to their project pretty quickly.

A skilled Yii2 developer can build dynamic web applications with large amounts of data quickly. Using Yii2 has its advantages; it ensures that the overall performance of the application is higher while still providing extra security. While developing with Yii2 one will experience stability, flexibility and unbeatable performance.

Here’s some projects that our expert Yii2 Developers made real:

  • working on customization and updates on current web applications
  • converting an application from Yii2 to a different framework
  • incorporating authentication using Keycloak
  • integrating user profiles within a project
  • adding features such as captcha, email validator and password strength
  • protection mechanisms for families

From updating old web applications to creating family protection measures, a skilled Yii2 Developer can make any project come to life with effortless scalability and security at the same time. Our experts make sure any website created runs seamlessly without bugs or hiccups, each application providing its own unique features as per the client’s requirements. Clients can rest easy knowing that they can trust our expert developer team with whatever their project may be.

If you have an idea or a business plan, bring it over to us on Freelancer.com to hire a skilled Yii2 Developer who will take your project and make it come true in no time!

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    Identification Document and Agent Affirmation screens Please enter 3 pieces of identification. WebPicID needs 3 pieces of identification and an agent to affirm the new Member’s identity. The Agent is credited an Agency Fee for each Act of Agency. New Members can enter the ID details in text or Take Pictures of their ID. The Agent(must be 18+ years old) needs to look at the Pictures of the Id documents or Text and the original Id contents. Members can type in the information on the ID Document screens below. OR _Press here to select Picture input Then the primary ID picture input form appear. Canera feed Picture Take a picture Once we take a picture The agent fills out the type expiry date and serial number. We need a save and next button to save the picture. And Create a hidd...

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