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I am ready to do it this week.


-An intro that can be used on other videos.

- 10 minute animation which includes the intro

- sync animation with narration

- must be able to understand english in order to listen to the narration

Name of project:

(The Most Hated Know It All's Autobiography.)

Character's name: (Moshkial)

Animation details:

Each 10 minute episode will be a story from Moshkials life. The first episode will be of her lying to her parents about going to the library as a teenager. But instead her and a friend decides to skip the library; and make an adventure . They want to go to long island to buy polo ralph lauren shirts, for a party in their neighborhood called ," the name brand affair". Subsequntly they end up getting chased by a random stranger onto highway. They end up running down the yellow lines dividing the highway trapped between tractor trailers coming down down both sides of the highway..they both get picked up by a random stranger while running down the middle of the [url removed, login to view] make it back to brooklyn only to get chased by police for hopping Subway (train) turnstile . they end up walking all the way home. And they dont get the shirts because marshalls ( the store)was close. This is a very true story. It from my personal life and I wanted to leave behind something from my life before I die. Therefore I want to create these videos as something that people can look back on and get a Laugh or maybe just be entertained. I want to keep my identity a secret because My stories will get really crazy and embarasssing. Each 10 minutes will end with lil advice. Which can be the outro. Thanks for helping me with this project.

As soon as i am contacted i will do the milsetone for the amount requested. I am anxiously waiting for a reply.

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