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I have a data analysis task to use the excel pivot tables. Data Analysis Report

Imagine the following scenario - You are hired as the new assistant to the executive board. You are asked to prepare a meeting for tomorrow, in which the board will expect a full briefing based on the data you have been given (raw data set).  Remember, they already know the data - your job is to reveal the trends, patterns, find information, dig for the hidden gems that will help the organization improve!

Do the data analysis and creation of visuals in your excel file – save it with a file name reflecting that work - include your name in the file name please. You should end up with tabs like the following snip, at a minimum. Submit this file along with your finalized project. 

Tabs: Data, Overview, Sales Overview, Sales Overview Diagram, Top Customers, Top Customers Diagram, Top Products, Top Products Diagram, Top Regions, Top Regions Diagram

At a minimum, you must discuss the following questions, and offer visual support for each: 

Sales Overview:

How have sales developed in 2013 – compared to the year before?

Who are the top 10 customers in each year? What changes can be noted? 

What are the top 10 products in each year? What changes can be noted? 

How are sales distributed over the regions? Have shifts occurred? 

What else might be helpful?

TIP: You should be able to produce visuals that look similar to these snips:

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