Creating a B2B Marketing Kit

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CHALLENGE: Develop a unique Technical Support B2B marketing kit that could house promotional materials including a corporate brochure, Technical Support Services, product sales sheet inserts etc.

The Difference Page - how we are different and showing the benefits of doing business with us. Don't tell them what we do. I like to keep this one to the top 3 or 4 things that we do that our target market will value.

Deeper Differences - Now take each core difference and tell the reader in greater detail why and how that difference is important.

A List of Services/Products - Technical Support packages, partner products such as:


BitDefender, Avast, Panda (all these products provide Endpoint Protection and BitDefender has Gravity zone)

Cloud Backup for Businesses


Zoolz Intelligent Cloud


Deeper Product/Service Descriptions - Go into detail on each of your product or service offerings and also show pricing.

Case Studies - Pick representative clients or industries and outline how our product or service solved someone else's challenge. People learn in different ways and case studies allow them to see themselves getting relief. I think this format works well. State the situation, the problem, our solution, the result.

Testimonials - Get quotes from real live clients and create a page titled - "See what others have to say about us." These quotes can be some of the strongest selling tools you have. New technologies make it easy to create audio and video testimonials too.

Client List - In some cases, just simply listing who else you do business with can present a compelling case.

Process Description - Show them how we do what we do. Create a detailed checklist and flow charts that show them how we keep our promise. In many cases, These also help us justify why we charge a premium for our services. Many people underestimate how much really goes into delivering a quality product or service. So show them.

Company’s Story - Many companies have interesting or even gut wrenching histories. Tell me how you need this typed up.

Any information that you would need, go ahead and request it.

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