Youtube ads for an ecommerce for car spare parts

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I need a video to illustrate a scenario that I have written for a youtube ads

The text is in french I made a quick translation I think that the meaning is the most important here.

This text will be recorded to play with the video.

I need to have the ability to edit the video after so I can put the text in french, the logo, the brand name, and add the audio file.

Here is the text (all things between () are just for explanation)

"Do you have a car? So wait to hear that. (to attract poeple to don't click to skip on youtube)

My name is joseph et I've just buy a car, well a used one yeah :/

you are probably saying congratulations, ok wait to see !

After a few months I figure out that I need to change the brakes, the shock absorber, the oil and the filters, so I went to see my car dealer, it's like normal…

And hell I was surprised, they said I have to get an appointment and the Bill you don't want to hear about it

So I went to google a solution and I found XXXXX

And hell I was surprised too, but in the opposite way

genuine parts with a one year of warranty

imported directly from the manufacturer with a very interesting price

and the treatment is just top, you just have to give them the VIN (vehicule indentifier number)

you receive your order the same day if you are in PARIS and in 24h for the other cities

you don't believe that, ok go try and you will see

you always have the right to return your order till 2 weeks after et get a refund of 100%.

So if you are afraid for your safety and your budget, if you want to have a genuine parts for an unbeatable price go now visit XXXXXX"

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