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I want to materialise with an illustration, the myth of an amazonian goddess of beauty called Waliwa. This illustration intends to be the point of start of a very interesting, rich of history and culture, branding process for an exotic and natural cosmetic brand products.

Some specifications: very illustrative/ conceptual lineart BW illustration showing the 2 main stages of the story: waliwa offering the potion of beauty to the ugly man and Waliwa offering beauty to the world. The scenario must show amazon jungle, vegetation, lakes, maybe some animals, but focusing on Waliwa as a beauty goddess.

This is the story that must be represented in an illustration:

According to the Curripacos - natives of the Arawako family, inhabitants since 3000 years a.c. Of the Amazon border in the Colombian zone-: Waliwa is the morning star.

Legend says. That Waliwa, before being a star, was a very beautiful and charming woman, she fell in love with all men but could not reciprocate that love. According to the myth, a physically ugly man was despised by women and was hopelessly in love with Waliwa and suffered from his disdain. One day this man goes to the river and tries to fight his ugliness by washing with stones and plants from the jungle. For three days and three nights he bathes in the water and on the third day he meets Waliwa, who seductively offers him a potion made of barks, flowers and fruits. Along with this elixir, Waliwa gives him his own beauty, but asks him never to mention that she was the one who did it. She then invites him to meet the world and tells him to return after enjoying his beauty and after confirming he is still in love with her.

That is how, the man part transformed and from that moment the women who before rejected him, now want him and seduce him. The man smiles and silently lives his live and finally one day he decides to return to Waliwa. Together they undertake a journey through all the cardinal points to the city of eternity. There she becomes a star and from the sky continues delivering beauty and harmony to the world.


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