Do a simple power point presentation only 5 pages, Little tex

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You must be completely fluent in English as i need to be able to communicate easily in English,

I need a simple 5-page powerpoint presentation for my son. It needs to be for Ice Hockey.

so needs to be a ice hockey theme with images you can use from the internet:

these are the words for the 5 slides:

SLIDE 1, Hi, today I am going to talk to you about one of my favourite sports - Ice Hockey! With a Ice hockey image in back ground and the words coming in and dropping down.

SLIDE , 2 Ice Hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, in a rink, in which 2 teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

Slide 3, Ice Hockey is a pretty rough sport that consists of 12 players fighting over a little 3" puck that can be launched like a missile. Add skates and big sticks and you have the potential for injury.

Playing over ice also increases the risk as ice can cause both shock and serious internal injuries.

Therefore players wear the following protective kit:

Helmet. ( have these dropping in showing a helmet )

Neck guard ( have these dropping in showing a neck guard )

Body armour ( have these dropping in showing body armour )

Elbow guards (have these dropping in showing elbow guards)

Gloves ( have these dropping in showing gloves )

Shorts ( have these dropping in showing shorts )

Shin Guards (have these dropping in showing shin guards)

Skates - skates can range from £40 up to £1000( have these dropping in showing skates )

so it makes a full ice hockey players kit looking a ice hockey man, but without the physical person.

SLIDE 4. A regular season game has 60 minutes of playing time, broken into 3 - 20 minute periods.

There is a 17 minute intermission between each period.

To keep the game under control there are many time penalties given by the referee for different offences.

The players 'time off the ice' is spent in the Penalty Box and timings range from 2 minutes to the remainder of the game.

This gives the other team an advantage of having an extra player or players on the ice- this is called 'Power Play'.

SLIDE 5, Our local Ice Hockey team is called the Cardiff Devils. They have won 3 cups this season including winning the Elite League.

If you get an opportunity to go and watch them - then go - as they are on fire at the moment

Thank you for listening to my presentation hope you enjoyed!

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