How To Stay Married to a Narcissist and Remain (Relatively) Happy

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Creative Writer to write about - "How I've Stayed Married To a Narcissist and Remained (Reasonably) Happy"

- ($150 writing fee. Those offering combination BEST BID + BEST STORY + BEST WRITING CREDENTIALS + can manage a due date of April 3rd, 2017 will get the most consideration for this project).

- I'd like a minimum 10,000-12,000 word Word Document TRUE STORY report - written in FIRST person but with FICTIONAL NAMES to guard privacy of the people in the story.

- Your story should be completely original - NOT found anywhere else.

- Your story will be a self-self help report to people who are stuck with a narcissistic spouse but want to STAY in the marriage (for whatever reason - children, finances, etc)

- Your story should tell the reader about the challenges of remaining married to a narcissist, how you have overcome the challenges of being married to a narcissist, why you have remained in the marriage, and any advice to the reader about whether it's even worth the effort to save the marriage. If so, how should they go about staying in the marriage and have at least some happiness?

- What are the emotional dangers of remaining with a narcissist? (Note: I don't want to get into physical abuse because I don't want to advise anyone to stay in a physically abusive situation).

- Your story should be told in first person, with lots of dialogue between the "characters" to instill realism and to break up the narration. Some profanity is fine and even encouraged. Again, I want it to come across as "real" as possible in order to keep it interesting.

- This ebook/report is meant to be a resource for people who have been emotionally abused by a narcissistic marital partner, but for whatever reason (children, for example) they want to find a way to stay married. You should only apply for this IF you are or were in a long-term marriage, have found ways to empower yourself and can give CRITICALLY IMPORTANT ADVICE to the reader about how you have effectively remained in a marriage with a narcissist and still have some degree of happiness.

Detailed Requirements:

The report must be...

Written by a NATIVE English speaker.

Reasonably proofread and edited before submitting it to me (PLEASE!)

ORIGINAL WORK - We check thoroughly for plagiarism and won't stand for it - Don't Do It!

A font size of 12 points

Times new roman font type

Single spaced

With margins no more than 1 inch on all sides (left, right, top, bottom)

I also need you to include;

- (Mandatory) I'll need a book description/sales page. - ie -a half page or so of bullet points, teasing the reader about what they will find in your story (without giving away too much, but enticing them to read)

Acceptance of your bid will be judged by amount of your fee, reviews listed for your work, convincing me that you have a relevant and compelling story to write, grasp of English language and creative writing samples.

Please reply with the phrase RED DRAGON, to show you are detail oriented and have read this job description thoroughly.

NOTE - Selected writer will be paid strictly from our agreed-upon one-time FLAT FEE. All rights will be transferred over to me to edit, market and distribute the report as I see fit. No royalties or commissions are paid to the writer other than the one-time agreed-upon flat fee for writing the report.

NOTE #2 - If you read feedback from my past authors, they have enjoyed working with me. I'm very easy to get along with AS LONG AS people don't take advantage of me.

Thank you for your interest in this project!



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