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Scientific Research Paper: GRADING RUBRIC

Title Page

− *The Title should have fewer than 12 words (count them!) and it should be specific and scientific (e.g., what species are you dealing with?) *The Title should also reflect the content of the paper

− If possible, add an image of your organism to the title page.


− Summarize the major points (including Intro, material and methods, and results).

− The abstract must be 100-250 words (count them!) and it should be written in complete sentences after the entire report is completed.


− *The introduction should be a clear and concise introduction to the major topics of your research.

− *It should have citations of papers/articles that support and relate the topics being discussed.

Materials and Methods

− *Describe the materials used in sentences (NOT LISTS).

− *How were materials used for the experimental and control conditions?

− *How were measurements made?

− Provide enough detail that someone reading your paper could reproduce the exact experiment.

− DO NOT include the names of people or places that did the research (these are not important).


− *Please describe the results in paragraph form, as well as figures (graphs, tables, etc.).

− *Graph the data.

− *The graphs must have a title.

− *The graph y-axis must list “Dependent variable, units.” (Put in your dependent variable.)

*The graph, x-axis must list “Independent variable, units.” (Put in your independent variable.)

− *The graph must plot data obtained.

*Look at similar studies and see how they graphed their data (i.e. bar graph, line graph, scatter plot, etc.)


− *Relate the data to the hypothesis for both experiments. You must say whether you accept or reject your hypothesis! (Remember you cannot prove a hypothesis true; you can only accept the hypothesis or say the data supports your hypothesis. Or, if it is false, you can say you do not accept the hypothesis because the data do not support it.)

− Look for trends and major conclusions based on your data. Relate these to other studies that agree or disagree with your results.

− Suggest additional experiments that would clarify or reinforce your research.

− Extend the results to other systems, for example other organisms or populations. Find and cite papers that have already looked at such comparisons.

Literature Citation Page

− Cite at least 5 sources (3 have to be from a professional, peer-reviewed journal). Others can be from books, semi-technical articles, or online (least accepted).

− Make sure you cite in your paper and in the lit cited page according to APA style

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