YouTube- Facebook Indian Pakistani musician project: upload, SEO

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YouTube- Facebook Indian Pakistani musician project: upload, SEO


This is an ongoing project which will repeat every year. My father is a South Asian musician based in North America who has grown quite popular on YouTube for the past 10 years. He has 500 subscribers and one million video views. He sings in the following music genres: ghazal, sufi, religious, bollywood, Pakistani songs, traditional folk, Indian songs, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

Your core responsibility as a person or agency is to create a brand new and much more advanced YouTube channel for my dad. We need you to re-upload the videos my dad has promoted for the past 9 and a half years on his new YouTube channel. Please note that you will re-upload his videos as well as new videos on his new YouTube Channel. You must edit each video by placing an advertisement of his new Facebook page before re-uploading all the videos on YouTube.

My dad's desire is to use new SEO techniques to ensure he receives maximum promotion on YouTube which will help him get noticed by the world. We both believe that technology on YouTube has improved since his channel's inception in 2007 and we need your help to increase his promotion. Bear in mind that my dad did not receive any form of promotion on YouTube from 2007 to 2017; all we did in promoting his music was the basic uploading videos and creating tags, but he still received one million views from this time period - we think it's an amazing achievement in of itself. With this in mind, a very important goal of your job is to help my dad reach a larger target market in a more efficient manner.

Job requirements


*YouTube and Facebook work hand in hand. You will promote my dad's music material on a new YouTube channel and Facebook page created by you.

*A fundamental requirement of this job is that you speak Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu fluently; you must also be interested in Indian music, and you must have prior knowledge about promoting musicians via YouTube.

*Please note I am open to hiring people who don't speak Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu, but this candidate must have a proven track record at promoting music artists on YouTube. I have to see your YouTube success stories.

*You must transfer YouTube content to Facebook for promotion.

*You will label all of my dad's songs (music videos) on YouTube by carefully following the instructions we send to you via email;

*You will add channel art to his new YouTube page;

*You will apply SEO techniques to each video you upload on his new channel: each video must contain several tags and keywords which will lead to highest potential results. The idea you should have in mind is to use effective tags in an effort to promote my dad's music and reach his target market all over the world;

*You are required to upload his videos in the highest quality;

*Above all, you must create ways to attract organic traffic for his new YouTube videos, that is real people who are interested in his music and want to see him perform in person.

I am willing to listen to your offer in our conversations on Guru. If you have a good track record at promoting musicians on YouTube, please discuss your quote with me.

*The exciting part of this project is that you can earn additional milestones which will celebrate your job success at the end of the project.

*Please make sure you are using a safe Internet connection when logged into my dad's social media account on YouTube.

*You must make yourself available to discuss our project on a regular basis via Guru..


*Please also note that I will make a milestone deposit via Guru before you start the job.

*I do not have a direct quote in mind so please be realistic with your offer. I can hire you and make a deposit as soon as possible. However, please try to keep the quote between $500 to $1,600. I can go over $1,600 in the right situation.

*Let's build a relationship together.

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