Create a Video Moving from Outer Space to a Specific Spot on Earth

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I'm creating a documentary (about Chinese ancient history/Great Wall) that takes place in China and for the opening scene I want a camera view that moves from outer space and then zooms to a specific spot in China. The length of the video can be adjusted by slowing it or speeding it, so length isn't sensitive, but, ideally, the video should be 50 seconds. For the moment I am using a Google Earth video shot (see below), but I wish to own the complete rights to everything in my documentary, so for this specific shot I need to replace my Google Video with something original and owned by me. I will provide any freelancer who accepts this project with the latitude and longitude of the place to zoom in on . I don't expect Star Wars quality, but the cooler it looks, the happier I will be.

The Google Video is, naturally, full of text and it shows city names as you zoom in - no text and no city names are required for this project.

The example I provide has the title of the episode - I need no title on the new video. All I need is a black screen to begin - I will add the title myself.

I was unable to upload the Google Earth video to Freelancer because it is too big, so I've put it up on YouTube. The video is called, "Zoom from Outer Space to Zhenbeitai" and you can view it here: [url removed, login to view]

For the future, this is an on-going project (more documentaries under construction) and I can guarantee I will need more of the same type of videos but moving to different locations in China.

If you think you're the person for this project, please let me know.

Thank you.


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