Whiteboard animation, Motion graphic, Typographic Templates for Explainer videos, Marketing Videos, Ad videos, Storytelling Videos, Tutorial videos, Course creation videos and so on. For all types of Industries.

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I'm looking for a creative partner with expertise in whiteboard animation, motion graphics and typographic animation for my projects. I'm in need of high quality templates for explainer videos, marketing videos, advertisements, storytelling videos, tutorials, course creation videos and many other industries. The duration of video I want is 1 to 3 minutes. I would like the animation style to include all of the three, ie whiteboard animation, motion graphic and typographic animation. Also, I'm looking for templates specifically for bulk purchase instead of script creation.

I'm searching for a long-term partner with whom I can collaborate on multiple projects across various businesses. I'm looking for someone who can provide high-quality designs that are visually stimulating and creative while still managing to be efficient and cost-effective.

I need a partner with the technical know-how and creativity to deliver the highest quality video templates possible. If you have the skills and the experience to create top-notch templates, I urge you to apply!

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