Clientless game automation, Android, HTTPS Requests


What I need done is basically Game automation via HTTPS quests using no game client, meaning, either a form app, or console app.

What would need to be done is the following:

1. Option to either login to the game with an existing accounts user ID & Transfer code, OR an option to start a brand new account from scratch.

2. Once you're logged in with either a brand new account or an existing one, it will then need to go and complete the story mode quests (There are a lot, though I can provide all quest IDs)

3. While its doing the quests, you will run out of in game stamina and will need to refill the stamina to continue otherwise it will hang, I can provide requests to do with refilling stamina.

4. Again, while doing quests you may be asked to sell some in game characters to continue, so you will need to go and sell some characters, I can provide card IDs of the junk

characters to sell as there are only a handful you would need to ever sell.

5. It will need to complete ALL difficulty modes while doing story quests, again, I'm able to provide ALL quest IDs needed for this.

6. When you're in an account I'd like it to check if there are any active gifts to collect, if so, it needs to collect them.

7. Once this program verifies it has completed all of the story quests successfully, it will need to go and create a transfer code so you would be able to use the account

on your mobile device, the transfer information is just your account ID + a random generated transfer code.

8. Once it has succeffully created the transfer information I'd like that information to be saved to a .txt file, OR, possibly a log file dedicated to transfer codes/ OR

a tab in the program which stores all transfer codes made, with an option to clear the text.

9. Once it has successfully done all listed above, it would then need to go and create a brand new account and start again, rinse and repeat.

I have access to basically all of the games GET/POST requests that I would be able to provide, which would include:

User data







Quest Areas


Advertisment ID


Quest Formats & Quest IDs

Accepting Gifts

Transfer Code

& So much more. To a degree I can basically provide all GET/POST Requests that would need to be used. My lack of coding knowledge is what's stopping me from doing it myself.

It seems like it's a giant puzzle that I cannot do myself and need someone to put the pieces together for me.

If it helps, I have access to the soruce code of an old project for this game, includes beating the tutorial, starting a random new account, logging x1 card. This is in C#

If it would be of any help to provide this if you're doing it in C# let me know and I can send it your way as it covers the tutorial from the start of the game, making a new account, getting x1 random card.

I've tried my best to explain everything in as much detail as possible. Basically I have next to everything request wise for this project, Though I, myself, Cannot put it

together as I lack the experience in this field.

Also, If it helps, I can explain in detail exactly how the game works from start to finish so you would have a better understanding as to the way the game works.

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