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492995 How a specific concept in science has changed over time

Part 1 will be roughly 4-5 slides in length

Pick a science concept or phenomena that has changed over time-- based on new knowledge/learning/info/understanding (ie Evolution)

SLIDE #1: list and introduce your chosen

science concept or phenomena

• Provide a logical explanation, with support, of how scientific discoveries have changed understanding of the scientific concept over time;

SLIDE #2: Include this overview info of how

your concept has changed over time

• Use THREE (3) specific examples to show/illustrate how this science concept has changed over





• On the 3 examples above, think of it as a sequential timeline-- ie what we knew way back, what we knew in the middle, and what we know present day about your science concept topic -- you

are showing the changing nature of science over time with this task

PART 2 (B): How a historical event in the natural world has added to/changed our understanding of science

• Part 2 will be roughly 4-5 slides in length

• Pick a historical event that occurred in the natural world that added to/changed our understanding of our natural world in some way (ie Mount St. Helen's Eruption)

SLIDE #6: List

and introduce your event

• Describe the social context and the historical context of the time of the event-- this is asking for what was the social/political/economic situation at the time of your event? Any historical events going on around the time of your event? Who was President? Any non-science world events going on at the time of your event? A tip for this section is to Google the year of your event, and you will see a wealth of information generated that you can select to include for this section;

SLIDE #7: Describe this social/historical context of the time in which your event took place

• Provide and discuss the impact, with sufficient support, that your historical event has had upon

our scientific understanding of the natural world;

SLIDE # 8 include this info with support

regarding your specific event

• Describe and use TWO (2) specific examples to show how your event added to/impacted our

science knowledge/understanding of the natural world;



Last Slide: List any sources used in APA format

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