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I would like an EA called MA_MixStar_EA:

The EA will have 4 MAs (user can change all their settings):

The EA will have 2 MA Crosses (user can choose from the 4 MAs above)

The MAs will be names according to their number of days

So, for the first MA, if we choose 200 Day Moving Average, the name of the MA will be MA200

For Second MA, If we choose 50 Day Moving Average, the name of the MA will be MA50 (... and So On)

MA Crosses will be also named according to their MAs.

So, for the first MA Cross, if we choose MA200 and MA50, then it will be named something like MA200Cross50

The Names will be helpful later one when we put them in the trade comments area.

The EA will be posted on ONE CHART PER CURRENCY PAIR (Example: Daily chart)

The user can choose true/false for each of the following 6 Time Frames:

M30 = True

H1 = True

H4 = True

D1 = True

W1 = True

MN = True

Basically, the EA will be put Only on one chart per currency pair,

BUT it will search all selected TFs for the MAs and MA crosses

If any of the TFs are true, all the settings, MAs and MA Crosses will be applied to those TFs

Other then the MA and MA Cross Settings, Other settings will be:

(Choose ONLY ONE of the options bellow)

TradeBar = 2; //Which Bar to Use to search for new crosses


1 - CurrentActiveBar

2 - CurrentClosedBar

3 - NextClosedBar

4 - After2ClosedBars

5 - After3ClosedBars

SLOpposite = True; //If True, use the opposite side of the MA and MA cross to close the trade

The options will be EXACTLY the same as Above (TradeBar = )

So if TradeBar = 3, then the Trade will close with that condition

Each TF (If true), can have ONLY ONE Trade until condition changes. (Only One BUY or One SELL).

Again, The EA will open one Trade per condition per TF per MA and per MA Cross.

Example: if the BAR went ABOVE MA200 in H4 TF, then it will open ONLY one BUY trade until the BAR goes BELLOW the MA1 in 4H TF.

Then it can open ONE SELL Trade, ... and so on.

For each TF, the EA can open new trades for each of the 4 MAs and MA Crosses

So, for each TF, If CONDTIONS ARE MET, the EA CAN Open UP TO 6 New Trades per condition (one for each of the 4 MAs and 1 for each of the 2 MA Crosses)

Example, MA200 can open a new trade and MA50 can open a new trade (and so with the other MAs)and MACross1 can open a new trade and MACross2 Can Open a new Trade

In case MT4 or the EA restarts, I want the EA to take new trades ONLY on next condition (next cross) to avoid multiple new duplicate trades

(unless you can think of another better way to handle this)

NOW, Here are the default settings:

extern string EA_Name = "--- MA MixStar EA ---";

EA_Sleep_Mode = False; //If true, disable the EA temporarly

OpenBUY = True;

OpenSELL = True;

Trade_Sunday_First_2hours = false ======> If false, do not open new trades on sunday first 2 hours of the day

Trade_Friday_Last_2hours = false ======> If false, do not open new trades on friday last 2 hours of the day

LotSize = .10; // Lot Size (Pips)

LossLotSize = .10 //If the last trade of a particular TF and condition ended up in a loss, next time the EA opens a new trade of that particular TF and MA or MA Cross, then add this to the lotSize.

TP = 250; // Take Profit

SL = 250; // Stop Loss

BE_AT = 50; // Move SL to BreakEven after 50 pips in profit

BE_Extra = 10; // Extra Pips added to BreakEven

SLMove_Every = 30; // Every 30 pips, move SL 10 pips

SLMove_To = 10; // Every 30 pips, move SL 10 pips

Slippage = 3; // Maximum Slippage

MagicNumber; // Unique, Automatic

Each TF and Each Pair will be different (chosen automatically by the EA)

If possible, please add the date and time to the magic number to make is even more unique

TurnONAlerts = false; // If True, show sound/pop-up alerts

SendEmail = false; // If True, send open/close trades to email

extern string EAComment = "MA_MixStar_EA"; // show this in the new trade comments

The trade comment will look like this

<EAComment>.<MA or MA Cross title>.<TF>.<Counter> ====> the counter will start with 1 for each TF, MA AND MA Cross

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