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browser with chromecast and apple tv integration for ios

The app should have all the functionality of a browser. All the things one would expect from a normal browser (CSS, Javascript, etc) but with capabilities to connect to AppleTV and Chromecast. When the browser is opened it should display favourites and frequently visited sites as widget (just like Safari on PC's first page). The browser should have a unique ID (a UDID) who should survive app reinstall. It should be saved on Google Cloud or iCloud or something like keychain. If it is possible maybe even in both of these places to increase the chances the UDID remains the same after app reinstall. The browser should send this UDID when the JavaScript "[login to view URL] " request is received. The UDID will be used to generate user certificates server side. The browser should be able to recognise "p12" files (PKCS12 mime type) and it should try to decrypt the certificate using a "default" password. The default password should be the return value of a hashing function like md5(UDID). If the default password cannot decrypt the certificate, the app should display a prompt and allow the user to input the certificate's password. If the default password can successfully decrypt the cert file, the browser should display issuer data and ask user's permission to store the cert on local data. The cert file will be stored encrypted, to avoid any unauthorised access to it. Only the browser should be able to use the cert file. When the secured site that issued the certificate, requests the user's certificate the browser should decrypt the cert and send it to authenticate the user. The certificate data should be kept in memory for easy access until the app is closed, unless you consider this a security threat. The browser should have a view where user can view saved certificates/ install new certificates / delete certificates. The new certificates should be imported either from e-mail or from a remote link. The browser should also support importing Poot Certificates following the same user approval process. It would be great if both certificates could be installed in one step, with a single bundle combined file containing both Root CA Certificate and user auth certificate. This way the user will not be forced to do the same action two times to basically accept to install necessary security measures in order to use a site and its affiliate servers. When the user clicks on a video link the player should kick in (just like in Safari). The player should be able to play HD and UHD HLS streams both on Android and iOS (test links for such streams will be provided). And it should have all the functions the Safari player has plus the option to increase and decrease the subtitle font. This is particularly useful while casting to Chromecast or AppleTV and the user's distance from TV requires to modify the text size. The player should have Chromecast and AppleTV connect buttons when these devices are detected near by. The player should also have a subtitle track selector for streams with multiple text tracks. If the browser detects a previously used device it should automatically connect to it without user action. The player should keep a record of every played video and the timecode the playback was stopped. This list should be exportable via a javascript "[login to view URL]" request. In order to restore video history saved on server, for some user that deleted and then reinstalled the app. The browser should also support a restore video history function (also via a javascript request - something like "[login to view URL]"). Every time a video is lunched the browser should check the video history and jump to the saved timecode if such information exists, otherwise it should start from the beginning. Also the browser should offer the possibility to enter and exit "Full screen" mode "programatically" via javascript request. The browser should register a custom protocol on the device (or something like this) in order to automatically open a special link format (received by e-mail) with this browser and avoid user copy/paste from e-mail to browser's address bar. The code should be written in native language (Swift and Java). In order to avoid publishing delays, we will need your assistance to upload the app on AppStore and Google Play.

Beceriler: Apple Xcode, Mobile App Development, JavaScript, iPhone

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