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15003 Email System in ASP/MS SQL

I need a stable email system that can send out anywhere from 5 to 10,000 emails quickly and do so with stability (not break or timeout half-way through sending). The system needs to be written in ASP Classic, entirely in script, and use MS SQL 2000 as the back-end. I will consider a system written in ASP.NET using MS SQL 2000 back-end, but you would need to convince me of the reasons why (and they would need to be significant), and the final result would need to be much better since I know nothing about programming in ASP.NET and could not do modifications to your code. The system should allow the administrator to: 1. Set up and store database connections to MS SQL tables and provide a placeholder name to each. For example, I may have 3 tables of recipients/contacts: the first for newsletter subscribers, the second for job seekers and a third table for advertisers. I would want to be able to create a connection named "Newsletter Subscribers" and point to the database and table for that placeholder name. Similarly, I may want to create a second connection for "Job Seekers" and a third for "Advertisers." I'd also need to specify the column name for the "email address" and column name for the "opt-in/out" bit (see #19 below). 2. I'd like to be able to send out HTML and/or text emails. The system should provide two text boxes (one for HTML and the second for text) and if both are in use, then send out the email in multi-part email format. If only one (HTML or text) is in use, then send out the email only in that format. The idea is that if someone sends out an email in HTML *and* text and the recipient gets it on their Blackberry, it will display in text but also display in HTML when they get back to their computer. Note: the HTML will be input as coding. I do not need a WYSIWYG HTML Editor. 3. For the emails I'm sending out, I'd like to be able to specify A) a subject line, B) a "From Name" and C) a "From Email Address" and D) a priority. I'd also like the option of selecting from a pull down list box of From Name/Email Address pairs that have been used on previous campaigns (the system needs to save old campaigns, see #X below). 4. I want to specify the list to send to based on the connections (item #1 above), and it should display how many recipients are on each list. I also want to be able to use other columns of the table for personalization of the email. For example, the first column might be the first name of the recipient, the second column the last name, and the fourth column their favorite color. I want the email address to be that used to send the email to, and I want to be able to use various other fields within the email by using "##" (two number signs) surrounding a field name. So if the first name field was "First_Name", within the email I would use "##First_Name##" and the system would know to do a substitution (all of the examples in the previous two sentences would be without quotes, of course). 5. I'd like to be able to browse my computer and attach up to two files to the email. 6. I'd like to create and maintain multiple suppression lists, and be able to select one or more suppression lists for use within an email that is being sent out. For example, I might want to create a list to suppress any email (not send out an email) that has "[url removed, login to view]" in it. Or create a second list to suppress any email that has "diverdan(at)" and "[url removed, login to view]" in it. 7. I'd like to be able to send a test message to myself, so I can preview a campaign before I send it out. 8. I'd like to be able to save an email message without sending it out, for use at a later date. 9. I'd like to be able to re-use an email message that's been sent out in the past by copying it to an unsent email that can be edited and saved. 10. I'd like to be able to search through previous campaigns' subject and body by keyword, and page through 20 saved or old email messages at a time. 11. For #4 above, if a field that I'd like to include is a date field, I'd like the ability to specify the format for the date (e.g. "June 1, 2006", "1 June 2006", "6/1/06", "1/6/06", "June 1", etc.). I'd also like some way to specify that I'd only like to capitalize the first letter of a word (e.g. instead of ##First_Name## it might be #C#First_Name#C# to specify to capitalize just the first letter and lower-case all the other letters). 12. No graphics management is required. I don't need to upload graphics to the system for use within emails. Assume that any HTML used will reference graphics that are already on some other server. 13. When emails are being sent out, I'd like the system to update the screen with the status of the send so that the user knows where the send is in the process, and approximately how long is left. 14. I don't want the system to timeout while sending as this would be problem some in tracking down who received the email and who didn't. 15. Assume emails will send out immediately, so no time scheduling for sending is necessary. 16. On Text emails, I'd like a button that allows me to wrap the text to 72 columns. 17. When viewing a list of past sent emails, I'd like the system to track how many opens there were for the HTML email and how many total emails were sent. No need to track bounces or returns. I'd also like it to track whether each email was sent as Text, HTML or HTML/Text, the date and time sent, the list (connection name), and the from name and email address. 18. I'd like to be able to delete emails from the list of "saved (but unsent) and sent emails." 19. Recipients may want to unsubscribe from the email list. I'd like to give them the option to do so. I always store my recipient subscription information in the database as a bit. If it's "1" (one) the user is subscribed. If the bit is "0" (zero) then the user is unsubscribed. I'd like to be able to insert a "Please click here to unsubscribe: [url removed, login to view][connectionstring]&e=[email] . This way the page will know what connection string (table), and the email address to change the bit to unsubscribe. 20. What else is not required: password protection for accessing the system. Contact/recipient management for adding, deleting or editing recipients on their tables. 21. **** I'd like the system interface to be so user friendly, no explanation or user's manual is necessary. I'd like it to use CSS for all formatting. Think any of the programs that 37signals has created (like Ta-Da): [url removed, login to view] They're just simple to use and a pleasure to look at. Simplicity is key. 22. Create a SQL script that will create all required tables. The table names should all start with the prefix "CampaignSys_". I'm looking for an experienced coder who can write clean code and can fully test the system on their own ASP website with MS SQL backend database. I don't require it to be perfect, but it must be tested fully and *most* (99%) bugs found. I will gratefully provide a 10 rating on this project with outstanding remarks for a nice coding job that's well tested. I must own all the rights to this system outright. I will pay 30% when I can test it on your system and it works perfectly. I will pay the remaining 70% when it works to my satisfaction on my site. I must do the install on my should be as easy as uploading the ASP files, and using your MS SQL script to create the database tables. I may have forgotten one or two things that I'd like this to do, although I think I listed everything. I'm looking for a developer who is friendly and amenable to get the job done right to the customer's satisfaction. I have a lot of other jobs like this and can give you additional work if you do an excellent job on this (easy to work with, fast, and produce error free work). I look forward to working with you. Please use the PMB for any questions. Please use the PMB to ask questions if needed before you bid.

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