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Billing,Tracking and Emailing standalone application - MSAccess, C++ or .NET IMPORTANT - No web server!

This is a revised project posting.

Previously the posting was incomplete and provided too little of a guidance/information.

The project is to build a system that is NOT Web dependent to run.

That means there should be no need to use IIS or a PWS.

The system should be a Stand-Alone and could run off any computer it will be put on, that

has MS-ACCESS installed on it.

Note: Some attributes of the requirments may need some external objects, ocx or otherwise controls.

I want all to be embedded within, so that if I need to switch computers, I can simply take the mdb

or it's directory and throw it in a different computer and run immediatly (assuming MSAccess is installed

on the other machine).

This may require different programming skills, perhaps C++ or .NET or anything that is different than just

ms-access and ASP, so please make a note of this.


I have a simple MDB database that tracks customers' orders.

It is not a very sophisticated tracking, but did the work so far.

Understanding the process: (I'm attaching the MDB, so you can follow the process easier):

A customer calls and places an order for hosting plan.

0. He gives a name of the website he wants to host (Domain Table)

1. He gives his customer name and email (Client table)

2. I link the two in a (Client-Domain Table)

3. I create an Order for the Domain (we now on refer to the Domain Name as the primary field).

I enter a Date of the order, It then prompts me to enter Order Details.

In the order details, I have Item (package 1), and Start and End Date.

Other fields used are populated as needed, but I enter Start Date, End Date, Actual Price and Qty.

That allows me to keep track of the domain.

I have a Query that I modify in it the END DATE and search for all the customers that have the same End date.

To renew the process, I enter the New Term, New Order and order details and then I then send them an email asking them to renew

their service.

I do a Copy Paste of the Order Details and paste it into an Outlook Express message and ask for money.


Ok.. that's what I have now.

This is very usefull as long as there are only 30 customers.

Past that point, it is very slow to work with.

What do I need from you?

I need to automate the process.

First, Duplicate Previous Order:


I want to view a domain, press a RenewTermOrder button and it will:

1. Create a New Order with today's date.

2. Copy Last Order Detail Items from into the Newly created Order (just the items, not the date/terms) with the PRICES and

COMMENTS! (The DATE Fields - Start Date and End Date to be left empty).

I have no problem with adding a CheckBox Field next to an Old Order and when pressing the RenewTermOrder button it will then

duplicate (as just noted) that particular order.

So that's an instant time saver for me as I don't need to copy paste or toggle between previous and new order to 'build the new


Second, Send an Email to the Client with a Checked Order:


Now that the new order is in the system, the customer needs to recieve a copy of it so he will know what he ordered, the length of the

order and how much he needs to pay.

It could be the Newly Created order, or it can be the Previous Order.

Add a CheckBox next to the Order Line and Press a PrepareAnEmail Button.

(remember, the Client Table has an Email field).

The PrepareAnEmail button will create an HTML, Rich Text Email with a formatted table that shows the order details.

It will also have a company logo, and of course few words about 'thank you for your prompt payment'.

I need to be able to modify this email template in a fast and quick way and just dump the Order Detail 'Object' somewhere in it and

then I can write above or below it.

In essense, I need a way to plug in using a Rich Text Format, few fields into an editor and right text before/after it.


<pic of logo>

Dear <customer name>

Your order detail is below:

<order detail object>

Your total amount to pay is: <calculated Total Amount field>

Please pay by April 20th, 2007.




The email must be sent via SMTP, that is it will be connected to a [url removed, login to view] and will have to log in and mail the email

exactly as a regular email would be sent out (with a username and password).

It will not run of a server. Remember this is a stand alone application.


I have no problem that the application will Create an Outlook Express Email msg and then send it using Outlook Express.

And with that,. I also have NO PROBLEM to be the one that clicks the Send Button, so you create the msg, I'll press the Send button.

Third, Print the customer's Address on an Envelope/Label


I need to physically mail them an Envelope with Hard Copy Invoice/Reciept.

I think that is the easiest of the task so far.

Either a Label Printer that I can use to stick on an envelope, or using a printer (I think a label printer is the easiest).

I just need a way to actually be able to print the correct label.

Fourth, Billing - Invoice and Reciept issuance


Currently, I'm doing my inovicing and reciepts manually and enter their number into the database.

However, it is obviously much easier to do all this automatically.

I need to be able to Print ONCE with the word ORIGINAL and any other time should print COPY on the document.

The invoice, will be very much a like as the Email we discussed earlier on the Second item.

The addition is of course to have a running number that is incremented for each invoice and each reciept.

Also, this is a bit more complicated as it needs to keep a Balance of each domain - What happens if they

do not pay Exact amount? if they pay 4 dollars too little? I need to carry over the remainder and also keep track of it.

This part is not rocket science, but does add a bit more business logic to be thought of, rather than just the mechanics

as they were earlier.

Fifth, Newsletter to clients who indicate they are willing to accept Newsletter


Currently it is not in the system, but a new field of "Willing to accept newsletter" should be in conjunction with the

Client ID, so that I can email a newsletter to all users who wish to recieve it "Marry Xmas" or otherwise.

Again, this is related to the Second item with the Email.

END of the project's objective.


My terms of payment for the selected bidder are Pay-As-You-Progress.

I will NOT pay 50% upfront, don't even bother to ask.

I have been burned before (right here in this website) and as such, I will pay as I see deliverables.

Screen shots are an excellent way to show progress. I expect to see them so that I can provide you feedback.

A 10% up front will be paid upon acceptance of said terms. So you get to see 10% from the offer first.

With each deliverable provided, 25% more will be transferred till 100%.

I pay using PayPal.

Attached are the following to get you some info:

1. Database schema as it stands today with my current application.

2. Two Screen Shots of my application today, so you see what it looks like today.

Selected bidder will recieve a copy of the current barebone application as a base to work off.


If you are a serious bidder, please make sure you fully understand the requirments.

Make sure you have the needed skill set (MS-ACCESS by itself doesn't provide the tools to create the email work that I need).

This is not a very complex project and it has repeating elements.

I am estimating a realistic budget of $250 to complete this budget.

If you can do only a portion of it,. please let me know in advance. The FIRST and SECOND items are the critical of them all. I need to complete these. the remainder are great to have and will score you extra points when measured against other bidders, but just get me 1 and 2, and I'll be happy.

Estimated time to complete: 1-2 Weeks only. If you can't do it,. let me know.


Beceriler: .NET, ASP, C Programlama, Visual Basic, Windows Masaüstü

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