Create/Modify existing HTML/ASP Pages

***Look over the in depth details. Be sure to send http links to 3 of your most relevant web design projects so we can check them. If you do not send examples we will not consider you. Also BE SURE to read over all instructions/files before bidding. The winning bidder will be expected to work from the below information and complete the entire project. The instructions below answer any questions we think a designer would have***

This email is sent to all Studio20 designers. This is a new assignment as of 08/22/06. Please review the assignment details and needed files noted below. Once you have looked over the assignment in detail and are confident that you can complete it according to the instructions and time frame below go ahead and PMB me to claim that assignment. Do not start on this assignment until you have been told that you can start. This is to ensure that we do not have 10 designers working on the same exact project at once.

Project Details

Title of project: Create/Modify A1 Textiles Webpages 082206

nature of work: Web Design- HTML/ASP Script

estimated length of assignment: 5 hours 30 mins

deadline for all work to be completed and uploaded or sent: Wednesday morning 8am PST

pay for assignment: LOWEST qualified bidder. Payment will be sent upon satisfied completion via paypal.

FTP Info:

*you must use an ftp program to access files. we recommend using WS_FTP Pro located at [url removed, login to view]

*These files are a copy of the live site located at a1textiles.com. You must keep track of the files that you are modifying and uploading. Upon completion you will be asked to let us know exactly which files need to be copied over to [url removed, login to view] FTP in order to make the new pages function on the site. Be sure to keep track of ASP/html pages you are modifying, as well as any new files that end up in the 'images' folder.

domain: [url removed, login to view]

username: ftp40159445-9

password: website

*You can view how the site will function when you upload new files by going to [url removed, login to view]

Detailed Project Instructions: you will basically be creating or modifying webpages. The pages are based on provided PSD files. There is ASP Script involved in this project that is very important. View the details below.

Pages You Will Create

I. Create a page called "Golden Touch Cam Border Towels"- This page will be based on the info from page4.psd. You will not be using the Merlin Info at the top of page4.psd. Instead use everything from Golden Touch Cam Border Towels Down. This page should function just as the other pages on the site do, in that they reference the [url removed, login to view] file (see notes above for more info)

II. Create a page called "Golden Touch Towels". This page will be based on page1.psd. It must function the same as the other webpages, and must reference menu_inc.asp. See notes above for more info.

III. Create a page called "Domestic Cam Towels"- Page needs to be designed from page5.psd. You will only be using the top part of this page that has Domestic Cam Border Towels Info. Instead of having the "Need to Save Money, See Golden Touch' say 'on page 1' instead have it simply say "Need to SAVE Money? SEE Golden Touch" in the same format, which when clicked will link to [url removed, login to view], which you created above.

Existing Pages You Will Be Modifying

I. -Homepage ([url removed, login to view])- There are a list of logos on the page that lists organizations that A-1 is a member of. Change the order of logos on the page to this: 1. American Hotel & Lodging 2. AA 3. Americas Best Value Inn 4. Choice Hotel International (you will find the logo for this @ [url removed, login to view]%20B&W%[url removed, login to view]) 5. Arizona Hotel and Lodging 6. California hotel 7. Associate Member CLIA 8. Colorado 9. New Mexico 10. Oregon 11. Washington

II. international towels.asp- page is already designed, but does not correctly reference menu_inc.asp. Make it reference the existing [url removed, login to view] so that when menu_inc is changed, this change will also appear on the international towels page. Right now the page looks like it was designed by recreating the [url removed, login to view] page. Instead it should reference the menu and header asp files just as the other pages do.

III. GoldenLuxBlanket.asp- Needs to be reworked. The page that got designed isnt looking too good. You should be using [url removed, login to view] as the basis for this page. This is the page with the Golden Lux info and the picture of the dog. DO NOT simply cut up the pieces of page12.psd. Instead use the pic of the dog, the bubble of text, and the blue background as a basis for your new webpage.

IV. -treviratrio.asp- for some reason when i told it to reference the menu it altered the menu font. Its now very big. Please see why, and make the menu look exactly the same as the other pages.


-ALL pages must function just as the live website does ([url removed, login to view]). On the live site when the [url removed, login to view] file is changed, this change follows through to the entire website, on every page that references menu_inc.asp. This function must be the same on all the new pages you are creating or modifying. This is very important and must be done.

-when using the catalog PSD page as the basis of the new webpage you're creating you should not be simply slicing up the psd and using pieces. You should make it so the page is fully editable in the future. This means the text must be editable in Microsoft Frontpage, and not simply a part of the PSD file.

-The needed PSD files are located in a folder called Catalog_Pages on the FTP. The html/asp files needed will also be found on the FTP. You should know how to find these files by observing the http link in your browser when you open [url removed, login to view]

-the final product should not reference the studio20 ftp. This means that there should be no links to [url removed, login to view] The files will simply be copied over to the live A1 Textiles Site.

-You must keep track of the files that you are modifying and uploading. Upon completion you will be asked to let us know exactly which files need to be copied over to [url removed, login to view] FTP in order to make the new pages function on the site. Be sure to keep track of ASP/html pages you are modifying, as well as any new files that end up in the 'images' folder.

Be sure to look over the details above in full before attempting to claim this project. The details above should answer any questions you may have regarding the assignment. Before emailing a question to the project manager please double check that it was not answered in the email. Do not start work on this project until you have claimed the project and been given the OK to start. You will not be paid for the assignment if you start the assignment without receiving the confirmation to start. Also, if you do end up claiming this project and working on it, when the project is completed go over the project details in full once again to ensure that you have followed all instructions.

Projects can be claimed in a number of ways:

Send a PMB with 3 relevant examples of work you've done via http links. Designers who do not send examples of their relevant work will not be considered. Plain and simple. Send an example.

I look forward to your PMB back. The first designer to claim the project will get the assignment.

A designer will be picked by 8pm PST. I will be out of the office for the afternoon, however all the details you need are here. i will look over these PMB's between 6-8pm PST.

Since i will be looking over the PMB's between 6-8pm, please be available via PMB messages during that time and constantly check the PMB for my response. The first designer to confirm that they can complete the assignment after i contact them via PMB will win this bid.

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