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Looking for an engineer that can help us with plans for a large concrete block retaining wall (8'), as well as smaller retaining walls, stairs, and an expansion and redesign of our existing garden shed.

Existing garden shed is built into an existing 5' retaining wall. We'd like to knock the back out of it and expand it, and we're also going to remove the existing (very crappy) roof and want to put a nice spanish tile roof on it that matches our existing entryway and pool cabana.

Also, we have recently dug out a big section of our back yard where we intend to put a trailer that will be used as an ADU.. We need about an 8' retaining wall for that, which will tie into some stairs, a garden box, and a smaller retaining wall.

I have pictures of the area we are working on, and you can see that I've started by doing some mockups to help with planning. I also have foamboard model and some rough plans that I did in Visio.

We live in Southern California, so earthquakes are a concern when designing this. We're not planning to run this work through the city, so the final plans don't need to prepared for filing or anything. However, we do want to make sure we design all of this properly, which is why we are seeking an engineer to help us with this. I want to make sure that we design this with proper sized footers, and have a proper design so that we know how much rebar to use, size and placement.. etc..etc..

The ground for the large retaining wall (8') is on VERY solid DG.. My contractor was initially able to get the bulk of the soil out with just his excavator and bobcat, but to get down to the final grade he had to spend about 2 days with the jackhammer attachment on his excavator.. So its pretty solid stuff. The area where the upper(shorter) retaining wall is is also on DG and is pretty solid, but not days with a jackhammer solid.. :)

I've listed the budget of this based on the suggestions of the system, but I'm not really sure what this all should cost, so I'm looking for quotes. Just let me know what you think the costs will look like. I'm not looking for the cheapest, just looking for a fair price and someone that provide me with some well engineered plans.


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