SCORM connector development to other LMS-Desarrollo de conector SCORM para LMS -- 2 - 22/11/2023 11:48 EST

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We have an LMS and contents, we need a solution to check how many licenses (courses and students) are used by our customers and the use of the contents.

Protect our courses and check our courses, to distribute our courses to external LMSs.

We have Moodle as an LMS and Azure as Cloud.

We need a remote SCORM connector for the client to upload it on its platform (external platform) and display the SCORM content we have in an Azure repository.

We need to be able to see the number of licenses (students) that take the course and from those students we need reports on the progress record in the course, hours spent on each resource, grades, etc. Everything that moodle records about the activity of a student in a course.

Requisitos del proyecto:

Conector SCORM remoto:

Conector remoto para montar distintos cursos en una plataforma externa.

Cada curso tendría distintos contenidos y el conector tendría que poder ser modificado por nosotros para adaptarlo a cada curso.

Levanta en remoto los archivos de los distintos recursos del curso que tenemos en un repositorio de Azure.

Informes y estadísticas:

Tiene que volcar información de:

. Cantidad de licencias (alumnos) que hacen el curso en la plataforma externa

. Reporte de la actividad de los alumnos en el curso (porcentaje de avance, horas dedicadas y calificaciones)

A SCORM Connector is a specialized software tool or module that facilitates the integration of SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant content with various Learning Management Systems (LMS). SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. It dictates how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMS) communicate with each other.

Here are the key functions of a SCORM Connector:

Compatibility Bridge: It acts as a bridge between SCORM-compliant content and LMSs, ensuring that content developed according to SCORM standards can seamlessly work with different LMS platforms.

Data Tracking and Reporting: The connector aids in tracking and reporting learner progress and performance, as defined by SCORM standards (e.g., completion status, scores, time spent).

Content Integration: It simplifies the process of uploading and integrating SCORM packages into the LMS, handling the technical complexities in the background.

Interoperability Support: Ensures interoperability between different SCORM versions (like SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004) and the LMS, making it easier for organizations to use content from various sources.

User Experience Enhancement: By handling the technical aspects of SCORM, the connector can help in providing a smooth user experience, minimizing compatibility issues and technical glitches for learners.

Administrative Efficiency: For LMS administrators, it offers a streamlined process to manage SCORM-compliant courses, reducing the time and effort required in handling technical details.

SCORM Connectors are essential for organizations that use e-learning content from multiple sources or need to ensure their content is compatible with various LMSs. They play a crucial role in the e-learning ecosystem by enhancing the flexibility and usability of SCORM-compliant content.

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