Supabase Backend for Flutterflow Web project.

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I am looking for a skilled developer to create a backend for my Flutterflow web project. I want to use Supabase as the backend platform. It will be from scratch, this is an MVP for a web application. Figma design is going to be available to collect the needed requirements. So when I said from scratch, I meant only the backend part not the whole application.

The app functionalities should be similar to GoVisually.

Skills and Experience:

- Experience with Supabase backend development

- Proficiency in Flutterflow web development

- Strong understanding of database management and integration

- Knowledge of authentication implementation

- Knowledge of database and backend applications documentation and diagrams.


- Set up backend infrastructure using Supabase

- Integrate the backend with the Flutterflow web project

- Implement authentication functionality to secure user access

- Document the backend application and database diagrams using best documentation practices.

The developer will be working with a team group. Mostly he will interact with a frontend developer, UI designer, and sometimes a UX researcher

Please provide examples of previous projects using Supabase as the backend platform, along with your proposal.

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Backend Development Veri Tabanı Yönetimi Flutter UML Tasarımı Web Application

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