iPhone & BlackBerry coder wanted


I required freelance developer who has got knowledge of both iPhone and BlackBerry (Background Service and Accelerometer) for converting my existing Windows Mobile 5 application to iPhone and BlackBerry Version.

Interested developer (not companies) having strong iPhone and BlackBerry development portfolio shall apply.

I am attaching the beta version of the software application that needs to be converted into BlackBerry and iPhone for you to see.

here is the info needed to do the work.

Windows Mobile 6 - version: http://www.loccutus.neostrada.pl/PSL_WM6.exe

Graphics - http://www.loccutus.neostrada.pl/PS_graphics.rar

example of PC software that should be similar: take a look at Download 5.2 http://www.aquariumled.eu/shop/index.php?main_page=page&id=3

Protocol details:

Most of all, the application must create Virtual Port Com to communicate with lamp. We are using Rayson BTM222 bluetooth module – it is simply Bluetooth-RS232 converter.

If You trying to connect with lamp, Your device must create virtual port com and transmit data from/to lamp thru it as Serial connection RS232

Transmissions settings are Baudrate = 19200, Parity = none, DataBits=8, StopBits=1

Communications protocol is very simply. Master (PC, or something else - f.e Iphone) sends command to lamp (as string) and gets response from lamp (Slave). Only Master starts communication.

Each command must be sending as string wich begins with # symbol. The structure is: (with NO SPACES!!)

Each response from lamp is beended with ASCII(26) symbol.

# CMD CHR(13) Optional Data CHR(13) - chr(13) is ASCII code for Carriage Return of course.

Commands list

1 – Read eeprom data

# 1 chr(13) address chr(13) ‘ remebmber - don’t use spaces

Reads data from eeprom stored at specified address, for example # 1chr(13)16chr(13) – reads data from address 16 – moonlight power.

Response from lamp is read data as string and 3 char string OK(Chr(26))

2 – Write data

# 2 chr(13) address chr(13) data chr(13)

Writes data to eeprom at specified address send #2chr(13)16(chr13)5chr(13) to store 5 at address 16

Response from lamp is 3 char string - OKchr(26)

3 - Set date/time

#3chr(13) Year chr(13) month chr(13) day chr(13) hour chr(13) minutes chr(13) seconds(chr13)

Year = only 2 last digits for 2010 send 10

89 – read firmware version


- response is string with firmware version

100 – Restart lamp

#100chr(13) – send this then after a few second lamp will be restarted.

This are all commands you need to “play” with lamp.

Eeprom adress map for current fimware 1.3xx versions and later:

Address (dec value) : Name

4: Sunrise time. Time is always stored as "minute of day" it is calculated from HH*60 + MM so for 1:15PM you should send (1PM = 13) 13*60+15 = 795. Value range is from 0 to 1439. 0 = 00:00 1439 = 23:59

6: Sunset time - as above.

8: Totalopwer - value range 0-100

10: Color temperature value range from 130 to 230 (13.000K to 23.000K) center is 18.000K- value stored =180

12: Last fullmoon date. It is calculated as number of days from 01/01/2000

14: Boolean (1/0) = Enable moonlight simulation. 1=enabled

16: Moonlight power - values form 0-100

18 : Changedelay - pause between steps with increasing/decreasing luminous intesity procedures

PAR table:

Programm #01

32: Program begin time

34: Program end time

36: White channel power in percent

38: blue channel power in percent

Programm #02

Add 8 to previous programm begin time

40: Program begin time

42: Program end time

44: White channel power in percent

46: blue channel power in percent

Programm #03

Add 8 to previous programm begin time

48: Program begin time

50: Program end time

52: White channel power in percent

54: blue channel power in percent


Programm #40

344: Program begin time

346: Program end time

348: White channel power in percent

350: blue channel power in percent

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