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Operation Launch Project Manager

$25-50 USD / hour

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$25-50 USD / hour

I need a project manager to take on an important role in the operations launch of my brand targeted towards the B2C market. A project manager for launching an online fashion brand would likely have a scope of work including: 1. Initial Planning: Collaborating with you to define project goals, target audience, brand identity, and budget. 2. Timeline Management: Creating a detailed timeline with milestones for website development, product sourcing, marketing campaigns, and launch date. 3. Vendor Coordination: Identifying and liaising with suppliers, manufacturers, web developers, photographers, and other necessary partners. 4. Budget Management: Tracking expenses and ensuring the project stays within budget constraints. 5. Quality Control: Overseeing the quality of products, website design, branding materials, and marketing content. 6. Marketing Strategy: Collaborating with marketing experts to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including social media, influencer partnerships, email campaigns, and advertising. 7. Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them, such as supply chain disruptions or technical issues. 8. Launch Execution: Coordinating all aspects of the launch, including website deployment, product availability, promotional activities, and customer service readiness. 9. Post-launch Evaluation: Analyzing the success of the launch, gathering feedback, and making adjustments for future improvement. Overall, the project manager would ensure that all aspects of launching your online fashion brand are executed smoothly and efficiently, from concept to post-launch evaluation. Ideal candidate: - Experience in Vendor Management: Experience in identifying, selecting, and managing vendors, including negotiating contracts and ensuring deliverables meet quality standards. Technical Knowledge: An Understanding of e-commerce platforms, website development, digital marketing strategies. - Proven experience in project management : Ability to plan, execute, and oversee complex projects, including setting timelines, allocating resources, and managing risks. - Proven experience in launching e-commerce sites - Strong skills in scheduling, planning and budgeting: Proficiency in budgeting and financial management to ensure the project stays within budget constraints and maximize ROI. - Efficient in team coordination and communication - Understanding of the Middle Eastern B2C market. Please bid if you possess the above skills and can help achieve the objective.
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As a seasoned project manager and an Adwords expert with extensive experience in eCommerce, I believe I possess the necessary skills to excel in your Operation Launch Project role. I have a track record of managing PPC campaigns and achieving targeted ROIs for advertisements, making me proficient in budgeting and financial management. Furthermore, my background in technical areas like e-commerce platforms, website development, and digital marketing strategies will enable me to collaborate and coordinate effectively with different stakeholders involved. I understand the significance of team communication and strong coordination in order to maximize efficiency and ensure smooth execution of tasks. Specifically, working in the Middle Eastern market has given me vital insights into the B2C dynamics which will prove invaluable while executing operations for your brand. My ability to analyze clicks and conversion data, eliminate under-performing ad copy/keywords, capitalize on new SEO opportunities aligns perfectly with your need for quality control, risk management and post-launch evaluation. All this combined with my knack to research new ideas and trends will help drive your brand’s success to soaring heights. Let me join you on this journey of launching your brand and together we’ll make it a remarkable one!
$50 USD 35 gün içinde
4,9 (50 değerlendirme)
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Dear Abdullah F.,   We carefully studied the description of your project and we can confirm that we understand your needs and are also interested in your project. Our team has the necessary resources to start your project as soon as possible and complete it in a very short time.   We are 25 years in this business and our technical specialists have strong experience in Internet Marketing, Project Management, Social Networking, eCommerce, Budgeting and Forecasting and other technologies relevant to your project.   Please, review our profile where you can find detailed information about our company, our portfolio, and the client's recent reviews.   Please contact us via Freelancer Chat to discuss your project in details or let's appoint time for Zoom meeting to meet and discuss your project in details.    Best regards, Sales department Tangram Canada Inc.   
$35 USD 5 gün içinde
3,8 (40 değerlendirme)
Kullanıcı Avatarı
As an experienced eCommerce brand manager and founder of AMZFBAConsultant, I understand the ins and outs of launching a successful online brand. With 8+ years dedicated to the field, my diverse skills are tailor-made for your project. I have not only launched multiple e-commerce sites, but also managed the entire lifecycle, from vendor coordination to post-launch evaluation. One of my signature skills is vendor management, which will prove invaluable in this project. I bring to the table a robust process that includes meticulous vetting, negotiation of contracts, and continuous quality assurance. In addition, with a keen understanding of e-commerce platforms and digital marketing strategies, I can efficiently manage all aspects from product sourcing to influencer partnerships. I am also no stranger to international markets. Having worked with clients from diverse geographies like the Middle East, I possess a good understanding of the B2C market you are targeting. This familiarity will ensure that your brand resonates well with the audience you want to reach. When you hire me, not only will you benefit from my expertise but also a well-coordinated team of five skilled professionals who amplify our effectivity. Together, we will work synergisticly to ensure that your project stays within budget constraints while delivering exceptional results. Let's launch your brand successfully! Gratitude, Nouman Choudhary
$25 USD 40 gün içinde
4,9 (39 değerlendirme)
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Hi, I am a professional project manager with successful operational launches to my name till date including uber eats. I have a few questions about the project please. I work with agile model, just to memtion and that's what is required in your case.
$45 USD 40 gün içinde
5,0 (14 değerlendirme)
Kullanıcı Avatarı
Hey there! Picture this: your project, but even better. I've got skills that'll make your ideas sing and your goals soar. Let's chat and make some awesomeness happen together. Trust me, it's gonna be epic!
$32 USD 7 gün içinde
5,0 (3 değerlendirme)

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