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Buying Program Phase2


There are a few spelling a grammar errors to correct

(I will send list we can do it as we go)

Visitor Counter – should count only when person enters for the first time – now it seems to count every time you go from one section to another.

Subscribe Discount – Once a client has subscribed once I want them to receive the subscribe discount on any other product they might select.

Optional Items – Should appear at check out (final screen where client clicks on product box. Should be listed with box so client can click to select.

Center Image - Make space between Product No. and Default Image. Default Image should Say “Set Centre Website Image Size height:250pixels Width 355 pixels


Have photos go above text (approx width of screen) - if no picture is uploaded then make it “TEXT ONLY” width of screen (no icon)

ACTIVE TESTIMONIALS: (in admin area)

- please put the “TESTIMONIAL” screen (as in “e-Mail Us” section) also put it in the “Active Testimonials” area of Admin. Will make it easier for admin to add and control messages

Note– also allow admin to delete photos if desired.


- On the “right” side window eliminate what is now there (it was a bad idea) Instead create a “Product Scroller” (virtually the same as left screen)

- If only single product let it stay stagnant (if more than one then have it move) - Place in same admin area as left scroller.

Make each image clickable to open up main screen. Also add clickable drop down menu for other products. (will describe main screen later)


add these fields: (FIRST NAME) ( LAST NAME) (e-Mail Address)


shoud be able to ban example: .gov, e-mail address,

Ad Delete and Ban Button (To delete subscribers no longer wanted)

BRANDING IMAGE -with link back to main software site

(website domain name will be sent later)

CAPTCHA - Is this a logical thing to add? From a sales point it does look good, there is varied debate as to its effectiveness. If easy do it let's do it, if not forget it. Perhaps you have other suggestions.


-to allow site owner to create their own web pages and email pages

- Include the ability to load audio/video files in pages and/or e-mails

Add These to Product Information Variables

PROMOTIONAL CODE -Admin can use to create buying incentive when sending out emails, advertising etc. Put in correct promotional code and save $( )


(Yes/No) Start the clock at: ( ) Number of days

Beat the Clock and Save $( )

(If yes is chosen Beat the Clock will appear at top of account page and will count back (counts back days, hours, minutes, seconds)

-When clock reaches zero “Beat the Clock” discount offer is void

IN Admin area-

After someone buys software Program there will also be a “Beat the Clock” function in the admin area. When zero is reached the software program will cease to function. At (_____) days program will send email to site owner every (_____) days notifying of termination of software program.

Software reactivation: -We will need a Purchase button … goes to Pay Pal (site owner will receive reactivation key which will be typed into the program and will add time onto what time remains. This reactivation must be unique to each program.


allows site owner to check for upgrades to software - download upgrade and install automatically. I think this is important. It makes us have to continually improve software and add new features and improve on old ones.


-allows site owners to reduce price of re-activation – They can be credited $ when the program is purchased using their site or referred by their site.


these to add

( ) Title of eBook or Software product

( ) Download Link

(will be emailed to purchaser after payment is processed)

(NOTE: Do not use $ Use decimals - example 2500.00 – 25.95 - .75 )

(Dropdown Yes/No) FREE eBook Bonus when maximum friends reached

( ) eBook Title

( ) download location (browse)

( ) US$ Promotional Code Discount

Enter Promo Code(s) Here ( )

( ) US$ Beat the Clock Discount

Start Countdown at ( ) Days

add built in Rich Text Editor

(Click to Create Product Page) (Click to Create Mini Email Page)

Add sound file feature for product page and emails.

I need to make the site look more attractive to a buyer (no body likes the way I wanted it, so obviously I’m wrong. Need someone in your outfit to show me some ideas to make it “Eye-A-Appealing”

-Thanks Ken


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