Clon of palm desktop for windows w/network support

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Here you can find palm desktop for windows [url removed, login to view]

We need a program with the same functionality as the program in the ling, that only includes Calendar, Contacts, Todo and Memo (not the other options).

If you take a look to the original program, it has a Save button, so the program saves the changes when you press the button or automatically when you exit. The most important reason to clon this program is because of the network support. The original program does not permit two simultaneous access to the same part (e.g. calendar) of the same user, because if two people make changes at the same time, only the last at saving will be the affortunate to save his data.

In other words, we need a Calendar, Contacts, Todo and Memo Manager (without palm syncronizing for now) that works in a network environment and with the same functionallity and interface as palm desktop.

To manage the network options, we want to define the access level for each user created in the following way:

1. The user OPTIONALY will have his Calendar, Contacts, Todo and Memo. It is important to see that not all the users have their data, because there will be some users in the system dedicated to modify his boss data.

2. It has to be posible to specify which user data can view and modify each user. Of course, if a user has his own data (calendar, contacts, todo and memo) he has to be able to view and modify at least his data.

3. There is only one administrator at the system that is allowed to create new users and access to all the data.

The project must be programmed with Borland Delphi, and at your decisition you can use Interbase (if you prefer client/server model) or a shared database. Of course, we want the source code and the project will be finished when it works without detected errors and we can generate the .exe compiling at our office following your instructions.

We are a very serious company and want only serious and capable companies to contact to us. Please bid only if you are sure to complete the entire proyect at the price of your bid. Unreal bids will not been answered, so please don't bid to place at the first position to ask for details on the project. Download the program and study it!

We have more delphi and web projects, so we are looking for a durable relation-ship with a serious company.

Of course you can make the questions that you want throw the PMB.

Thank you

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